Please note that account registration at the Zaibatsu is currently
closed.  Gopherspace and shell accounts in circumlunar space are now
available from the Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic at  The Republic is an independently
administered server, interconnected with the Zaibatsu via email, an
IRC network and a federated BBS.  Get an account at the Republic and
you will be part of the same user community as if you had an account
at the Zaibatsu.

The instructions below are preserved for historical interest and in
case account registration is opened again in future.


To request asylum at the Zaibatsu, you need to generate an ssh
keypair to use for sftp access.

On Unix-based operating systems such as Linux, *BSD or OS X, this can
be performed from the command line by running the command
ssh-keygen(1).  Please read the man page for further details.

By default, this will create two files:

 * ~/.ssh/id_rsa      - your PRIVATE key
 * ~/.ssh/  - your PUBLIC key

(if you already have another keypair with these names, you may have
specified different names, e.g. id_circumlunar and

In order for an account to be set up at, you need to
provide two things:

 1) Your desired username
 2) The contents of your PUBLIC key file

You can email these things to  Do NOT send
Solderpunk your PRIVATE key file or you will have to delete both key
files and start the process over.

You will be notified via email when your account is ready (this will
usually happen within 24 hours, but this is not a guarantee).   Once
the account is ready, you can access your gopherspace with the sftp(1)
command, as follows:

sftp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Replace "username" with your username, and if you specified a
different filename to ssh-keygen then use that instead of id_rsa.

To make your life a little easier, you can put some of these details
into your ~/.ssh/config file (see the ssh_config manpage for details).
The relevant section might look like this:

Host circumlunar
    User your_username
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_your_key_file

With this in place, you can connect with just:

sftp circumlunar

Once connected, you will be in your home directory.  However, if you
ask sftp to run the "pwd" command, it will tell you you are at "/".
This is because you have been chrooted into your home directory as a
security measure.

If you use "ls", you should find two things in your home directory by

The first is a directory called "gopher".  This is your public
gopherspace.  There are many like it, but this one is *yours*.

The second is a text file called "orientation".  Download this to your
disk drive by running:

sftp> get orientation

Then use your preferred software to read it.  The orientation guide
will explain in detail everything you need to know about using the
Zaibatsu server, and give you a brief introduction to setting up a
gopherhole.  Contact solderpunk if you require further assistance.