X windows manipulator.

Windows are manipulated using the mouse, and can be moved/resized in
multiple ways. This utility is better used in combination with others like
[wmutils][0] and [sxhkd][1] which leverage the keyboard interface,
rather than mouse usage.

* Floating window management
* Sloppy Focus
* All manipulations done with the mouse
* Cool operations like teleport, inflate/deflate
* 100% compatible with wmutils(1)
* Optional EWMH support through ewmh(1)
* Multi-monitor support through Xrandr(3)

Refer to the glazier(1) manual page for details and examples.

Window manipulations are performed by holding `Mod1`, and using mouse
buttons to perform the following operations:

* left click: move window
* right click: resize window
* middle click: teleport window (move + resize)
* scroll up: inflate window
* scroll down: deflate window

Edit as needed, then build/install with the following commands:

	make install

Require [libxcb][2], [libxcb-cursor][3] and [libwm][4].