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2020-10-11T10:40:48+02:00	hello world
2020-10-11T12:32:45+02:00	What better way to get this thing started: Eating 🍕, yay ❤️
2020-10-11T12:36:19+02:00	Strictly speaking, those emojis break the Gopher protocol, because it should be ASCII. Oh, well.
2020-10-11T13:24:54+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>: I'm in the process of writing my own client, that's why you haven't heard of it. I wasn't aware that it'll show up so prominently. Sorry for the noise. :)
2020-10-11T17:14:59+02:00	Thought I could get away with writing a shell script as twtxt client. Turns out, some feeds are huge (8 MB) and shell is too slow. Hmm ...
2020-10-11T20:41:21+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>: Thanks for the hint, I added my usual avatar.png and it shows up nicely. :)
2020-10-12T14:57:49+02:00	Making progress with my text-only twtxt client. Reminds me that avatars are *really* useful: They make skimming through a large amount of messages much easier. Hmm.
2020-10-12T15:32:30+02:00	Problem solved, I guess. The client now picks random emojis as "avatars" for users. Oh the joys of colored fonts. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/7961db38f2/ava.png
2020-10-12T15:47:47+02:00	I wonder if writing a twtxt client in the form of a weechat plugin would make sense. Well, maybe some other day.
2020-10-13T12:49:11+02:00	Alright, I like this twtxt thingy. I think it'll stay.
2020-10-13T12:51:27+02:00	Blog post about twtxt, my current view on it: https://www.uninformativ.de/blog/postings/2020-10-13/0/POSTING-en.html
2020-10-13T16:18:47+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<uplbb2a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=uplbb2a>) Before I maybe write another blog post, I need more experience with twtxt. :)  I'll keep experimenting.
2020-10-13T19:13:31+02:00	TIL: ^Wgf over a HTTP URL in Vim fetches that URL and shows the content in a new tab. Neat.
2020-10-13T21:13:04+02:00	OpenBSD httpd can't log user agents, which makes one of the "discover" features of twtxt a bit difficult. Meh. (Or can it?)
2020-10-14T05:57:52+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<dffogca https://twtxt.net/search?tag=dffogca>) Ah, you probably only fetch all links *once* with a generic UA, even if two users follow the same external source?
2020-10-14T05:58:28+02:00	PSA: Nice view of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars these days. (I need better gear for photos.)
2020-10-14T17:17:51+02:00	Poor guy – or funny guy, I’m not sure: https://scsh.net/docu/html/man.html  (via opfez on irc)
2020-10-15T06:01:49+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<7zu2ijq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=7zu2ijq>) Exactly. How will we ever be able to tell? No emojis in his text! 😱️
2020-10-15T06:03:46+02:00	Now. Out of coffee. Have to go out, slash through the herds, and get some new. 🧟️😷️ #TheWalkingCovids
2020-10-16T08:13:21+02:00	Dawn of another beautifully clouded, cold, rainy day here in Germany 🌧️  https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/10780e5bfc/dawn.jpg
2020-10-16T20:17:42+02:00	A little love for Windows 3.11 👴️ https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/33eeb6afae
2020-10-17T05:55:39+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ieeqhxq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ieeqhxq>) It runs natively on an old machine from the 90ies and was installed ~15 years ago from original floppys I got back then. So it's the real deal. The box usually runs OpenBSD these days: https://www.uninformativ.de/blog/postings/2020-06-21/0/POSTING-en.html
2020-10-17T06:44:21+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ieeqhxq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ieeqhxq>) Yep. Every time I turn it on, I'm surprised and delighted to see that it still works. 😍️
2020-10-17T08:31:08+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ieeqhxq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ieeqhxq>) I added some details to the blog post above. Pretty standard PC from that era. Nothing special, just old. :)
2020-10-18T06:47:45+02:00	@<gmj http://www.port111.com/george/twtxt.txt> *nods*
2020-10-18T06:53:03+02:00	Well, here’s a thing: I find out about most new twtxt users, because @<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> sends them a welcome message. 🤔️ A directory of twtxt users in human form.
2020-10-18T07:01:09+02:00	Will now read some of OpenBSD httpd’s code to see if there isn’t a way to log User Agents after all.
2020-10-18T07:18:13+02:00	PSA: If you use OpenBSD httpd, use "log style combined". The manpage doesn't mention it, but it will log User Agents, so you can see other twtxt users following you. 🎉️
2020-10-18T07:51:57+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> I do follow you, but not from within twtxt.net, just my client on my workstation. The "vain" account on twtxt.net was just me getting to know the platform. :)
2020-10-18T09:03:13+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<wo72vra https://twtxt.net/search?tag=wo72vra>) Yeah, agreed. Plus, once it has reached a certain size, a directory is pointless anyway: You can use it to find people you *already know*, but not new ones, ’cause there are just way too many options.
2020-10-18T19:34:10+02:00	Solitaire is a really inefficient and buggy sorting algorithm.
2020-10-19T13:29:31+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<docs7cq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=docs7cq>) Congrats! 🥃️
2020-10-19T14:43:37+02:00	Huh, gdb now has colors. That’s nice.
2020-10-19T18:11:45+02:00	So, my little twtxt client now writes to a Maildir that I can browse using mutt. *Much* better. Also: It tries to detect twt.social threads. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/e907a68cac/tmpuAi4HE.png
2020-10-21T10:59:01+02:00	@<z3bra gopher://g.nixers.net/0/~z3bra/twtxt.txt> One advantage of using HTTP for twtxt is easy discovery of other people: You can see who follows you be evaluating their user agent. How could we translate that to Gopher? Add a search parameter?
2020-10-21T11:00:36+02:00	A gold mine when writing shell scripts: https://github.com/dylanaraps/pure-sh-bible
2020-10-21T16:00:17+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> Yeah, I can see the new user agent now. Very nice. Again, thanks a lot! 👍️
2020-10-22T14:37:41+02:00	@<z3bra gopher://g.nixers.net/0/~z3bra/twtxt.txt> Yeah. It's probably not intentional, though. HTTP is the only thing that exists in most people's mind. Not sure anyone's to blame. :) We can only try to improve it.  (My client doesn't support gemini either, because curl doesn't support it ...)
2020-10-22T14:41:42+02:00	So ... our stores are running out of toilet paper. Again. I don’t know what to say.
2020-10-22T15:46:33+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> It’s fiddly indeed. But there’s nothing regex can’t do, right? Right?
2020-10-22T16:35:35+02:00	@<z3bra gopher://g.nixers.net/0/~z3bra/twtxt.txt> Oh, alright, sorry, misunderstood you. :)
2020-10-22T16:36:53+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<5sqpl6a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=5sqpl6a>) ${witty_comment_about_using_regexes_for_HTML} :)
2020-10-24T07:42:47+02:00	I still wonder why twtxt quickly died out in ~2016-2017. The usual “oh, a new toy, let's play with it! […] I'm bored.”?
2020-10-24T08:14:37+02:00	Good morning, sunshine. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/f2908cb294/tmpugmwrQ.png
2020-10-24T08:46:59+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<esvyjea https://twtxt.net/search?tag=esvyjea>) Hey, it’s on the other side of the globe! ;)
2020-10-24T09:34:26+02:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<esvyjea https://twtxt.net/search?tag=esvyjea>) The hoster says the box has a gigabit ethernet card, but that's all they specify. Well, it's cheap, so I won't complain. Here in Germany, I get about 200 MBit/s, which has to be good enough.
2020-10-25T07:08:55+01:00	End of daylight saving time in Europe. Now, "noon" is at noon again. 🎉️
2020-10-25T07:09:20+01:00	And here I am, adjusting all my radio controlled clocks manually, because reception appeared to have been bad last night. #firstworldproblems
2020-10-26T16:03:58+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> AFAIK, you mention someone by typing their “handle”, like I just did. Only thing is, they will only notice that if they’re following you.
2020-10-27T14:26:07+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> hi :)  The notion of "followings" is very weak here. If you fetch someone's feed regularly, then you're following them. That's it. To find out who is following you, you have to grep through your webserver's logs for those special user agents.
2020-10-28T17:45:28+01:00	Just a friendly reminder that guitarix is an amazing piece of software http://guitarix.org/
2020-10-30T15:07:08+01:00	Nothing better than a hot shower on a cold day. And some coffee. ☕️
2020-11-01T18:25:15+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> I can only see one other planet and a lens flare. Should be Mars. :) If in doubt: stellarium.org
2020-11-01T19:21:19+01:00	As someone without persistent cookie storage: These. Damn. Cookie. Popups. Every. Single. Time. What a mess.
2020-11-01T21:36:39+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<fhvk5la https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fhvk5la>) How could I fall for that?! ;) Didn't you own a telescope? Mars is pretty close, maybe there's something interesting to see: https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/9d94a9829c/tmpHhQynC.png
2020-11-01T21:38:45+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<qcrhhsq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qcrhhsq>) Nah, not your notice. But basically every other notice out there. YouTube is super annoying: Video starts, then gets interrupted by *two* popups after a few seconds, then the video stops and rewinds.
2020-11-02T15:39:24+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<vrrf3dq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=vrrf3dq>) Oof. I don't know. Honestly, why not keep using e-mail for that?
2020-11-03T15:13:18+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<vrrf3dq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=vrrf3dq>) Right, no mobile app here. Not a fan of smartphones. :-)
2020-11-03T17:32:29+01:00	After hunting it for about a decade, I finally got an original copy of OS/2 Warp 4 again. Gonna be a weekend full of nostalgia. 👴️ https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/a1624ee29d/tmpQVGCJc.png
2020-11-03T17:34:04+01:00	We threw away our Warp 4 box a long time ago, because "nobody needs this anymore". Yes, it still hurts. (Plus, this sells from 15€ to 200€ today, depending on the condition. Ugh.)
2020-11-05T15:23:22+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> I'll post plenty of screenshots once it's running. :-)
2020-11-05T15:28:45+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> Current twtxt setup works pretty well. Only thing that's missing is a "reply to this twt" feature directly from mutt. I was too lazy for that.
2020-11-07T13:06:14+01:00	Got a working installation of OS/2 Warp 4 on my box, including networking! 🤓️ 🎉️ Blog post in a couple of days. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/e57ef2194e/
2020-11-07T14:23:50+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<n5ekvha https://twtxt.net/search?tag=n5ekvha>) Totally. And let's not forget that the original floppy disks still work! 🤯️
2020-11-07T21:53:14+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<n5ekvha https://twtxt.net/search?tag=n5ekvha>) Floppys and CDs are from 1996: https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/c8ff9f426a/tmplTe9VO.png 🔍️ I made copies as soon as I got them, just in case, if they happened to break down during installation. Didn't happen (so far).
2020-11-08T14:15:22+01:00	Watching “Rings” (2017). Samara has such great hardware compatibility. Cell phones, land lines, LCD TVs, CRT TVs, it all just works. Even copying a file breaks the curse. Whoa.
2020-11-11T18:33:58+01:00	So it finally happened to me: Published a *draft* of a blog post. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2020-11-11T18:42:55+01:00	Speaking of blogging. I’m thinking about pausing the german version of my blog. It’s just a lot of work: I write the english version first and then translate it back to german. This takes a surprisingly long time …
2020-11-11T20:43:04+01:00	There it is, first part of the OS/2 Warp 4 journey: https://www.uninformativ.de/blog/postings/2020-11-11/0/POSTING-en.html
2020-11-13T16:12:03+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> Hmmmmmm, I wouldn’t even know what to put in the german version, if I kept them separate. :D I rarely have single-language content. (Although the OS/2 stuff might actually qualify, since all the screenshots are german.)
2020-11-13T16:13:22+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<pdrsg2q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=pdrsg2q>) Yup, everything appears to work. Except for the sound card; that, I don't know. I don't have any spare speakers. 🙉️
2020-11-13T20:26:46+01:00	If you need a standalone metronome for JACK: http://das.nasophon.de/klick/
2020-11-14T07:30:38+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<pdrsg2q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=pdrsg2q>) That won’t be very pleasent in the long run (no hardware volume control), but it’ll do for a quick test. 👍️
2020-11-14T07:41:26+01:00	sysupgrade(8) is a blessing. Long overdue. 🐡️
2020-11-16T17:25:58+01:00	Why did I give up on fractals and 3D rendering again? This is so much fun to play with.
2020-11-17T15:39:07+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<tfoptkq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tfoptkq>) It’s all on the web site: https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/ (“aoi” and “fractals”) Most of it from 2008-2009. And then I just stopped. 😱️
2020-11-19T16:01:51+01:00	Turns out, there’s another problem with using ancient browsers in 2020 (aside from the fact that they don’t support today’s SSL ciphers), that I completely forgot about: They don’t support HTTP/1.1. Only 1.0. Meaning, they can’t select a VHost. Meh.
2020-11-20T14:29:26+01:00	Hallo! Ich bin Experimentalinformatiker. Ich klopfe irgendwo auf Bits drauf und gucke, was passiert. Was anderes fällt mir im Zeitalter von hyperkomplexen Systemen oder am besten noch Cloud-Blackboxen nicht mehr ein. #thankgoditsfriday
2020-11-23T17:10:40+01:00	I want a private sauna. While we’re at it, I want a Mökki in Finland. With high-speed internet. And no gnats. On Mars.
2020-11-25T14:22:17+01:00	enotty.dk slowly discontinuing all their feeds, even “we-are-twtxt”. :( Why, what’s going on?
2020-11-27T21:25:24+01:00	I can finally control this special LED on my keyboard on Linux. And guess what: No hackery required, the manufacturer told me which USB packets to send! What a pleasant experience! 😎️ Blog post with details soon-ish.
2020-11-27T21:28:48+01:00	So, I’ve been told by @<uxgch https://uxg.ch/twtxt.txt> that my twtxt feed was a little bit broken in some clients: It needed “charset=utf-8” in the HTTP content type header. As a workaround, https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt.utf-8 now exists. Maybe I’ll set up a redirect … not sure yet.
2020-11-28T08:18:48+01:00	The view from my windows recently – what’s going on this year? Getting a little bit depressing. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/d93d48d342/fog.jpg
2020-11-28T14:36:21+01:00	My DVR is connected via HDMI to my TV. Now audio stopped working: The DVR is dead silent. So, I connected it via SCART (!) again, ta-dah, got audio again. Well, well, well.
2020-11-30T14:05:53+01:00	@<lucidiot https://tilde.town/~lucidiot/twtxt.txt> Oh god dammit. Plus, the redirect breaks @-mentions. Let’s see what we can do about that … Thanks for letting me know!
2020-12-05T11:28:37+01:00	The time has come. I’m going to call a method via DBus now. Wish me luck. Good thing venam has cleared up a couple of misconceptions before I’m trying this: https://venam.nixers.net/blog/unix/2020/07/06/dbus-polkit.html
2020-12-05T18:48:14+01:00	I can now control the height of my desk via bluetooth using a shell script. We live in weird times. https://uninformativ.de/git/idasen
2020-12-05T20:12:49+01:00	The intro of iZombie is the only intro I never skip. 🧟‍♀️️
2020-12-06T07:45:56+01:00	A ~/bin-pub repository is a bad idea. It’s an invitation to put *every* script and tool in there. It’s a mess.
2020-12-06T08:39:13+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ap7qt6 https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ap7qt6a>) And yet we all do it. I found yours! 😂️ 😉️ https://github.com/prologic/tools At least you stopped committing a few years back. 👍️
2020-12-06T09:11:36+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ap7qt6 https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ap7qt6>) That number is surprisingly low. My `l ~/bin ~/bin-pub | wc -l` shows 531. 😱️
2020-12-06T09:12:38+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ap7qt6 https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ap7qt6>) Damn, sorry, I missed an “a” in that conversation hashtag. 🤦
2020-12-06T09:44:17+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> Still my own client. Yeah, I don’t have a “reply” function yet. That concept didn’t exist in buckket’s twtxt spec, as you know. It’s still all done manually. I’m not annoyed enough to implement it … yet. ;) btw, did you get around to creating a “formal spec” of all your twtxt extensions?
2020-12-06T11:29:07+01:00	Friendly reminder to clean your computer’s fans. Dust. So much dust.
2020-12-10T17:15:36+01:00	rofimoji. Finally a non-shitty emoji picker. https://github.com/fdw/rofimoji
2020-12-13T07:08:15+01:00	In the process of ripping out some of the "bigger" tools out of my ~/bin-pub and putting them into individual repos. git filter-branch to the rescue. 🥰
2020-12-13T07:14:21+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<pddmcjq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=pddmcjq>) Sometimes the solution is simple, right? 😁 1.7 GB is a lot of stuff, though, is all that database overhead? Oof!
2020-12-13T07:26:57+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<pddmcjq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=pddmcjq>) (Haha, my client has stored ~6100 twts at the moment and they use up 25 MB on disk – but only because each twt is an individual file, so the file system allocates 4k, even if it’s just 90 bytes. The real total size is 2.4 MB … 🙄)
2020-12-13T18:01:29+01:00	Supporting family IT got so much easier thanks to Jitsi. People can now hold their phone into the camera of their laptop, so I can finally see what they see. 👍 Yeah, smartphones are *so easy* to use. 🙄 😩 </rant>
2020-12-13T21:05:37+01:00	Hooray, bracketed paste mode is turned on in Bash 5.1 by default. No strange surprises anymore when you accidentally paste multiline data. 🎉 https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2020-12/msg00003.html
2020-12-17T15:13:33+01:00	Hello, GTK4 https://blog.gtk.org/2020/12/16/gtk-4-0/
2020-12-18T18:00:37+01:00	Every time my neighbor starts practicing “Für Elise” on her piano, I respond with “Seven Nation Army” on my bass. 🎸  (Awww, too bad I’m using headphones, eh. 🥴)
2020-12-19T07:55:15+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> Ohhh, is that a wild parrot? I envy you Australians! (But you can keep the spiders.) There are wild parrots in my city, too, but they’re way too afraid to get close to humans. 😥 ![](https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/birds/2017-11-05--IMG_8775-saturation-crop-scaled.jpg)
2020-12-19T21:11:57+01:00	z3bra takes home office to the next level 🤯 🤔  gopher://phlog.z3bra.org/0/kvm-switches-for-the-desktop.txt
2020-12-20T13:38:02+01:00	So annoying that “i386” can mean any number of things: An actual i386, i486, i586, i686, or just “something Intel-ish with 32 bit”. Meh. If you call some binary “i386” and it needs a Pentium 2, then just say so. 🙄
2020-12-20T17:22:49+01:00	Yup, soundcard works in OS/2. Swiiish, swooosh. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/c967774f3e/MVI_1381.MOV.webm
2020-12-20T17:25:25+01:00	“IBM VoiceType” doesn’t work too bad when doing generic commands, like “open $program” or “maximize window”. But, boy, it’s horrible when dictating text. Let’s see if this gets better after I’ve completed the 256 (!) training sentences …
2020-12-26T08:10:49+01:00	tikz-kalender exists: https://www.ctan.org/pkg/tikz-kalender  Yay, I can finally ditch my super ugly custom script to create LaTeX calendars! 🎉
2020-12-29T20:02:35+01:00	Fuck. Why … So much … So many … boxes and bags and plastic and shit. Why … Why does it exist? Why do I exist? Fuck. 🚮 #ChristmasTrashCrisis
2020-12-30T08:34:28+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<qbq7kgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qbq7kgq>) I’m not finished either. It’s incredible. At least most of it is gone now. 🎉
2021-01-01T00:03:06+01:00	Happy … next year! 🧯 🎆
2021-01-03T12:29:17+01:00	TIL: “Zero-sum thinking” (via https://garden.melyanna.net/notes/you-are-the-project.html#fn:1). Huh. Guilty. 🤔
2021-01-03T12:30:17+01:00	Should I give Mastodon a try after all? 🤔  Certainly not doing self-hosting, though …
2021-01-03T16:45:47+01:00	This year starts with week number 53. 🥴
2021-01-03T21:53:24+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> Why do you think it’s not a good idea? 🤔 twtxt feels a bit too “one-way” at times, since apparently many people don’t check their access.log and don’t know you’re following them / mentioning them. I originally thought this was an advantage, less noise. Dunno, maybe this is just the coronavirus isolation speaking through me. 🥴
2021-01-04T06:24:29+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> @<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> @<deadguy https://twtxt.net/user/deadguy/twtxt.txt> (#<qwpzeka https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qwpzeka>) Oh, I do have it automated. :)  Just feels like other people don’t do it. No idea, maybe it’s just because this community is so tiny.
2021-01-04T06:28:02+01:00	@<deadguy https://dgy.fuckup.club/twtxt.txt> Hmm, in my mind, Twitter and twtxt are very similar. But then again, I never had a Twitter account, so I actually don’t really know. 🥴 The best ways to have a conversation are still email and IRC, IMHO …
2021-01-04T06:35:53+01:00	(#<qbgazsq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qbgazsq>) The answer is probably “no”, because of Netflix. I like watching movies, DVD rental is very dead, and streaming is better anyway. When it comes to the *infrastructure* of those companies, oof, how much of the web/internet will be left? 😨 It’s scary how many people use Google hosting, for example. (I have a habit of doing `dig MX …`.)
2021-01-05T07:28:43+01:00	Oof. About 13 years ago, I was introduced to the suckless project. One of its major “selling points” was that “software can be *done*”. You usually see a huge spike of commits in the beginning and then it falls off rapidly. It appears this basic idea is not very popular. We have to re-iterate it over and over: https://drewdevault.com/2021/01/04/A-culture-of-stability-and-reliability.html
2021-01-05T09:38:49+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ucmg26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ucmg26q>) Ah, no, I mean the individual programs. dwm is a good example. There was a lot of activity in the early years, but it has slowed down considerably in the last decade or so. That’s not because dwm is dead, but because it’s pretty much “done”. They had a clear goal, they reached it, done. I’d like to see this approach/philosophy more often.
2021-01-05T14:58:06+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> @<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<ucmg26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ucmg26q>) Hmm, I guess for twtxt.net it means something like “be a microblogging platform”, i.e. probably no private messages (totally new scope, not covered by the original spec, already solved by e-mail), no pastebin (already solved by other programs), no chat, … Then again, not even dwm is “pure”, because it has a built-in bar, which maybe should be an individual program. 🤔
2021-01-05T15:27:55+01:00	@<deadguy https://twtxt.net/user/deadguy/twtxt.txt> (#<z5letda https://twtxt.net/search?tag=z5letda>) Hmm, I never used their software like that. When I used dwm, I applied my own patches (or used it vanilla, like dmenu) – which worked really great *for me*. Doesn’t work for anybody. And, yes, documentation is often terrible, plus the code style is way too “concise” IMHO, lots of short variable names, too much focus on the number of lines of code. But the idea of staying small and having well defined goals, all that works great, I think.
2021-01-05T18:07:50+01:00	Deleted my account on twtxt.net. Don’t be alarmed! 😄 It was unused and caused confusion.
2021-01-05T18:12:39+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> Just a quick question regarding twtxt.net’s hashes (https://github.com/jointwt/twtxt/pull/288): Why not hash the unix timestamp instead of an RFC3339-formatted string? That would avoid having to deal with the `.replace("+00:00", "Z")` stuff.
2021-01-06T12:23:31+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<yjtzdka https://twtxt.net/conv/yjtzdka>) I see. 🤔 Agreed, just using the original line would have been the easiest thing to do. Well, FWIW, I think including the twter URL is the right thing to do. Otherwise, two “Good morning!” twts sent at the same time get the same ID. That’d be wrong, wouldn’t it?
2021-01-06T17:12:47+01:00	Is it just me or is GitHub’s dark mode a bit *too* dark … 🤔
2021-01-06T17:19:46+01:00	Haha. I actually made a Mastodon account. Didn’t take long until I got my first “spam follower”: A bot that follows everyone in an effort to gain attention. Yeah. The crux of large social media networks … (Sooner or later, the same thing will happen with twtxt, though.)
2021-01-06T19:12:45+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ivujrcq https://twtxt.net/conv/ivujrcq>) Ya see, your terminals are black -- now switch to a massively bright browser showing a white page and you'll be blind. 🥴  Dunno, it doesn't have to be *dark* as in *black*. twtxt.net’s dark theme, for example, is really nice.
2021-01-06T19:37:15+01:00	@<lucidiot https://tilde.town/~lucidiot/twtxt.txt> Whoa, dude, that would go to eleven! 🤯
2021-01-07T15:26:45+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zcqwdaq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zcqwdaq>) Yeah, a bit. But nothing’s stopping people from spamming my twtxt.txt file with spammy user agents. If someone can reach me, there will be spam. It’s inevitable. 🤣 (Just much more unlikely if twtxt stays niche and tiny.)
2021-01-07T17:14:55+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ivujrcq https://twtxt.net/conv/ivujrcq>) Naaah, where’s the fun in that? 🤣
2021-01-07T17:20:40+01:00	I wish Audacity had horizontal guide lines in spectrograms to make it easier to read frequencies. 🤔 https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/40de7f426e/a.png
2021-01-07T19:14:40+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<v3ng3jq https://twtxt.net/conv/v3ng3jq>) Huh, well, that’s better than nothing. 😲 Thanks!
2021-01-09T08:35:52+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<yaketma https://twtxt.net/search?tag=yaketma>) How it all began: https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/7e47c78d04/the-look-of-betrayal.webm
2021-01-09T10:16:25+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<yaketma https://twtxt.net/search?tag=yaketma>) No, I just stole that video from The Internet. Also, nice dinosaur vibe in your vid. 🦖 😂
2021-01-09T10:50:45+01:00	Task for this weekend: Trying to make these frets a bit smoother. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/a2b4e9ba2e/f.png
2021-01-09T11:54:33+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<yaketma https://twtxt.net/search?tag=yaketma>) Lol, mostly the birds, but now that you mention it … 😁
2021-01-09T19:20:01+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<nupokta https://twtxt.net/conv/nupokta>) Thx 🥴  It’s the first time I’m doing this. Works great, though, already feels *much* better. 🎉
2021-01-09T19:38:03+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ljuuqdq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ljuuqdq>) Holy smokes, that’s a tidy desk. Here’s mine (few months ago, as posted on nixers.net): ![](https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/c3bb087b5a/desk.jpg) (Desktop screenshots over here: https://www.uninformativ.de/desktop/ )
2021-01-09T19:47:19+01:00	“Isn’t it all a mess?” // Windhand - Grey Garden // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn8ShYUuIp4 #NowPlaying
2021-01-10T10:48:02+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<nupokta https://twtxt.net/conv/nupokta>) Yeah, it’s a huge difference. Pretty happy with the results so far. 🥰 Still, I’d rather pay more next time. (The whole bass guitar thingy was an experiment, I didn’t know if I was going to quit after a few weeks. I tried guitar first, didn’t like it. So I bought the cheapest bass I could find. Turns out, it’s awesome, I love it. 😍) 
2021-01-10T19:33:01+01:00	“You broke Reddit! 😢” Well that’s just great.
2021-01-10T19:34:59+01:00	The end of season 3 would be a good moment to end Star Trek Discovery.
2021-01-11T15:30:18+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<34qplea https://twtxt.net/search?tag=34qplea>) It’s working again! I did a great job, eh? 😇 
2021-01-11T15:57:11+01:00	Finally found the perfect mug for me: https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/fb469401f7/mug.png #Profanity #MaybeNSFW
2021-01-11T21:37:16+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<jgbj5hq https://twtxt.net/conv/jgbj5hq>) Ohhh, nice shots! 
2021-01-12T15:21:54+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<yrv75ka https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Would be interesting to plot these values. I suspect there are tons and tons of feeds with just a few messages and then some bots with thousands of twts. 🥴 
2021-01-12T15:23:44+01:00	Seeing crashes again with Intel GPUs on Linux 5.10. Gah. The Internet suggests to remove the xf86-video-intel driver and have X11 fall back on modeset instead … Let’s give it a shot.
2021-01-12T21:18:23+01:00	@<xuu https://txt.sour.is/user/xuu/twtxt.txt> (#<yrv75ka https://txt.sour.is/search?tag=yrv75ka>) Yeah, looks like most of the feeds are tiny and then there are a couple of huge bots: https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/898bef509f/feedhisto.txt (Or I’m too tired and stupid, which is always a valid option.) (Also, I didn’t clean up for duplicates, either.) 
2021-01-12T21:19:39+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<2nnst4a https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Don’t be afraid, it will revert. At some point, you’ll think it’s ugly again. 🥴 
2021-01-12T22:09:57+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<2nnst4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2nnst4a>) Yeah, shell scripts kind of were “the holy grail” for me for many years, but this is changing lately. Especially the lack of proper data structures (lists, dicts) is really annoying. But, uhm, don’t let me stop you! Enjoy it while it lasts! 😁 
2021-01-13T17:46:24+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<2nnst4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2nnst4a>) It’s just so tempting. “Oh, I can do this in a few lines of Shell.” Nope, should have been C or Python right away. 
2021-01-13T19:18:27+01:00	My whisky bottle is empty. Sad.
2021-01-13T20:45:47+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<5sbb27q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=5sbb27q>) Haha, no. I bought it a couple of years ago, actually. Nevertheless, it’s empty now! Sad. https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/78e91aa216/laga.png 
2021-01-14T20:02:09+01:00	Hmm … I miss the nice warm light of my christmas decoration. Maybe I’ll put it back up. 🤔
2021-01-14T20:22:21+01:00	(#<7tl43vq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) That did not help. (Why are graphics drivers so fragile?) 
2021-01-14T20:30:44+01:00	@<kt84 https://twtxt.net/user/kt84/twtxt.txt> (#<mqzlfyq https://twtxt.net/user/kt84/twtxt.txt>) Sunglasses! 😎 
2021-01-14T20:38:06+01:00	(#<otvzcza https://twtxt.net/search?tag=otvzcza>) Oh, we have our first chinese user in the twtiverse? Welcome! 👋 
2021-01-15T08:59:56+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<otvzcza https://twtxt.net/search?tag=otvzcza>) Oh, sorry then. The glyphs looked chinese to me and Google Translate said so. But I really have no idea. :(
2021-01-15T21:06:58+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<nmydw6a https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Is this translation of one of the replies correct? “Looking at the name, I thought it was a txt site dedicated to Taiwanese 🤪 🤪” 😂 
2021-01-16T09:56:35+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<7tl43vq https://twtxt.net/conv/7tl43vq>) Oh, I sacrificed cats. Lots and lots of them. 😈 
2021-01-17T07:21:42+01:00	Bam, snow! 😊 ⛄
2021-01-17T10:53:33+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<cyhgqmq https://twtxt.net/conv/cyhgqmq>) Nice! We didn’t get that much, but still. I just saw a kid roll around in the snow. 🤣 
2021-01-17T17:31:43+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<cyhgqmq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=cyhgqmq>) Now there is enough. 😁  It’s not like I’d do it, but still nice. 
2021-01-17T17:35:22+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<cyhgqmq https://twtxt.net/conv/cyhgqmq>) Awwwww 😍  We didn’t get that much. (It appears I live closer to a city, so it’s probably a bit warmer here?) 
2021-01-18T18:05:58+01:00	People are super unhappy with the spelling of the capital of Ukraine in tzdb. Rename requests pop up continuously: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2021-January/029679.html
2021-01-18T18:10:15+01:00	@<angel https://triptico.com/twtxt.txt> (#<dh5jnxa https://triptico.com/twtxt.txt>) If XTerm only supported fallback fonts. 😐 
2021-01-18T18:20:01+01:00	The “FUBITSU” drive 😁  http://www.os2museum.com/wp/every-bit-matters/
2021-01-19T19:57:07+01:00	Next book in the “nixers book club”: The UNIX-HATERS handbook! https://nixers.net/Thread-Nixers-Book-Club-Book-2-The-UNIX-HATERS-Handbook
2021-01-19T20:03:56+01:00	😊 🤘 // Acid King - Center of Everywhere // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv-bgfM9jZM #NowPlaying
2021-01-20T19:56:25+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zznyk2a https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Whoops. Well, let’s hope they can’t do a lot with just your phone number. (I may be a bit old-fashioned and blissfully ignorant, but can they do *anything* aside from sending you spam?) 
2021-01-20T19:57:06+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<eqp2bja https://twtxt.net/conv/eqp2bja>) Feel free to join the forums. 😊 I hope there’s going to be lots of interesting discussions. 
2021-01-21T15:39:14+01:00	@<darch https://twtxt.net/user/darch/twtxt.txt> (#<qvykv7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qvykv7a>) The “Z” is fine, but date and time really have to be separated by a “T”, IIUC. 🙂 That one twt on http://darch.dk/twtxt.txt is broken, IMO. 
2021-01-21T18:23:13+01:00	In theory, I’m saving a lot of time by working from home 100%. But it doesn’t feel that way. The days appear to be just as short as usual. Meh.
2021-01-21T20:37:48+01:00	@<darch https://twtxt.net/user/darch/twtxt.txt> (#<p4xpuhq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=p4xpuhq>) Well, thanks – and god dag! I guess. I’m sorry, I don’t know Danish. ;( 
2021-01-21T21:34:17+01:00	Dun dun dun … 😁 // Stoned Jesus - Black Woods // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J9MDi-Twuw #NowPlaying
2021-01-22T17:13:59+01:00	When I see people interact on twtxt *without* the use of the [Twt Hash Extension](https://dev.twtxt.net/doc/twthashextension.html), it’s pretty messy. It really makes me appreciate that extension. 👍 Threading is such an important feature. 👍 Too bad the old clients don’t support that. 🤔
2021-01-22T20:38:00+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<mnlbttq https://twtxt.net/conv/mnlbttq>) Heh, yeah, that too 😁 
2021-01-23T06:45:56+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<3qhn7la https://twtxt.net/search?tag=3qhn7la>) Nice! I’m thinking about polishing up or rewriting my own client, just to get another alternative out there. It’s a bit messy at the moment. Leveraging mutt (or another MUA) to read twtxt works great, IMHO. 
2021-01-23T06:50:17+01:00	Thinking about changing my online nickname, because it’s ancient and quite a bit stupid. I wonder how much chaos that would cause in the twtiverse. 🤔 🥴
2021-01-23T08:46:50+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<tt7d27q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tt7d27q>) So, basically a new feed which people have to follow afresh? 🤔 I mean, the HTTP redirect helps with a new feed URL, but not with the username (since people have to explicitly store that name in their database). 
2021-01-23T17:12:22+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<tt7d27q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tt7d27q>) Hmm, since the username is not part of the actual feed, clients have to store the name separately. (This is actually a flaw of the spec, if you ask me.) So, if I change my name, people would still send me @vain stuff, unless they manually edit their configs. I don’t see a way for an automatic/seamless transition. 🤔 
2021-01-23T17:15:39+01:00	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<tt7d27q https://twtxt.net/conv/tt7d27q>) Yeah, it’s a real word, sadly. I picked it a really long time ago, when I wasn’t good at English – I thought it meant something else. 😵 It’s always a bit embarrassing to read that nickname. Haven’t really thought of something else yet (doing this as an adult feels weird), maybe I’ll just use my initials or fire up a random generator. 🥴 
2021-01-23T17:17:15+01:00	Alright, rewrote my twtxt client in Python. It’s cleaner and a loooooot faster now. fork() + exec() in a Shell script is so super expensive, especially when done many times (i.e. on every twt I see) …
2021-01-23T17:19:16+01:00	(#<onuyxhq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) … also fixed a few bugs in the process in the area of twt hash calculation 🙄 Normalizing the time stamps is nasty. 
2021-01-23T17:53:22+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<tt7d27q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tt7d27q>) Haha, not gonna talk about that. 😄 
2021-01-23T19:43:57+01:00	@<thewismit https://blog.thewismit.com/user/thewismit/twtxt.txt> (#<onuyxhq https://blog.thewismit.com/search?tag=onuyxhq>) Well, it’s a bit exotic: It fetches all the feeds I follow and puts them into a Maildir, which I can then read using Mutt. It looks like this window on the left: https://www.uninformativ.de/desktop/2021-01-12--katriawm-twtxt.png So, it’s a text-only user interface for a terminal on GNU/Linux. (Didn’t care about portability to BSD yet, maybe in the future.) The new code is not yet published, as it’s very fresh and barely tested. 🙃 👷 
2021-01-23T19:45:08+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<tt7d27q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tt7d27q>) It comes from my years as a teenager. Lots of strange stuff was going on back then. 🤐 
2021-01-23T19:57:16+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<dvsqrpq https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) DVCS have made my life so much easier, I wouldn’t give that up. 🤔 Diffability™, history, checksums, syncability, easy branching. There are so many reasons for me to love it. 😊 
2021-01-23T21:11:14+01:00	I’m seeing a lot of “FOLLOW: @news from @vain using twtrd/latest” recently on twtxt.net. Bug on your end or on mine? 🤔 🙃
2021-01-24T08:34:06+01:00	@<thewismit https://blog.thewismit.com/user/thewismit/twtxt.txt> (#<dvsqrpq https://blog.thewismit.com/search?tag=dvsqrpq>) DVCS = Distributed Version Control System. Something like Mercurial, Bazaar, Darcs, or Git. (Git was probably won this “war”, but there are others.) 
2021-01-24T08:35:00+01:00	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<dvsqrpq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=dvsqrpq>) I see. 🤔 Dunno, I might be biased here. The advantages outweigh the costs by far, IMHO. I use Git for almost everything, no matter the size. 
2021-01-24T08:35:57+01:00	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<2xd37ma https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2xd37ma>) Ah, alright! 👌 
2021-01-24T12:14:45+01:00	@<birb https://twtxt.net/user/birb/twtxt.txt> (#<inxgwfq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=inxgwfq>) Welcome back, birb overlord! ![](https://dump.uninformativ.de/v/562d283ad5/birb.jpg) 
2021-01-24T15:08:49Z	My rewritten twtxt client will be called “jenny” – and I now somewhat hope that twt.social will indeed be renamed to yarn / yarn.social 😁 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spinning_jenny
2021-01-25T17:25:38Z	@<uxgch https://uxg.ch/twtxt.txt> (#<eoghe5q https://uxg.ch/twtxt.txt>) Großartig! 🤣
2021-01-25T17:55:56Z	@<niplav https://niplav.github.io/twtxt.txt> (#<ymyo2nq https://niplav.github.io/twtxt.txt>) I don’t know. But you got me.
2021-01-25T18:05:48Z	(#<vjmprgq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) In case someone wants to take a look: https://uninformativ.de/git/jenny First release will follow when I used it for a while.
2021-01-26T13:44:54Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<vjmprgq https://twtxt.net/conv/vjmprgq>) Hmm, yeah, that could be worth a try. However: The program tends to be I/O bound because it has to check tens of thousands of local files (one for each twt). Not sure if optimising networking makes a big difference. Plus, it’s finished in 3-6 seconds anyway. 😊
2021-01-26T14:21:22Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<vjmprgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=vjmprgq>) Hmm. I never really thought this would matter. Most twtxt files are small and I only do a fetch about every 10 minutes. Retrieving a couple of JPEGs from people’s regular web sites is probably more costly. 🤔 Nevertheless, I’ll consider adding it. Thanks!
2021-01-26T19:44:17Z	(#<vjmprgq https://txt.sour.is/user/xuu/twtxt.txt>) I love the turn this thread took. 🥴
2021-01-27T06:59:06Z	Ben Fiedler wrote a nice introduction to BundleWrap – a config management tool that I occasionally contribute to and that we use at work (~1000-ish systems): https://3fx.ch/blog/2021/01/25/bundlewrap-first-impressions/
2021-01-29T15:29:29Z	afk for a while due to personal stuff
2021-02-08T17:08:32Z	Back, I guess. Holy cow, so many new twts. 😯
2021-02-08T17:41:04Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<zuqgi7q https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) `ss` is part of `iproute2`, the “new” tool chest to do networking stuff on Linux. Same as `ip` instead of `ifconfig`. I’ve grown to like them, they’re often way more powerful and/or cleaner. Documentation is lacking, though.
2021-02-09T13:46:03Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<zuqgi7q https://twtxt.net/conv/zuqgi7q>) `ss` is certainly better when it comes to IPv6, because it doesn’t truncate those long addresses (like `netstat` did). It can also do filtering, see `sport` in its manpage. Other than that, it’s mostly the same, I’d say. The switch from `ifconfig` to `ip` is much more important IMHO, more powerful, cleaner interface — but I have to admit, I mostly forgot how to use the old tools because I’ve been using `iproute2` stuff almost exclusively since ~2012.
2021-02-09T13:46:20Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<zuqgi7q https://twtxt.net/conv/zuqgi7q>) Just found this in my bookmarks: https://dougvitale.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/deprecated-linux-networking-commands-and-their-replacements/
2021-02-09T13:51:30Z	Over night, the (relative) humidity in my apartment dropped from ~40% to ~25%, while the temperature stayed pretty much the same. I didn’t open a single window. How did that happen? Is my apartment leaking?
2021-02-09T16:12:01Z	python-cryptography now requiring Rust has caused quite a bit of drama: https://github.com/pyca/cryptography/issues/5771 🍿 🤦
2021-02-09T18:47:52Z	This is my favorite NPM package ever. Why? Because the author blindly took a `LICENSE` file from one of my repositories and copied it verbatim – including my name in the copyright line. 🥴 🥴 🥴 https://www.npmjs.com/package/mfox
2021-02-09T19:47:08Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<w7xajha https://twtxt.net/conv/w7xajha>) All three of them? Hopefully not. 🤔
2021-02-10T13:54:00Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zqj75ua https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zqj75ua>) Yes, it’s only build-time, but we still had to install a Rust compiler on many machines. 🥴 Well, it is what it is, probably going to happen a couple more times anyway.
2021-02-10T13:55:18Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<w7xajha https://twtxt.net/conv/w7xajha>) Oh god no, no crypto, they are very stupid little devices. 😁 Buuuut all the same manufacturer. Hmm.
2021-02-10T13:56:59Z	(#<w7xajha https://twtxt.net/conv/w7xajha>) It’s really a bit annoying. 20% rel. humidity now. Electrostatic charges everywhere. I get zapped all the time. 🧟⚡ Got to do some laundry, maybe that helps …
2021-02-10T13:57:31Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<rbx2lcq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=rbx2lcq>) Oooohhhhhh, *that* has already been done *a lot* 😂 🍕
2021-02-10T13:58:27Z	@<niplav https://niplav.github.io/twtxt.txt> (#<oqknbeq https://niplav.github.io/twtxt.txt>) In what regard? I’d stell prefer us to learn from past mistakes. 🥴
2021-02-10T19:20:19Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<w7xajha https://twtxt.net/conv/w7xajha>) 🤣
2021-02-11T17:40:52Z	@<ionores https://twtxt.net/user/ionores/twtxt.txt> (#<sxz3j5q https://twtxt.net/user/ionores/twtxt.txt>) btw, what happened to our little local challenge of not using Google for a while? That still on? 🙃 >
2021-02-11T17:42:17Z	I think it’s time to fire up [bucklespring](https://github.com/zevv/bucklespring) and [ratterplatter](https://uninformativ.de/git/ratterplatter) again. 🧓
2021-02-11T17:55:52Z	@<antonio https://twtxt.net/user/antonio/twtxt.txt> (#<kanuqhq https://twtxt.net/user/antonio/twtxt.txt>) I can only recommend to optimize your setup/tooling in such a way that you don’t relay on any fixed browser. External bookmark tools, external search engine shortcuts, stuff like that. It’s liberating. I switch between three browsers and barely notice any difference.
2021-02-11T18:28:24Z	Current state of mental health: 1) Putting bread into the toaster, 2) turning on the toaster, 3) waiting for it to finish, 4) taking the finished toast out of the toaster, 5) putting some stuff on the bread, 6) what am I doing again? 7) waiting for the toast to finish, 8) being surprised that there’s cold toast on my plate 🤔
2021-02-11T19:13:24Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<q2vddea https://twtxt.net/conv/q2vddea>) Ooooooohh, *that’s* the trick! 🤯 😂
2021-02-11T19:17:37Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<q2vddea https://twtxt.net/conv/q2vddea>) Uh, that looks really good. 😯 (Zwetschge is a much better word than “plum”, eh?)
2021-02-12T13:50:03Z	@<ionores https://twtxt.net/user/ionores/twtxt.txt> @<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<q2vddea https://twtxt.net/conv/q2vddea>) I have to admit, I have never eaten anything rosehip-ish. No idea what that tastes like. 🤔
2021-02-12T14:27:12Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<77evbmq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) But it’s only 15:30! 🥴 gn8
2021-02-12T14:53:00Z	Found https://sourceware.org/systemtap/ via https://engineering.skroutz.gr/blog/uncovering-a-24-year-old-bug-in-the-linux-kernel/ via coworker. Let’s see how useful that is. 🤔
2021-02-12T18:41:20Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<z4daphq https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Oh, software can be very much “done”. Define a scope, implement all required features, done. Everything after that is / should be fixing bugs. 😊
2021-02-12T18:58:39Z	That metadata I keep seeing at the top of some twtxt feeds ("nick = ", "url = ", etc.) is not formalized anywhere, is it? Where does it come from? The actual question is: Should I stick to a certain format? 🤔
2021-02-13T08:32:10Z	(#<ljne7oq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ljne7oq>) Ah, nice. I suppose it will probably look like the example in the PR you recently opened? https://github.com/jointwt/twtxt/pull/392/files#diff-307ace82bbf75c9c596cfc5c978b7fe4c621f5b13bd70f87e89f7d5f20cec734R23-R26
2021-02-13T08:37:58Z	(#<sjdqk7a https://twtxt.net/conv/sjdqk7a>) Looks fine here, too: https://movq.de/v/78716c3687/t.png 🥳
2021-02-13T08:57:47Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ljne7oq https://twtxt.net/conv/ljne7oq>) Alrighty! Better change my client to match those. :) (I use totally custom stuff at the moment.)
2021-02-13T11:33:43Z	Let’s do this. Renaming from “vain” → “movq”. Let’s see what happens. 🤷
2021-02-13T12:43:35Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<e4os6ua https://twtxt.net/search?tag=e4os6ua>) Yeah, nothing is evaluating "nick =" lines (yet?), eh? So I’m imposing work on all of you. Isn’t that great? 🤣
2021-02-13T15:40:32Z	Great song for beginners like me 🎸 Basically just 3 riffs, but it’s still awesome 🤘 // Monolord - Empress Rising // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCc901E02eY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtW1j6RT1ag #NowPlaying
2021-02-14T07:59:15Z	@<anth http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt#anth> (#<v5yaeha http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt#anth>) I was reluctant, too, at first, but proper threading seriously improves the twtxt experience. This should have been built-in from the start.
2021-02-14T08:10:03Z	@<xuu https://txt.sour.is/user/xuu/twtxt.txt> (#<tgqyilq https://txt.sour.is/search?tag=tgqyilq>) It appears to be invalid anyway according to IDNA2008: `dig: 'xn--dw9h.social' is not a legal IDNA2008 name` https://www.unicode.org/faq/idn.html#15 🙁
2021-02-14T14:11:16Z	Just noticed I don’t even have CVS installed anymore. Good riddance.
2021-02-14T14:47:43Z	FWIW, [jenny](https://uninformativ.de/git/jenny) now uses the "nick =" line from feeds if it's present. 🎉
2021-02-14T19:30:15Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4qoykfa https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Great shots, man! Tiny bit of Skyrim feeling there. 🥰
2021-02-14T19:38:27Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<v5yaeha https://twtxt.net/conv/v5yaeha>) 100% agree. Fun fact: Couldn’t we actually do that? I mean `timestamp \t twt-id \t reply-id \t text`. Older clients would just include the IDs in the message, but they wouldn’t break. (I should shut up about extending the format, though. I was *super* skeptical about @<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>’s twtxt.net extensions at first and voiced my opinion on various occasions. I see it a bit differently now, especially since the original twtxt community appears to be pretty much dead, so … maybe there’s room for twtxt 2.0? Maybe not? I don’t know. I don’t want this little community to divide even more. 😨)
2021-02-14T19:40:10Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<mvyrjuq https://twtxt.net/conv/mvyrjuq>) Subversion? That “CVS done right” thingy? Never heard of it! 🥴
2021-02-14T19:43:21Z	(#<v5yaeha https://twtxt.net/conv/v5yaeha>) And just to be clear, without the work on twtxt.net by @<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> and you other people, twtxt would be very very dead now. That would be a shame. I really appreciate your efforts!
2021-02-15T15:14:10Z	(#v5yaeha) Indeed, using the shortest form possible (see this twt) would be nice. I’ll change my client accordingly. 👍
2021-02-15T15:17:06Z	(#v5yaeha) Or is it? Discoverability is an issue with twtxt. Without the URL, I have absolutely no idea which thread this might belong to *if I’m reading a completely new feed*. But with the URL, I can visit https://twtxt.net/conv/v5yaeha and see what’s going on. Hmmm … #ConfusedBrain
2021-02-15T15:28:29Z	@<xjix https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/webring/tw.txt> (#<sovug3a https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/webring/tw.txt>) Covid isolation? We’re all getting reaaaaally lonely? 🤣
2021-02-15T15:57:21Z	GTK now shows what you’re typing while using the Compose key 🎉 https://movq.de/v/bd2b7ee524/compose.mp4
2021-02-15T16:38:27Z	Mein Name ist Johann Knoggstadt und ich versuche jetzt, online Briefwahlunterlagen anzufordern.
2021-02-15T16:49:26Z	(#ivcdagq) Wahnsinn, da war wirklich ein HTML-Formular, das man ausfüllen und abschicken konnte. 🤯  Na, dann mal schauen, ob auch was im Briefkasten landet.
2021-02-16T17:12:13Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ivcdagq https://twtxt.net/conv/ivcdagq>) Bestätigungs-E-Mail kam schonmal keine. (Das kann der Deutsche, meckern. 🥴) Mal sehen. Wenn da wirklich demnächst was im Briefkasten ist, war das eine erstaunlich angenehme und einfache Sache. 😊
2021-02-16T17:14:07Z	(#<v5yaeha https://twtxt.net/search?tag=v5yaeha>) Fun fact, I always feed twts in their raw form. Was a bit noisy at first, yes, but I got used to it really fast. 🤔 Not to say there’s no room for improvement, but it’s also not a complete disaster.
2021-02-16T17:15:16Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<avochwq https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Morning! Or evening. Or something. It’s always morning somewhere! 😁
2021-02-16T18:09:22Z	Olives. More olives.
2021-02-16T18:18:03Z	Someone remind me real quick why I’m still using sudo instead of doas.
2021-02-16T18:28:50Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<f5lr2ja https://twtxt.net/search?tag=f5lr2ja>) Oh, no, I mean on Linux. There’s opendoas, a portable version.
2021-02-16T18:29:26Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ivcdagq https://twtxt.net/conv/ivcdagq>) 🤣  Hey, noch kann alles total schiefgehen! Besteht noch Hoffnung!
2021-02-16T18:56:54Z	(#<f5lr2ja https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Argh, `persist` doesn’t really work on Linux (yet). Well, that’s kind of a blocker. https://github.com/Duncaen/OpenDoas#persisttimestamptimeout
2021-02-17T12:10:10Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fqe4qja https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Interesting! 😯 Not free software, though, eh? I guess it’s almost impossible to make a new sophisticated browser engine as FOSS. 🤔
2021-02-17T14:36:32Z	FWIW, just made my OpenBSD bundles for BundleWrap (https://bundlewrap.org) public: https://uninformativ.de/git/bw-bundles #ConfigManagement
2021-02-17T14:56:45Z	@<bml https://twtxt.net/user/bml/twtxt.txt> (#<36pctnq https://twtxt.net/user/bml/twtxt.txt>) You might find this interesting: https://github.com/wolfcw/libfaketime > > >
2021-02-18T14:54:23Z	@<antonio https://twtxt.net/user/antonio/twtxt.txt> (#<kanuqhq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=kanuqhq>) Re “search engine shortcuts”: A little script using something like dmenu or rofi will do the job. Basically something that allows you to type “ddg how to make bread” or “wiki Rose McIver”, which then opens DuckDuckGo or Wikipedia in your current browser. But that’s only my solution, maybe that doesn’t work for everyone. Another idea would be to simply make a little static HTML page with a couple of input forms.
2021-02-18T19:53:00Z	Y’all watching the Mars thingy, right? https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/timeline/landing/watch-online/
2021-02-18T21:00:19Z	(#<ntp7p4q https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) 🥳
2021-02-19T10:58:13Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ntp7p4q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ntp7p4q>) Yeah, you missed it. 😲 Pretty fancy tech, the probe did surveillance of the landing area on its own *while it was landing* to find a good place to touch down. I’m really surprised that this worked and didn’t trigger a segfault somewhere. 😁
2021-02-19T13:31:45Z	I have way too many articles in my “read later” queue. I need a different strategy.
2021-02-20T05:28:32Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<rlczf2q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=rlczf2q>) Heh, I removed lobste.rs from my feed reader because there is *too much* interesting content. Can you keep up with reading all those articles? 🤔
2021-02-20T05:30:23Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<rlczf2q https://twtxt.net/conv/rlczf2q>) So basically, “if you haven’t read it by now, it’s probably not that important anyway”? 🤔
2021-02-20T05:38:42Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<bijgvwq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) I’m surprised by how good these shots are: I love taking photos of birds, too, but getting the focus right is super hard. They move around so fast. 😯 I see you’re using a Nikon Coolpix S6500?
2021-02-20T05:39:58Z	(#<mbiws2q https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Ah, oh, those are two different feeds. Didn’t notice. That explains the tiny bit of confusion in my client. 🥴
2021-02-20T08:25:24Z	Only seeing HTTP 200 from twtxt.net at the moment, despite `if-modified-since` 🤔  https://movq.de/v/fb38f7c1bb/ifmod.png Not an issue for me personally, just wanted to mention it.
2021-02-20T08:28:48Z	Some House, perhaps? 🥰 // Snake Sedrick & Andro - She Is My Destiny // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jozZ_xJ-0o #NowPlaying
2021-02-20T09:17:27Z	Good lord, following people on Mastodon is an ordeal. I mean, the process of adding someone to your list of people that you follow. That cross-server authorization dance takes forever – and often simply fails. Why is that so difficult? #AllHailTwtxt
2021-02-20T09:18:58Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<rlczf2q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=rlczf2q>) Yeah, but I *want* to! 🤣  There’s so much interesting stuff. But yeah, it’s pointless, there’s only so much you can do in a day …
2021-02-20T09:51:16Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<rlczf2q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=rlczf2q>) LOL! That … that doesn’t help. 🤣 > > > >
2021-02-20T10:08:13Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<p7rnj3q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=p7rnj3q>) Which client did you use, if any? I’m using the standard web interface. And I agree, everything feels a bit “too hard”. They *try to* keep it simple, but hm …
2021-02-20T11:10:30Z	Some vacation coming up. I think I’ll do a feature freeze on all of my (currently unreleased) projects and only do refactoring, simplification, stabilization. 👷
2021-02-20T11:50:24Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<hnyukaa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=hnyukaa>) The only interesting one is probably my twtxt client. I’d like to get more “modern” (meaning, they support threading) twtxt clients out there, so I’ll at least *try* to make mine usable by other people. 🤣 The other projects are ongoing stuff (all of them super niche), like my X11 status bar.
2021-02-20T11:51:02Z	btw @<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> is your twtxt client publicly available somewhere? 🤔
2021-02-20T18:37:00Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<5nkf6gq https://twtxt.net/conv/5nkf6gq>) Thanks! I see, one of those “this is just for me” projects. 😄 How do you like urwid? Is it really better than curses? 🤔
2021-02-21T06:31:32Z	@<melyanna https://tilde.club/~melyanna/twtxt.txt> (#<zafd26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zafd26q>) Welcome back 🙃
2021-02-21T06:35:28Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zafd26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zafd26q>) Huh. twtxt.net computed the hash zafd26q for melyanna’s original twt. I get kjsxeka. The difference appears to be that my client used the URL https://tilde.club/~melyanna/twtxt.txt, while twtxt.net used just http://. That’s a) a bit of a problem if people provide their feed over multiple protocols (half-baked thought, maybe we should omit the scheme? 🤔), b) might be a bug because twtxt.net’s web interface shows https://. 😯
2021-02-21T07:28:23Z	(#<kanuqhq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=kanuqhq>) I’ll give Mojeek a try. 🤔 Have used DuckDuckGo for a couple of years now. Neither of them are actively transparent on *how* they make money. At least I couldn’t find anything in ~10 minutes. I remain sceptical (of both), but hey, you can’t be sure anyway with these things, and alternatives are good. 👍
2021-02-21T07:31:09Z	Not using semver for my own projects was probably one of the worst decisions in the last decade. 🤦 I should change that …
2021-02-21T10:13:02Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zafd26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zafd26q>) Hold on, this was a mistake on my part. Your pod really does follow melyanna via http, so the hash is correct. Only your @-mention used the https version, which had me confused. 🥴 >
2021-02-21T12:17:18Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<zafd26q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=zafd26q>) Alrighty: https://github.com/jointwt/twtxt/issues/408
2021-02-21T12:24:30Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<uckc5ia https://twtxt.net/conv/uckc5ia>) Date-based versions, such as `xiate-20.07`. 🤔 It’s rare, but some of my software does get packaged for some Linux distros … At the end of the day, most of my releases would probably end up bumping the major version number. 🙄 But with semver, it would at least be obvious for users that something might/will break.
2021-02-22T10:24:04Z	(#<ivcdagq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Hat funktioniert! Einfach so! 🤯 🤯 🤯 Ich erkläre die Hölle hiermit offiziell für zugefroren. Kafka weint leise in der Ecke.
2021-02-22T11:21:39Z	Why I love the Finnish language: No grammatical gender (easier to learn, less politics), written almost exactly as spoken, simpler alphabet (no diacritics, no ambiguities like in some languages, e.g. in German “f”, “v”, and “ph” can sound exactly the same), numbers follow a simple and consistent pattern, and finally, sounds awesome. Why I hate it: Kirjakieli (written Finnish) vs. Puhekieli (spoken), you basically have to learn two languages. 🤦
2021-02-22T15:07:22Z	(#<uckc5ia https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) What keeps annoying me: The changes between releases are usually tiny, for example: https://www.uninformativ.de/git/katriawm/file/CHANGES.html Very few people use my stuff anyway. I might be overthinking this … 🙄
2021-02-23T06:30:55Z	@<eldersnake https://twtxt.net/user/eldersnake/twtxt.txt> (#<7yhhuia https://twtxt.net/user/eldersnake/twtxt.txt>) Oh, that’s great! Thanks! (I’m usually in the position of cleaning up other people’s mess *because the team doesn’t exist anymore*. Gah!)
2021-02-23T10:59:17Z	Got a little surprise gift, a “squeeze filler” fountain pen. (The person who gave it to me thought it was just a pen, didn’t really care.) As I do calligraphy from time to time, I happen to own a few flasks of ink!  Now, let’s see how much of a mess we can make … https://www.penchalet.com/pen-how-to/how_to_fill_squeeze_converter_fountain_pen.html
2021-02-23T15:58:15Z	Thought this was a super quiet day on twtxt – only to find out that my cron job to fetch the feeds didn’t run. 🤦
2021-02-23T17:22:01Z	@<hackew-news-newest https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt> (#<oacok3q https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt>) That’s super misleading. It implies “facebook.com” previously had access to the cookies of, say, “google.com”, which it clearly didn’t. Also, this is scary: “… when Total Cookie Protection detects that you intend to use a provider …” They try to detect my intentions? That’s going to work out just great. 🙃
2021-02-23T17:36:00Z	*New* software is being written for CDE: https://sourceforge.net/p/cdesktopenv/mailman/message/37226021/
2021-02-23T19:28:49Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4u3aeva https://twtxt.net/conv/4u3aeva>) But but but … I don’t have a workshop. 🥴 It worked out well, though, as I was super clever and tried with water first to see if it leaks (pats on back).
2021-02-23T19:30:31Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<gylns4a https://twtxt.net/conv/gylns4a>) Lol, the mould. 😁 Yeah, no idea why anyone would want to *start* using SF now. Those times are over, really.
2021-02-23T19:31:25Z	(#<n4lo35q https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) @<rcrsch https://rxyz.rocks/twtxt.txt> Aloha 👋
2021-02-23T19:50:17Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<wgc3afq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Fawns?! Is that a farm or are they wild?
2021-02-23T20:30:20Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<gylns4a https://twtxt.net/conv/gylns4a>) … or take the OpenBSD project, they still use CVS. When asked, they say that it just works well for them and there’s not really a reason to change. That’s super hard for me to imagine. I’d love to see their daily workflow some day – how do they work, how do they think?
2021-02-24T06:32:58Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<gylns4a https://twtxt.net/conv/gylns4a>) The “used it for some time” part is probably the key ingredient. 🤔 However, I can’t really imagine that the OpenBSD gals/guys didn’t have a lot of contact with Git by now. I still suspect there’s something special about CVS that they really value. 🤔 (Or maybe it’s just this: They probably would have to reimplement or at least audit Git in order to get it into their base system, which would be a hell lot of work.)
2021-02-24T06:34:20Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<gylns4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=gylns4a>) Reminds me a bit of RCS? 🤔 I’m curious to see what you come up with!
2021-02-24T06:47:14Z	Today’s task: Sifting through this to see if there’s anything “of value” in there: https://movq.de/v/b92e9e60db/f.png
2021-02-24T07:15:57Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=huaer3q>) Yeah, from when I was a kid and stuff like that. Some kind of “family heirloom”. 🥴 Fun fact, we might be looking at a lot of money: One new floppy sells for about 4 EUR in Germany these days. Granted, lots of these will already be broken, but still …
2021-02-24T08:20:28Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<a4kawrq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Ouch! You’re no longer working from home? Oh, wow, I just saw the infection rates in Australia, basically zero … 🤯
2021-02-24T19:20:02Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<i5jh2yq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Life on the countryside seems nice … if it wasn’t for all the bugs and spiders and stuff. 🕷 I forgot, what were those things called in 10.jpg?
2021-02-24T19:39:09Z	(#<gylns4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=gylns4a>) Sometimes I’m not sure if they are serious or not. 🤔 They tend to have a crazy humor. The project does sound interesting, with privsep and all. (I love pledge and unveil and wish we had those on Linux.)
2021-02-25T07:09:48Z	(#<jlla3ja https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jlla3ja>) Probably that: https://twtxt.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user/registry.html I don’t really know how to find *those registries*. 🤔 Finding people to follow is always a bit hard, even on Mastodon or other social networks. (Let alone real life. 🤣)
2021-02-25T07:19:13Z	(#<huaer3q https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Haven’t found much of public interest yet, but a bunch of floppies with software that my grandfather wrote in the 1990ies. 😲 Also these lovely little listings: https://movq.de/v/e4eed0225e/ Zoom in, they were printed on a dot matrix printer. 🥰
2021-02-25T09:07:15Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<jlla3ja https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jlla3ja>) For what? People or registries? 😀
2021-02-25T13:35:38Z	@<tfurrows https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt> (#<zqihnra https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt>) 140 characters is very much irrelevant. As for “the extra stuff”, that all comes from https://dev.twtxt.net/ – most importantly the “Twt Subject Extension” and “Machine-Parsable Conversation Grouping”
2021-02-25T14:48:44Z	@<tfurrows https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt> (#<zqihnra https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt>) Or are you talking about the “metadata” / “preamble” at the top of twtxt files? That hasn’t been formalized, as far as I’m aware. This is what Yarn.social does, I do the same: https://github.com/jointwt/twtxt/pull/392/files#diff-307ace82bbf75c9c596cfc5c978b7fe4c621f5b13bd70f87e89f7d5f20cec734R18-R35
2021-02-25T14:52:27Z	Corona isolation is getting to me now. Took almost a year (yay, introverts unite), but I’m really exhausted now. Same stuff every day, no human beings around, no *new* human beings to meet. Ugh. #RandomComplaint
2021-02-25T15:30:22Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<jlar35q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jlar35q>) Yeah, oof, don’t remind me … I don’t expect to get back to the office in 2021. 😑 Maybe 2022. Vaccination is going so slow in Germany …
2021-02-25T19:12:45Z	@<anth http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt> (#<mxlhmsq http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt>) Ah, are you using something BSD-ish? SIGINFO is not as common on GNU … Sadly. Actually, I even vaguely remember SIGINFO being “not a thing” on GNU, because we tried to use it in BundleWrap, but had to resort to using SIGQUIT instead for portability … Not sure anymore. 🤔
2021-02-25T19:42:21Z	Probably the best mix of all times … 😍 // Sima Deep - Make Me Flow // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvbe1bBsPlE #NowPlaying
2021-02-27T07:22:21Z	(#<xudqm2a http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt>) Ah, that also explains a couple more broken hashes. 🥴
2021-02-27T07:24:02Z	I have to admit, I wasn’t really aware that the head of a floppy disk drive makes *physical* contact to the disk. 🤨 I always assumed there’s a little air gap, like in hard drives … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWKo_dMUw7M (he mentions it briefly)
2021-02-27T08:11:25Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<sftzhla https://twtxt.net/search?tag=sftzhla>) Huh, crazy. I can’t remember having to deal with broken floppy drives a lot. 🤔 Maybe once or twice, but it wasn’t a major thing for me/us. (I once lost a lot of data due to a broken *hard* drive, though.)
2021-02-27T12:06:49Z	(#<qojxy3q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qojxy3q>) Good luck! 😲  I tried archery once, harder than it looks. The instructor couldn’t really explain “how to aim”, though. 🤔 Maybe he was just bad at it, I don’t know – we beginners hit almost as good as he did. 🤣
2021-02-27T12:08:54Z	(#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/conv/huaer3q>) There is lots of old BASIC programs … Often a total mess, by today’s standards. Line numbers everywhere and `GOTO 950`. Oh my goodness.
2021-02-27T12:12:32Z	(#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/conv/huaer3q>) Also, the lack of libraries is worth noting. I’ve come across one program that uses some UI library, but everything else appears to be self-contained. That’s good and bad. For example, there was no such thing as sqlite yet, so I’m seeing a lot of custom line-based file formats: “3 bytes for an ID, 10 bytes for a name, 40 bytes for a description, …” The code then literally reads 40 bytes to get the description, meaning there had to be space padding in the data file. 😱
2021-02-27T12:16:23Z	@<codebalion http://twtxt.prismdragon.net/twtxt.txt> Hey, I just noticed broken Emoji in your feed. Probably because your web servers responds with `Content-Type: text/plain`, so it doesn’t specify a charset and defaults to latin1. 🥴 (I had the same issue at first, too …)
2021-02-27T12:27:51Z	@<codebalion http://twtxt.prismdragon.net/twtxt.txt> (#<gnuvteq http://twtxt.prismdragon.net/twtxt.txt>) Looks good! 🎉 (And I think it just exposed a bug in my client. Yay.)
2021-02-27T12:58:45Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<jlar35q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jlar35q>) Nice tool! I’ll start using that now. 😊 (Yeah, the haskell stuff is annoying, but as long as my distro has packages for it … 🤷)
2021-02-27T17:30:46Z	(#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/conv/huaer3q>) Almost done. No games. Mostly driver disks or software packages like “Corel Draw”. Nothing I can share legally. 🙁
2021-02-27T17:31:58Z	(#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/conv/huaer3q>) Oh, no, there was one game. The DOS version of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsSEjcpf0RQ I remember it!
2021-02-27T20:31:14Z	And another decentralized social network: https://github.com/pfrazee/ctzn Probably not a direct “competitor” to twtxt, though, because it appears to use much more complex protocols/technologies.
2021-02-28T09:03:45Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<pf6wqcq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=pf6wqcq>) Is that good? A good score? I have no idea. 😂 Doesn’t matter anyway, as long as you had fun doing it. 😊
2021-02-28T18:03:40Z	Love those twilight colors: https://movq.de/v/85cce45e37  (Yeah, hot pixels. Couldn’t be bothered to edit them.)
2021-02-28T18:07:10Z	(#<uetakkq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=uetakkq>) Not *quite* sure what to expect, but I’ll keep an eye on it. 👌
2021-03-01T09:50:01Z	(#<wije7wq https://twtxt.net/conv/wije7wq>) The last versions of Java that I used extensively were 1.5 and 1.6. I have to “admit”: Those versions were great (as a *language*, mostly). Well-structured, clear, unambiguous, good multithreading, no memory management madness. After that, all the type inference features ruined it for me (that also ruins Go and Rust). I want to *read* the types with my own eyes, without having to rely on a magical IDE to tell me! 😢 (Yes, scripting languages like Python are the worst in that regard.) </rant>
2021-03-02T14:41:35Z	Tiny little bit of nostalgia today: https://movq.de/v/fd5aed71bb/MVI_1685.MOV.mp4
2021-03-02T14:43:11Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<il72mbq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Did you tip over that little hunting cabin? 😜  Also: WÜRZE. 🤢
2021-03-02T14:46:44Z	(#<qmb2v7q https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) I’d also be interested to know if that video plays correctly for you (including sound). Finding a widely supported video format is surprisingly hard. 🤔
2021-03-02T15:34:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<igcmavq https://twtxt.net/conv/igcmavq>) 🤗
2021-03-02T15:43:57Z	(#<fxj6foa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) I might be in love with this guy’s work … 🥰 // Sima Deep - Contagious 033 // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyaHjUSdVnI #NowPlaying
2021-03-02T18:21:49Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<igcmavq https://twtxt.net/conv/igcmavq>) I set white balance to something like “cloudy”, which boosts the reds. But that’s it. I have some fairly standard Canon lenses here (10-18mm and 70-300m, see EXIF data). I tried to fool around with filters, but they all make the pics blurry … Probably crap quality? I didn’t want to pay too much and filters are a hassle anyway, I’m lazy. 🥴
2021-03-02T18:40:59Z	I should block reddit in my router or something. Every time I post there, I immediately fall back into this “upvotes? upvotes? upvotes?” trap. Holy shit, this is horrible and such a waste of time. 🙄
2021-03-03T12:27:00Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<5i4erka https://twtxt.net/conv/5i4erka>) Reddit is a terrible implementation of a “forum”, where you only get to see stuff that is “good” based on votes and views by other people (unless you’re one of those “weirdos” who browse chronologically – you’ll probably get ridiculed for doing that). But that doesn’t even matter (to me): Just the idea of maybe having received upvotes makes me go check the site again and again. I’m fully aware of this mechanism, yet I fall victim to it. It’s like an addiction. I’m very glad that twtxt doesn’t have anything similar.
2021-03-03T13:33:00Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<qmb2v7q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qmb2v7q>) Hmmm, WebM! So, this is webm + vp9 + opus: https://movq.de/v/025098b899/ A quick search on The Internet suggests that this should work fine in most browsers these days? 🤔 They’re all open/free formats, right?
2021-03-03T14:28:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<5i4erka https://twtxt.net/conv/5i4erka>) Oh, right, they redesigned the web site a while ago. Always make sure to replace `www.` in the URL with `old.`. It’s a mess otherwise.
2021-03-03T14:29:01Z	(#<qmb2v7q https://twtxt.net/conv/qmb2v7q>) That’s nice. This shall be my default format from now on. 😊
2021-03-03T16:49:18Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<x5rflva https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Only seeing this now. What an amazing area to live in! 😲 Ohhh, and the sunset. 😊
2021-03-04T15:32:50Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<qmb2v7q https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qmb2v7q>) Gah! Well, my knowledgeable colleague said: “Some can do WebM+VP9, some can do h264, but there’s basically no overlap.” 🤦 Great. Going with WebM then, because it’s free/open.
2021-03-04T16:15:08Z	Minor panic attack: A family member asks for remote IT support and opens with “I can’t find TeamViewer!” 😱
2021-03-04T17:20:20Z	@<tfurrows https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt> (#<boxldaa https://tfurrows.com/twtxt.txt>) Uh, which model? Are there photos? #KeyboardPorn
2021-03-06T09:21:29Z	TIL: ImageMagick supports farbfeld images natively since November 2020! 🥳 https://github.com/ImageMagick/ImageMagick/discussions/2664
2021-03-06T09:26:30Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<iakhfga https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) (Mini rant ahead.) I use [rofimoji](https://github.com/fdw/rofimoji). Doesn’t work in Firefox, though, and Chromium is beginning to often fail as well. Picking Emojis is a mess on Linux and BSD. It’s especially annoying that Firefox doesn’t just support GTK’s native Emoji picker … 🤦
2021-03-06T11:52:51Z	Playing with map projections and satellite tracking again, and realizing my screen is too small to actually show this off: https://www.uninformativ.de/desktop/2021-03-06--katriawm-maps.png
2021-03-06T20:42:22Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Hold on a minute, you use Windows? Somehow I thought you’re a hardcore OpenBSD guy. 🤔
2021-03-07T09:58:45Z	(#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) Void Linux is pretty nice. If I were to pick a new distro today, that’d be it. I’m just lazy and mostly happy with Arch, so I don’t switch. 🥴
2021-03-07T12:34:35Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) It just works and I have five machines running it. systemd (and all the stuff that comes with it, e.g. I don’t fully understand daemons like logind, but I’d like to) is sometimes a PITA, that I’d like to get rid of. This is getting worse, feels like I’m slowly losing control over my machines. But at the same time, Arch is an incredibly stable system and causes very, very little headaches. Zero fuckups in almost 13 years. So, I have little motivation to change anything … 🥴
2021-03-07T13:02:34Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) I want to understand how my system works as best as I can. The better my understanding, the more likely it is that I’m able to troubleshoot issues. systemd is a complex set of programs and that complexity sometimes makes it harder to know what’s going on. For example, we recently had an issue at work where systemd-hostnamed recently refused (ran into a timeout). This only happened while GRUB was creating initramfs files. I still haven’t been able to debug this issue. systemd *does* have advantages, but it also has a price tag. > >
2021-03-07T13:20:00Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) 😁 My laziness. Reading all of systemd’s source code, get to know the inner workings and all that? Meh, maybe tomorrow. > >
2021-03-07T16:18:51Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) Not quite sure what your end goal is. 😁 I *could* do all those things (replace Arch with Void or become a systemd expert). It’s just a matter of motivation. Arch works well (and certainly *well enough*), so I’d rather grab my bass and jam for a while than tweak my Linux box from 98% perfection to 99%. Or something like that.
2021-03-07T19:04:52Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<o5y2u3a https://twtxt.net/conv/o5y2u3a>) Yeah, I use it in several places. Even my window manager. It’s *almost* trivial to work with (you have to swap byte endianness on x86_64, which makes it a little bit awkward … but there’s not really a way to avoid that). All other image file formats I know require either big libraries or just have too many options (number of colors, number of channels, yadda yadda). Reading/writing farbfeld is pretty simple compared to that, see lines 60 and 157: https://www.uninformativ.de/git/tuxeye2/file/libff.h.html
2021-03-07T19:09:29Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/conv/m3rtyia>) It’s mostly a toy, really. I wrote [asciiworld](https://uninformativ.de/git/asciiworld) a while back, but you can’t move or zoom the map, that’s a bit “meh”. I hope I can rework it to allow for that kind of fancy stuff. 😊  (One of the main things about this is bouncing ideas back and forth with a coworker, who does something related.)
2021-03-07T19:10:58Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<fw4vzga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=fw4vzga>) Aaaahahah, I’m a total noob. You don’t want to hear that and I don’t want to post it. 😂
2021-03-07T19:13:23Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<rd6bbja https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Oohh, a balloon! This must be awesome, I should do that some day. 😍
2021-03-07T20:30:35Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) Huh, you appear to be correct. I’ll look into it, thanks! > >
2021-03-08T17:39:53Z	Song of the day! I only wish it was longer! 🤯 // Lowrider - Ode to Ganymede // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpMHEQSl4hw #NowPlaying
2021-03-08T17:41:54Z	(#<fzqtbva https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) These days, I discover a lot of awesome music through Jered’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAUoCgliTQ8a
2021-03-09T19:01:11Z	@<xjix https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/twtxt/xjix.txt> (#<za7mufa gemini://xj-ix.luxe/bin/twtxt/cgi?t=za7mufa>) Doesn’t matter. We can just declare that they were good. All hail nostalgia!
2021-03-09T19:28:30Z	@<darch https://twtxt.net/user/darch/twtxt.txt> (#<jatw6pq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jatw6pq>) (You often editing your twts exposes a flaw in my client: It doesn’t prune twts which no longer exist. So I’m now seeing lots of duplicates from you. 🤣 I should probably fix that, but it might be quite the impact on performance …)
2021-03-10T15:21:48Z	I just hope none of you were customers of OVH.
2021-03-10T16:30:04Z	@<hecanjog https://hecanjog.com/twtxt.txt> (#<a4uhsdq https://hecanjog.com/twtxt.txt>) To be fair, it’s been like that for a while. I even got introduced to ICQ before someone told me about IRC! That was well over 20 years ago …
2021-03-10T19:54:15Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<xxbykfq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Also known as: “How to get the nerds to look at your pictures really quick!” 🤣
2021-03-10T19:57:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<xxbykfq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) I can’t find ’em. 😩😢
2021-03-10T20:38:43Z	@<jlj https://twt.nfld.uk/user/jlj/twtxt.txt> (#<m3z7bsa https://twt.nfld.uk/search?tag=m3z7bsa>) I’m waiting for a detailed analysis of the incident. How can an entire data center burn to the ground? Many things must have gone very wrong here. 🤔 (On the other hand, OVH is pretty cheap and maybe that’s why …)
2021-03-10T20:40:49Z	I run a Matrix server for my family, so that we don’t have to use WhatsApp or similar. Now, I always call it “Matrix”. They call it “Element”. Always irks me a tiny little bit. 🥴
2021-03-11T13:36:09Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<pkjzkfa https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Noon! 🍕
2021-03-11T16:35:54Z	Yay god rays https://movq.de/v/5f999c2689/IMG_1749.JPG
2021-03-11T17:26:36Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<xxbykfq https://twtxt.net/conv/xxbykfq>) Aaaaaaaahhahaha, you fooled us! You linked 2021-03-09 instead of 2021-03-10! 😁
2021-03-11T17:30:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<m3z7bsa https://twtxt.net/conv/m3z7bsa>) There are so many jokes 🥴😁 … German: https://chaos.social/@leah/105864547485426898
2021-03-12T11:42:26Z	Anniversary today: 2020-03-12 was the last day I worked at the office. 100% remote since then. 🧑‍💻
2021-03-12T12:44:58Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<tzxj5jq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tzxj5jq>) Whaaaaaaaaat? 😲 Are you working in medical fields or education or something? We’re lightyears away from vaccinating “ordinary” folks here.
2021-03-12T12:50:26Z	(#<tzxj5jq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tzxj5jq>) I mean, I can’t complain, really. I can keep working from home and I’ll just sit this out. I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t take another year, though.
2021-03-12T17:47:26Z	(#<fzqtbva https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Well, I couldn’t resist. 🤘 https://movq.de/v/e52d6f1a47/tmp.khPjtSQpJy.png
2021-03-12T18:18:43Z	@<xjix https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/twtxt/xjix.txt> (#<mavayqa https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/twtxt/xjix.txt>) Enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll have your first big fight when it’s time to talk about conditionals.
2021-03-13T11:46:39Z	I’m really starting to like OpenMP. Especially when I’m doing simple graphics stuff, where each pixel is processed independently. Throw in a `#pragma`, boom, speed-up of a factor of 3.5-3.8 on my quad core. 🤯
2021-03-13T12:33:48Z	IDE power connectors are the worst.
2021-03-13T17:02:47Z	Rewatching Star Trek TNG. “The Naked Now” is probably the worst episode ever made. 🤦😬🙄
2021-03-14T07:51:55Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) I get a feeling that there are no free IP databases anymore? At least not from MaxMind. Download requires you to have an account (https://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/geoipupdate/). Arch Linux doesn’t provide packages with the GeoIP2 stuff, either. 🤔 If I can’t find free DBs, then I’ll remove that feature from asciiworld … > >
2021-03-14T08:56:01Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) Hmmm. It appears they download it from https://www.distfiles.pl/geolite2-data-20191224.tar.xz … Maybe someone downloaded it manually from the MaxMind site (and that person created an account to do so) and then mirrored it at distfiles.pl? 🤔 Looks a bit shady … MaxMind clearly *wants* you to create an account and I’d rather not look for ways to bypass that. 😒
2021-03-14T13:16:45Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) Thanks for asking on Twitter, I’m curious about the answer. 😁 But whatever, their EULA is a bit “meh”. For example: “You shall cease use of and destroy any old versions of the Services within thirty (30) days following the release of the updated GeoLite2 Databases.” That thing might be “free as in free beer”, but it’s simply not “free as in free speech”. I didn’t care in the past as long as the distribution shipped it, but now that they’re stopped, I’m not really interested … 😐
2021-03-14T18:43:52Z	Friendly reminder: Make offsite backups, even/especially from your data at home. I have two external hard disks for this. One is in my apartment where I can update it, the other one is at a family member’s house. From time to time, I switch them. (I don’t create that much new data.)
2021-03-14T18:44:03Z	(#<h4s3f5q https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Background: Looks like it’s burning in my neighbourhood. Again. Too many lunatics are living here (the last fire last week (!) was probably on purpose, arson).
2021-03-15T05:51:11Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) No idea, not a laywer, either. And it’s exactly details like this that make me go: “Nah. Not gonna use it. Not even if it’s free of charge.” (Especially if it’s just a toy.)
2021-03-15T05:54:26Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ylvrkrq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ylvrkrq>) Those guys usually hang around outside of the building where you vote. So, yeah, it really is anonymous. Based on the data they collect, we often get a quick and surprisingly accurate projection of the results. But, yeah, nobody’s forced to participate. 🤗 I did once and, IIRC, they just asked my age and profession.
2021-03-15T11:45:41Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) Ohhhhhhh, you’re awesome! I’ll look into db-ip.com! 🤗
2021-03-15T17:52:28Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<edz2eeq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Awwww, the birds! They’re running towards you in 18.jpg like they’re really happy to see you. 😁
2021-03-16T15:32:01Z	(#<m3rtyia https://twtxt.net/search?tag=m3rtyia>) Next asciiworld release will use mmdb/GeoIP2 and will advise to fetch the databases from db-ip.com 🎉
2021-03-16T15:33:11Z	DuckDuckGo is currently broken in WebKit browsers. Can’t click on links, nothing happens. Why… how…
2021-03-18T12:06:43Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<zzhxpiq https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Howdy! 🤠
2021-03-18T16:34:53Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<anrfwoq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) I love birds, but I give up. No idea what species that is. 😢 Did it soar through the air or did it appear to stand still (“Rüttelflug”)?
2021-03-18T17:18:45Z	Feeling an incredible urge to switch to Wayland lately. I wonder where that’s coming from.
2021-03-18T18:38:43Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<2qlnvya https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2qlnvya>) Probably because X.Org is slowly dying. 🤔 And I’m simply a little bit curious. 😁
2021-03-18T18:57:33Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<2qlnvya https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2qlnvya>) Yeah, that’s right. X11 won’t “go away” anytime soon. But it might get less and less support, and using it might become annoying. 🤔 Hmm, but that’ll probably take a few more years, so there’s no pressure …
2021-03-18T18:58:40Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<anrfwoq https://twtxt.net/conv/anrfwoq>) Aha! Quite possible! TIL 😊
2021-03-19T11:04:19Z	@<lyxal https://twtxt.net/user/lyxal/twtxt.txt> (#<nqwfbva https://twtxt.net/user/lyxal/twtxt.txt>) There are DMs on twtxt? 🤔
2021-03-19T14:04:13Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<nqwfbva https://twtxt.net/search?tag=nqwfbva>) Ah, oh, well, nothing *I* should be worried about then. 😁
2021-03-19T17:25:47Z	Lucky shot: https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/nature/2021-03-19--IMG_1802-scaled.jpg
2021-03-19T18:52:35Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4hdpbdq https://twtxt.net/conv/4hdpbdq>) You really do go hiking every day, don’t you? That’s impressive. 😲 Beware of the ticks in the forest! 😁
2021-03-20T08:41:36Z	I’m a bit of a cheesy fanboy of Vera Farmiga 😍🥴🙄, so I was glad to see that see that “Annabelle 3” is now available on Netflix. Turns out, she hardly gets any screen time, so all that’s left is a mediocre teen horror movie. And that’s how I learned the value of Netflix’s “1.5 playback speed” feature. 😴
2021-03-20T10:47:23Z	@<jlj https://twt.nfld.uk/user/jlj/twtxt.txt> (#<wcsy4ma https://twt.nfld.uk/search?tag=wcsy4ma>) Ha! Maybe we should make a fun club and a web site with lots of pictures and stuff! (Oh god no.)
2021-03-21T06:53:21Z	@<eldersnake https://twtxt.net/user/eldersnake/twtxt.txt> (#<wcsy4ma https://twtxt.net/search?tag=wcsy4ma>) Yeah, exactly, that movie. 🤣 The same plot as so many other movies of that genre: Stupidity + a failure in communication. “Oh, I made a really dumb mistake, but nah, I won’t tell anyone.” Boom, chaos, heroic acts to clean up the mess.
2021-03-21T06:54:58Z	@<lyxal https://twtxt.net/user/lyxal/twtxt.txt> (#<7cuifla https://twtxt.net/user/lyxal/twtxt.txt>) Maybe it was a wild a animal? 🤔 But yeah, looks a bit *too* flat for that. > >
2021-03-21T06:59:26Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<aepda6a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Haha. Never ending story: Disk space. Recently, the SD card of my portable music player was full. 32 GB! My first player had just 128 MB, IIRC. Doesn’t matter, eventually every disk will be full, no matter its size. Sigh. (It’s just that I want to have *everything* on that card, of course, because I’m too lazy to manage multiple cards. Reminds me too much of good old cassette tapes.)
2021-03-21T07:29:23Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<aepda6a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=aepda6a>) Say *WHAT* now? 🤯 Wouldn’t help, though, since my player can only read up to 32 GB. 🤣
2021-03-21T07:51:15Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<aepda6a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=aepda6a>) A “Sansa Clip+” from 2010. It already runs a different firmware, I don’t think there’s anything I can do. As long as the battery doesn’t die (it still runs for 3 or 4 hours straight!), I refuse to replace it. 🙃
2021-03-21T15:37:49Z	(#<huaer3q https://twtxt.net/conv/huaer3q>) Alright, finished. (Took a break for a while.) There were some disks that were formatted as [IBM XDF](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Extended_Density_Format), so I couldn’t read them using OpenBSD. As I have OS/2 still available, I was able to use its “XDFCOPY” tool – which, to my surprise, is basically like UNIX’s `dd`. 😲 It creates image files that I can mount on Linux, nice. I have not yet found out how to use them as images in QEMU, but I haven’t spent much time investigating.
2021-03-22T11:25:09Z	Everything okay in Australia? We’re getting news of massive rain and flood. 😨
2021-03-22T14:13:52Z	(#<uev4gwq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=uev4gwq>) Uhh, shit. Let’s hope for the best!
2021-03-24T19:58:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4wxvbxq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) The beak definitely screams “finch”. I’d say it’s a “common chaffinch” (Buchfink). 🐦
2021-03-24T20:02:53Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4wxvbxq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) And lovely shots as always! 😊 (I’d love to know how to improve shots like 27.jpg. I have lots of those, too. The sky is solid white. But reducing exposure or aperture size would result in everything else being underexposed. 🤔 I have a feeling it’s simply impossible due to the limited dynamice range of our cameras …)
2021-03-24T20:05:49Z	The famous “Uhu Webcam”, a bird webcam next to the nest of an eurasian eagle owl, is streaming again: http://uhu.webcam.pixtura.de/ 🦉 The bird is currently sitting on three eggs, which will hopefully hatch in the upcoming weeks.
2021-03-25T14:32:19Z	VTE changed something (https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/vte/-/issues/163) and now `pango_font_metrics_get_height()` to determine the font height. This function returns 17 for my 7x15 font. 2 pixels too many. Why. I’ll now have to read the Pango source code to *maybe* find out what’s going on here.
2021-03-25T14:40:56Z	(#<tyhgcka https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) … aaaaaand we’ve reached harfbuzz. Let’s see how deep this rabbit hole is.
2021-03-25T15:30:26Z	(#<tyhgcka https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Oh, nice. It’s fontforge’s fault. My fonts are originally BDF and I have to convert them to OTB (since all modern software dropped support for the “historical, legacy” format BDF), which I do using fontforge, and that introduces some nonsensical 2 pixel line gap. Fun fact: The popular font Terminus has the same issue (BDF to OTB conversion) and, guess what, they wrote their own converter. That one works just fine. Ugh.
2021-03-25T18:02:24Z	More god rays and stuff: https://movq.de/v/b2e2603c54/ – Screwed up the settings on some of those, but meh. 🤷
2021-03-25T18:54:18Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<j673jta https://twtxt.net/conv/j673jta>) That’s indeed the view from my window. I live in a tower building (which has some very nasty negative aspects to it). But yeah, the view is nice, and I think that really helps to keep me sane during these weird times. 🥴
2021-03-25T19:58:57Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<j673jta https://twtxt.net/conv/j673jta>) Ha, yeah, I do take the stairs since this Corona thing started. 😁 It is quite a bit of excercise, especially when you’re carrying groceries. Some guys at work started doing the same (at work, but it’s just the 6th floor or something), but I shamefully admit that I didn’t join them. 😂
2021-03-25T19:59:48Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<x23tdka https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Got it! But I won’t spoil it for the others. 😊 Took me a bit! Almost thought you were playing games with us. 😄
2021-03-25T21:45:13Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<j673jta https://twtxt.net/conv/j673jta>) Ha, oh god, no. 😂 I only drink tap water. 🥴
2021-03-26T12:23:27Z	Now. Next mystery. `grep --color=always ... | less -R` is broken. grep spits out a lot of `\e[K` which means: “Erase in Line (EL), VT100, Erase to Right”. less used to ignore that sequence, now it doesn’t anymore (since 580). Now I’ve got to read grep’s source code to debug this …
2021-03-26T12:33:20Z	(#<wr6nxoa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Oh, wow, there’s an explanation: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grep.git/tree/src/grep.c?id=54aac0789909618122d7125854c443f26a94f610#n317
2021-03-26T15:08:29Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<wr6nxoa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=wr6nxoa>) Hm, yes and no. Passing the ANSI color sequences through the pipes is not that great, agreed. But grep knows best which parts of the output should be colored. Doing the coloring in a second step using a second program feels like a hack to me as well. (Maybe we just shouldn’t be passing flat plain text, but structured objects …)
2021-03-26T15:44:47Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<wr6nxoa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=wr6nxoa>) It would be more UNIX-y, that’s true. How would you implement it? Or rather, how would it work in a pipeline? `grep ... | colorize | less`? That would potentially expose the same problem. Or replace `less` with something else? 🤔 > > > >
2021-03-27T08:17:02Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<bdm3dga https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Oh, yeah, there it is, the lovely orange of a sunset. 🥰 20.jpg is a great shot with the people standing on the hill.
2021-03-27T12:48:13Z	Star Trek quote of the day: “Sensor technicians are working on it. They’ve identified it as a glitch in the system.” Oh, yes. That’s a satisfying explanation!
2021-03-27T16:46:28Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<vptsvqq https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) To my surprise, it’s not *that* bad. 🤔 Not really a fan of his squeaky voice, but the other two guys are nice.
2021-03-27T16:49:00Z	Mhhhhhhh fuzz 🤤 So much fun to play! // Weedeater - Jason... The Dragon // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh-1gDuCPbY #NowPlaying
2021-03-27T17:20:06Z	@<maya https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt> (#<zf7lpfa https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt>) Make an aviary and adopt some birds. 😊 🦜
2021-03-28T07:03:23Z	Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht … Ist es wirklich schon so spät …
2021-03-28T07:06:55Z	(#<ptddpsa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) I wish there was a wide-spread “local time distribution protocol”. We have radio controlled clocks and [DCF77](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DCF77) isn’t even far away, but it’s a weak signal and it can’t penetrate some of my walls. If clocks could, say, synchronize to the timestamp of my WiFi beacons, that would be interesting. 🤔
2021-03-28T09:09:05Z	Having fun with macro extension tubes. (1/5)
2021-03-28T09:09:41Z	(#<fkf5aea https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) ![](https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/macro/2021-03-28--IMG_1936-curves-scaled.jpg) (2/5)
2021-03-28T09:10:00Z	(#<fkf5aea https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) ![](https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/macro/2021-03-28--IMG_1937-scaled.jpg) (3/5)
2021-03-28T09:10:18Z	(#<fkf5aea https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) ![](https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/macro/2021-03-28--IMG_1986-curves-scaled.jpg) (4/5)
2021-03-28T09:10:52Z	(#<fkf5aea https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) If you’re wondering what that beast looks like: ![](https://movq.de/v/5b24c8b3b7/cam.jpg) (5/5)
2021-03-29T07:32:29Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<i3u6qgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=i3u6qgq>) Hold on a minute, weren’t you down to basicaly zero infections? The graphs for Australia in Wikipedia are ridiculous compared to most other countries. And you *still* go into lockdown? Wow. 😲 > >
2021-03-29T07:48:22Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<i3u6qgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=i3u6qgq>) At least you have “zero” as a goal. That’s great! We have … what do we have? @lyse, help me out. What’s our government’s goal? I forgot.
2021-03-29T07:48:47Z	(#<i3u6qgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=i3u6qgq>) Sorry for ranting. 😆 It’s just frustrating.
2021-03-29T09:42:06Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<i3u6qgq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=i3u6qgq>) Why would 0 be silly? Let’s try to reduce it as much as we can. And why do you go to parties?
2021-04-02T12:57:22Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<aae5f5a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) I go with “5”! 😁
2021-04-02T12:59:11Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<aae5f5a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) How were you able to make a photo of that egret? They’re easily spooked in my experience and I have to keep a large distance. 🤫 Does your cam have a high zoom?
2021-04-02T13:01:30Z	A few years ago, I cam across these images (warning: photosensitive epilepsy): https://movq.de/v/4de77da434 This is such a crazy effect! 😵 How does that work? 🤔
2021-04-02T13:04:40Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) So, it’s [Chromatic Aberration](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromatic_aberration), but not in a uniform way. It only applies to “highlights”, i.e. pixels/areas that are close to white? 🤔
2021-04-02T15:35:41Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Ah, no, it’s a temporal effect! Here’s one of the clips with the green channel shifted by 2 frames and blue by 4 frames, resulting in a new clip that pretty much negates the effect: https://movq.de/v/8af68a00ea/1a3GFsA.webm-ca.webm Made using this script: https://www.uninformativ.de/git/bin-pub/file/temporal-chromatic-aberration.html 🥳
2021-04-02T15:38:57Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) (And I have a typo in the first twt of this thread, which I can’t really fix now, because it will break threading. Argh. 🥴)
2021-04-02T15:50:59Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) And here’s the effect applied to a little video I just made: https://movq.de/v/d135bb9e84/MVI_2039.MOV-ca.webm Yes, it’s out of focus, because this works best with blurry images/videos.
2021-04-03T05:07:48Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<u7pt6oa https://twtxt.net/conv/u7pt6oa>) Ah, crap, ffmpeg uses the wrong pixel format by default. 🙄 I wish browsers were more robust in that regard …
2021-04-03T05:10:12Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<akietaq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Hmmm, maybe it won’t break on yarn.social, but it will break in my client. 😂 What did you change on your end regarding threading?
2021-04-03T05:17:41Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<akietaq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Actually, I didn’t have my first coffee today. It won’t break with my client. 😴 🤦
2021-04-03T08:08:22Z	(#<a57curq https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt>) We have learned *nothing* since the days of ANSI.SYS.
2021-04-03T18:40:05Z	How about some music! Genre? ALL OF THEM. // Igorrr - Spirituality and Distortion // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNJ0B5uU1QQ #NowPlaying
2021-04-04T10:18:27Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<akietaq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=akietaq>) Right. Unless, of course, I wipe my “cache” and refetch everything (which is not something that I do regularly).
2021-04-04T10:18:58Z	Teeei saubermachen ist jetzt tendenziell auch ’ne lästige Sache. Dafür ist Teeei immerhin ein lustiges Wort.
2021-04-04T10:20:09Z	The whirring of a 3D printer is probably one of the most futuristic sounds in my house. 🤔 https://movq.de/v/06a11c04f8/whirr.ogg Getting some strong Portal vibes! 🏃🏾‍♀️
2021-04-05T07:30:13Z	(#<6bz4dtq https://twtxt.net/conv/6bz4dtq>) What’s the story behind those rockpiles? 🤔
2021-04-05T08:00:32Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<d2dpxfa https://twtxt.net/conv/d2dpxfa>) Loudness depends on the printer. Mine has a door/case that I can close, which helps *a lot*. I’d say it’s a little below speaking volume, so if you put it in another room and close that door as well, you don’t hear a thing.
2021-04-05T08:04:32Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<d2dpxfa https://twtxt.net/conv/d2dpxfa>) I don’t remember from what print that audio sample is from. 🤔 It’s from a while back. Yesterday, I was printing a replacement for the power button on my netbook: https://www.uninformativ.de/blog/postings/2021-04-04/0/POSTING-en.html
2021-04-05T14:35:58Z	(#<p6t7mga https://twt.nfld.uk/user/jlj/twtxt.txt>) Saw that a while ago and immediately chose to ignore it. The Dunning-Kruger effect is one of my favorites! I want it to be real! 🙈 🙉
2021-04-05T16:47:41Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<d2dpxfa https://twtxt.net/conv/d2dpxfa>) Lol 😁 Dunno, this was standard floss stuff. Maybe it looks larger than it really is, because the netbook is so small. 😁
2021-04-06T19:09:22Z	@<maya https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt> (#<ckzo55q https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt>) https://movq.de/v/29e495808c/aaah.webm
2021-04-06T19:10:46Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4dzqrfq https://twtxt.net/conv/4dzqrfq>) Das Ding hat leider sehr feine Löcher, da kann man nicht durchstochern. 😢 Aber Spätzle! Das wäre mal wieder was.
2021-04-07T14:51:43Z	PSA für Menschen in Deutschland, weil aus irgendwelchen Gründen das „offizielle“ Dashboard ja immer noch unerträglich lahm ist und die CPU grillt: https://doofescovid.de/
2021-04-08T13:39:23Z	And the award for “manliest voice ever” goes to: Ralph Ineson https://youtu.be/1a2S2w8mfpQ
2021-04-12T17:27:27Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<hk7ekdq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Can a person fit in there? That would be so much fun! I think. For some reason. 😁
2021-04-12T18:23:40Z	Oh for crying out loud. The ONE time I don’t do a sound check and just hit “record” instead, Ardour forgot its routing and just recorded silence. GAH.
2021-04-13T17:18:54Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<hk7ekdq https://twtxt.net/conv/hk7ekdq>) I meant the tree in 04.jpg and 05.jpg. 😊
2021-04-14T18:20:36Z	Yet another fancy sunset: https://movq.de/v/0f4b8f408e/
2021-04-14T18:25:34Z	(#<enzvgvq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) And now my cam froze. Didn’t accept any input anymore, just like a crashed PC. Okay then.
2021-04-14T19:00:12Z	Random thought: Would be great if you could do `for i in ...; do something "$i" & done ; wait` in a Shell script, but with the Shell only spawning one process per CPU.
2021-04-14T19:11:22Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://twtxt.net/conv/u7pt6oa>) Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axK-ieZp1vo // Now with “temporal chromatic aberration” (if that’s even what it’s called), green channel 1 frame, blue channel 2 frames: https://movq.de/v/3acc2e15bd/wave-tca1-sound.webm // Green 2 frames, blue 4 frames: https://movq.de/v/3acc2e15bd/wave-tca2-sound.webm // The part around 1:06 is great!
2021-04-14T19:11:51Z	(#<u7pt6oa https://twtxt.net/conv/u7pt6oa>) In general, it works best when shiny objects are moving and the rest remains more or less fixed.
2021-04-15T12:26:24Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<xyiy3da https://twtxt.net/search?tag=xyiy3da>) You mean this? https://www.gnu.org/software/parallel/ Yeah, that works. xargs might suffice, too. The thing is, you’ll have to structure your program in a specific way for these tools to work. Can be done, sure, but if `for` had this built in, it would be easier. 😊
2021-04-15T12:28:19Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<hk7ekdq https://twtxt.net/conv/hk7ekdq>) Oh, well, that’s a bit small. But it might work as a secret whisky stash! 🤔
2021-04-15T17:48:19Z	Every time I’m forced to use a traditional HDD (spinning disk), I truly am flabbergasted, because it’s sooooooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooow. Wow, I’ve really gotten used to working in tmpfs.
2021-04-18T10:01:44Z	In other news, I built one of these: https://movq.de/v/8f66eae87e This contraption was first conceived by Marquis de Sade in 1801 and was called “Preuve de Patience”. The builder will either finish the task or commit murder. Other historians and religious leaders have speculated, it was the devil himself who came up with the idea to prove to God that all humans are violent in nature.
2021-04-19T18:30:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<6panrza https://twtxt.net/conv/6panrza>) Yup, it’s this model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3970520 Getting the thread in there was … “exhausting”.
2021-04-19T18:32:25Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<wyqwuqq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) 😂 Welp, there’s always a next time!
2021-04-20T10:59:49Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<4gtuzoq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) That’s right, but it got a looooooooooooot easier thanks to letsencrypt. 😍
2021-04-20T11:50:55Z	@<hackew-news-newest https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt> (#<w6jvi6a https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt>) Holy cow, this is good.
2021-04-20T12:50:27Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<4gtuzoq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=4gtuzoq>) Oh, god, no. Yes. Running your own CA is a nightmare. You can’t avoid that?
2021-04-20T13:38:26Z	Choosing Matrix/Element as a messenger for my family was a mistake. It’s way too complicated. And apparently, the app on smartphones is pretty confusing: Family members repeatedly end up in the settings dialog for the chat room? Since modern UIs are all utter garbage (Which UI elements can be clicked/activated? Nobody knows! Everything is flat!), they have a hard time leaving that dialog, so they call me. And then all the crypto stuff, that no normal user ever understands, and trusted devices, and … oh, fuck off man. I just want a chat.
2021-04-20T13:41:07Z	(#<7625tqq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) And don’t get me started on the fact that they try to push you to use THEIR server. Yeah, great, you CAN run Matrix on your own server, but you always have to explain to users that they first have to open the “advanced server settings” or whatever they call it, and enter their credentials there … This is my mistake, in part, because I want to run our server WITHOUT federation. Just a chat for us! This is possible, but against Matrix’s design.
2021-04-20T13:45:34Z	In general, I’m super grumpy lately. So much shitty software at work. So much shitty software in my private life. I just want to quit and start a new life as a florist. 💐
2021-04-20T18:26:27Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<7625tqq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=7625tqq>) Funny thing is, it was pretty easy to get the Matrix server (Synapse) going on my OpenBSD box: Install a package, run one initialization command, maybe edit the generated config, put a reverse proxy in front of it, done. (Granted, I don’t use federation, maybe that’s harder.) // As for Signal: They say you have to install it on a smartphone before you can use it on a desktop machine. So, what, my account is tied to my phone number? If that’s true, then I won’t use it. Or maybe *only* for our family chat room. I simply don’t want to run around with my phone number stapled to my forehead. >
2021-04-21T14:21:27Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<2355j7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=2355j7a>) Gah, I completely forgot about this nonsense. So much wasted time. There is a chance that I won’t have to do this on a daily basis …
2021-04-23T11:03:17Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<kemx7aa https://twtxt.net/conv/kemx7aa>) I have absolutely NO idea about flowers (yet 😂), but “Veilchen” came to mind. Funny enough, the english name is “viola”, which, well, yeah, it’s a violet plant, so I guess it fits. 😁
2021-04-23T11:30:57Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<kemx7aa https://twtxt.net/conv/kemx7aa>) btw, if you’re into photos of flowers, you might be interested in a macro lens. (Or those macro extension tubes that I used a while ago, much cheaper, good for experimentation.)
2021-04-23T18:50:19Z	What a catchy tune! 🎸 (And what a strange video.) // Mars Red Sky - The Light Beyond // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1PM2KT1j5o #NowPlaying
2021-04-25T07:58:31Z	Taking a walk early on a sunday morning is the best thing. Just a bunch of people with their dogs around, but nobody else. 😊
2021-04-25T07:59:41Z	(#<apraypq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Unrelated: Apparently, in the english language, you can “go for a walk”, “go for a stroll”, or “take a walk”. But “take a stroll” is something else? 😲😄
2021-04-29T11:54:58Z	Crap. I forgot [katriawm](https://uninformativ.de/git/katriawm)’s fifth birthday in January. 😢
2021-04-29T14:23:34Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<kxurxlq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=kxurxlq>) Yeah, it started just as a learning project, but then I kept using it, so now it’s my main window manager. 😁
2021-04-29T14:25:15Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<i43wa6q https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Wow, that looks like a “once in a lifetime” shot. 😲 Lots of wildlife where you life (see also, fox). 😲
2021-04-29T17:50:25Z	Gaaaaaaaah, my space bar is slowly breaking down. :( Cleaning helped a bit, but it really feels like “structural damage” …
2021-04-29T18:55:49Z	(#<nlnv4zq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Watching the stream constantly breaks in both Firefox and Chromium. (They probably both use gstreamer? No idea.) A much better way is to use mpv: `mpv --stop-screensaver=no https://uhu.streaming.pixtura.de/live/Uhu2.stream/playlist.m3u8?DVR`
2021-04-29T18:56:47Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<pwkcqua https://twtxt.net/conv/pwkcqua>) I doubt it. :( It’s a super flat keyboard. The printer lacks precision and the plastic probably isn’t stable enough.
2021-04-30T10:57:31Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<pwkcqua https://twtxt.net/conv/pwkcqua>) That one: https://www.r-go-tools.com/products/ergonomic-keyboards/r-go-split/qwertz-de-black-wired/ I love it. Let’s see how long it lasts.
2021-05-02T15:45:52Z	Bought the entire series “Monk” (Adrian Monk, the guy with so many phobias) on DVD. I only knew this series from german TV. I always hated Sharona with a passion. Turns out, her real voice – not the german dub voice – is totally different and she’s actually very lovely character. 🤔
2021-05-02T15:48:52Z	(#<r5acdba https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Similarly, the german dub voice of Scully from The X-Files makes her sound like a 40 or 50 year old lady. Gives off a very, very different vibe.
2021-05-02T15:51:19Z	(#<r5acdba https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Voices matter a lot. In general, I think it’s a shame that german TV dubs everything. At least english movies shouldn’t be dubbed anymore. If you ask me, neither should french or spanish movies. Or, you know, make use of “Zweikanalton” again!
2021-05-04T18:07:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<7547j7a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Did the fox make some noise? What does the fox say?! In all seriousness, you’ll probably be surprised: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Bellender_Fuchs.ogg
2021-05-04T18:07:59Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<7547j7a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) (I once went out on a field at night to watch the stars. And then I heard that noise RIGHT BESIDE ME. Holy smokes.)
2021-05-06T19:11:29Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<54yqsja https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Uhhhhhhhhhh, awesome! 😍
2021-05-07T11:41:28Z	(#<66aenwq https://mckinley.cc/twtxt.txt>) Soooooooooo … are there any alternatives to Audacity?
2021-05-07T11:44:04Z	(#<66aenwq https://mckinley.cc/twtxt.txt>) It’s so sad, because I was just joking to my coworkers a few days ago: “Does anyone know those ‘Muse’ guys? Should we be worried?” And boom, there you go. 🙄
2021-05-09T18:45:22Z	I think it’s time to dig up Carmageddon again. 🤔 🤘 // Fear Factory - Zero Signal (Instrumental) // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCF5jw_zhD8 #NowPlaying
2021-05-10T17:16:19Z	(#<ma7jgda https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Sadly, the game has graphical glitches when run in DOSBox. So I had to install it on my old box running PC-DOS 7. Some impressions: https://movq.de/v/0bb16b8ea6/
2021-05-10T17:19:07Z	(#<ma7jgda https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Note the fancy “e” editor. Believe it or not, it had automatic code indentation and code completion for C: https://movq.de/v/a9c9965047/ That’s quite a bit strange, because PC-DOS 7 did not come with a C compiler. Not even BASIC, it just had batch files and a [REXX](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rexx) interpreter.
2021-05-10T17:31:27Z	(#<ma7jgda https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) And I really love this game. It had a great physics engine for its time. The race tracks were not just tracks, they were almost like open worlds: You were always free to leave the track and explore the area. There was so much to discover!
2021-05-11T16:54:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<t3gcmvq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) What the heck are those ants doing? 🤔 And nice photo of slenderman in 39.jpg. 😁
2021-05-11T16:57:25Z	Why is it so hard for systemd to shut down my NUC … This happens every now and then … https://movq.de/v/22db45ef07/tmp.AI3tx7qlnS.png It’s the year 2021, I’m not motivated anymore to debug shutdown issues.
2021-05-11T19:41:35Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<t3gcmvq https://twtxt.net/conv/t3gcmvq>) Wow, I did not expect that. Clever little guys. 🤔
2021-05-12T11:35:24Z	(#<ckdi3ua https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ckdi3ua>) 😭
2021-05-13T04:44:10Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<szklwva https://twtxt.net/search?tag=szklwva>) TIL: “Greenery” is a word. 😁 Sounds funny to my ears. (“Grünerei“? 😁) And I agree, those make some good wallpapers. 👍
2021-05-13T08:18:20Z	(#<szklwva https://twtxt.net/conv/szklwva>) Yeah, I read that, too. Is that bad? 😁 I just take a few pictures as a hobby from time to time, I’m not a pro, so … 🤷
2021-05-13T11:50:39Z	I’ll have to set up an audio compressor in PulseAudio when watching movies. Yeah, yeah, the audiophiles have been advocating for this for a long time, but there is way too much dynamic range in today’s movies. For example: https://movq.de/v/76490ec1fe/tmp.EHS1nT8VpT.png I simply can’t watch that movie without headphones, because I’ll have to turn up the volume *a lot* to understand the conversations – and then the jump scares will, well, scare *my neighbors*. 🙄
2021-05-13T18:56:18Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<nxnrvlq https://twtxt.net/conv/nxnrvlq>) Not sure if you’re being sarcastic. 😁  I believe this is totally intentional. “The louder the jump scare, the scarier it is”, I guess. It’s basically the opposite of the loudness wars in music. (Maybe it’s just an issue with horror movies? That’s where it’s most noticable, that’s for sure.)
2021-05-13T19:02:56Z	Yet another apocalyptic sunset: https://movq.de/v/0c4c271b37/IMG_2251.JPG (Couldn’t grab my camera fast enough to catch the last few seconds of the sun peeking above those hills. In general, these shots are only possible within a time range of 1 or 2 minutes.)
2021-05-13T19:07:28Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<r4edo4q https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) You do have some talent, my guy. 🙂 I hope the cloudy season will be over soon to allow for some more dramatic lighting. 😁
2021-05-13T19:07:45Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<r4edo4q https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) … and that’s going to be a lot of frogs. Or food for other animals.
2021-05-13T19:15:48Z	(#<nxnrvlq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) This is what I’m using now, btw: https://www.uninformativ.de/git/bin-pub/file/pulseaudio-compressor.html Not perfect, but much better. (That sink master is another LADSPA plugin, an EQ.)
2021-05-14T04:01:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<z7zfsla https://twtxt.net/conv/z7zfsla>) Nice! The zoom of your camera is crazy. 😁 I have to switch to another lens for that.
2021-05-14T04:12:10Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<nxnrvlq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=nxnrvlq>) Yeah, normal dialogs are often super quiet. When you get to a more dramatic scene, volume increases – a lot. I think this can actually work quite well *if* you’re using headphones. It just adds to the drama and action of the movie. And headphones make it easier to listen to quiet sections anyway, so you don’t have to turn up the volume of your device that much. But watching those movies on normal speakers? I agree with @<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>, it’s just rubbish. I end up turning the volume knob up and down and up and down … It’s much better now with that PulseAudio plugin.
2021-05-14T07:39:20Z	I just love that smilies found their way from Internet messaging to everyday writings. I got a note from my neighbor with a “=)” in it.
2021-05-14T12:19:29Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<5cgqhha https://twtxt.net/conv/5cgqhha>) lol 😁  Nah, I guess that would have been a “=(” then. 😁
2021-05-14T12:24:50Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<z7zfsla https://twtxt.net/conv/z7zfsla>) To be honest, I don’t know if it’s normal for *current* compact cameras (bought my last one in 2005). It certainly is a greater range though than what I have with the zoom lenses on my DSLR (which is 10 years old now too 🙃).
2021-05-14T19:10:53Z	(#<nxnrvlq https://twtxt.net/conv/nxnrvlq>) I just stumbled on this by accident: https://imgur.com/gallery/C87vYOi Is this real? They sell that as a feature now? 🤣
2021-05-16T17:48:19Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4hyrtya https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Yep. Nature is cruel. Everything gets eaten. Even that massive urinating cow. 🤣
2021-05-17T16:48:57Z	The best song from the album: A beautiful cross-over of Tuvan throat singing and Bulgarian folk singing. 🧘 // Huun-Huur-Tu & The Bulgarian Voices - Lonely Bird // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyYRoNPlEgE #NowPlaying
2021-05-18T11:07:20Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<4hyrtya https://twtxt.net/conv/4hyrtya>) Oh yeah, great shots! 😊 Love those clouds.
2021-05-18T14:58:38Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<xow2awq https://twtxt.net/conv/xow2awq>) Ha, I was 99% sure this was going to be a link to “The HU”. 😁 Yeah, they rock! Also nice: Tengger Cavalry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSwL8ybZQFw (Even though one of their founders died. 😢)
2021-05-18T15:56:40Z	Despite being released in the cursed year of 2020, this is still one of my favorite songs of all time. What a blast! 🤘 // Vintersea - Befallen // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA9jknv0Ki4 #NowPlaying
2021-05-18T20:35:15Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<fbosxbq https://twtxt.net/conv/fbosxbq>) Nice! I’ve once seen them live when Wilska was their vocalist. They put up a great show. 😁 2004 or something. Haha, lyrics, I used to have them all memorized … 🥴 (They’re pretty brutal. Their music would be banned in Germany if the Jugendschutzbehörden made the effort to translate that stuff.)
2021-05-19T12:14:56Z	*Possibly* due to all the hype around “proof of storage” cryptocurrencies, our company now has trouble buying/renting new storage. What a waste of everybody’s time and energy. 🙄
2021-05-20T15:00:07Z	(#<g456yfa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=g456yfa>) Still don’t know if I need to care about this. There are plenty of free IRC networks out there. And when in doubt, you can easily host your own one. The times where mIRC could only connect to one server at a time are long over. 😁 Still, what’s nice about Libera is that we all start a fresh and the nick name that I actually wanted to use was still free. 😁 >
2021-05-20T16:57:56Z	Laphroaig. 🥃 🥴
2021-05-21T14:12:33Z	(#<nlnv4zq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Oh no. One chick died at a very early age. The other two were already wearing rings, but now they were killed by a raccoon a few days ago. 😭
2021-05-24T06:20:02Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<flpz2xa https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) We really don’t have that many hills around here, which makes those shots quite refreshing and enjoyable for me. 😊 And TIL: Dark brown squirrels exist.
2021-05-24T06:22:56Z	After quite a long period of clouds, clouds, clouds, I was finally able to see the nightsky yesterday. Shortly after sundown, Mercury and Venus were visible. As can be seen in the screenshot of Stellarium, they’ll get very close next Friday. Let’s hope it’ll be a clear sky then as well. https://movq.de/v/fc450fa28c/
2021-05-24T06:26:40Z	(#<nlsuueq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Catching Mercury is rather rare, because it’s so close to the sun. Last time I made it was in 2017: https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/astro/2017-09-16--IMG_7471-venus-mercury-mars.jpg
2021-05-24T08:47:56Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<nlsuueq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=nlsuueq>) Oh, yeah, do it! 😁
2021-05-24T09:08:26Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<nlsuueq https://twtxt.net/conv/nlsuueq>) That’s right, especially since I’m living in one of the “red” areas here: https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/ But well, Mercury was hardly visible with the naked eye. I just knew where to look. Venus was fine.
2021-05-24T12:44:46Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<7po5x4a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Meine Fresse! These are awesome. Seriously. Added them to my wallpaper collection. 😊 🤗
2021-05-24T18:23:47Z	Anybody from the US around? I’ve got a report that cloning Git repos from my server is very unreliable / broken from the US. Could anybody do me a favor: Clone some repo a couple of times and see if that works? `git clone https://www.uninformativ.de/git/lariza.git`, for example. Thank you!
2021-05-25T14:54:56Z	@<xuu https://txt.sour.is/user/xuu/twtxt.txt> (#<3hp6d2a https://txt.sour.is/search?tag=3hp6d2a>) Alright, that’s looking good. May I ask which ISP you’re using? Thank you! >
2021-05-25T16:49:38Z	When my Amazon account turns 18 next year, do I finally get to order stuff without age verification? 🤔
2021-05-25T19:12:39Z	@<maya https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt> (#<zuzknfa https://maya.land/assets/twtxt.txt>) I use 😬
2021-05-26T18:49:22Z	DOUBLE RAINBOW! WHAT DOES IT MEAN? https://movq.de/v/6cf9918991/
2021-05-26T18:55:36Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<l3ur7nq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Oh no, dead bird. 🙁
2021-05-26T18:56:26Z	@<jlj https://twt.nfld.uk/user/jlj/twtxt.txt> (#<qzamcya https://twt.nfld.uk/search?tag=qzamcya>) Yeah, I think that era is over. RIP Freenode. (But hey, SourceForge is still around, too. You never know.)
2021-05-27T16:24:07Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<qzamcya https://twtxt.net/search?tag=qzamcya>) To be honest, all I understand is: “Freenode got bought by someone and then weird stuff happened.” I don’t know what they’re up to. I wouldn’t even care, if they (Freenode) didn’t rename some channels I’ve been in and if they didn’t post paranoid stuff like “their plan to destroy us has failed!!1!” on their front page. It’s all very strange. New owner, renamed channels, paranoia, what? I don’t care. I just got outta there. 🙃
2021-05-27T16:25:49Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<fblcy7q https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Eww, yeah. That … that’s slimy. 😁 You’re fearless, eh? Going out in the woods *when it’s raining*? 😱 Your shoes will get dirty! (I admit it, I watched too much “Monk” lately.)
2021-05-27T16:27:41Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<kcd6xeq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=kcd6xeq>) Neato! Has that image been scaled or is that its original size?
2021-05-28T19:05:39Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<fblcy7q https://twtxt.net/conv/fblcy7q>) You don’t wear glasses, do you? I hate getting all that drizzle on them, can’t see a thing anymore. 😂  Anyway, I don’t want to complain too much. Going out and not a soul around is so nice, especially in times like these. 👌  (Fun fact, I took a walk today and forgot to take off my mask, because I’m so used to it now …)
2021-05-28T19:07:45Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<kcd6xeq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=kcd6xeq>) Oh, no need to, I was just curios about the original size in pixels. 🙂 I was wondering about the quality of the shots you can take with your telescope, but the more I think about it: The number of pixels only depends on the camera, not the scope. 🤦 So it’s irrelevant anyway. Stupid question. Nothing to see, move along. 😁
2021-05-28T19:08:39Z	(#<nlsuueq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Today is the day. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of course, clouds all over the place. 😭
2021-05-28T19:46:00Z	(#<nlsuueq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Ya, no way for me to see the planets. But at least it was a fancy sunset. https://movq.de/v/0c2d68c001/
2021-05-29T07:47:00Z	TIL: /dev/v4l/by-id exists. If you have multiple video devices attached to your system, using this directory it’s easy to find out which one is which. No need to struggle about “was it /dev/video0 or /dev/video2?” anymore.
2021-05-29T16:33:22Z	@<jlj https://twt.nfld.uk/user/jlj/twtxt.txt> (#<nyxytka https://twt.nfld.uk/search?tag=nyxytka>) Certificates have flags that indicate their “purpose”. Looks like you’re trying to use a “client” certificate for “server usage” or the other way around. I think you can view these flags using something like `openssl x509 -noout -in mycert.pem -purpose`. (Maybe you’re interested in using Wireguard, it’s quite a bit simpler. 🙂) > > >
2021-05-30T15:30:42Z	Yay, all OpenBSD boxes finally upgraded to 6.9. 🐡 🎉
2021-05-31T15:16:11Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<scciyjq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Argh, snake, a snake! Snake! A snake! Oohhh, it’s a snake!
2021-05-31T15:21:03Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<aka2ziq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=aka2ziq>) It’s crazy how we sometimes freak out about health stuff, and then it’s just nothing. 🥴  I wish the human body was better at analyzing itself.
2021-06-01T09:47:11Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<scciyjq https://twtxt.net/conv/scciyjq>) Ah, so that’s a “slow worm” (Blindschleiche), didn’t know that word. A long-ass lizard without legs. Nature does some crazy stuff.
2021-06-03T08:43:40Z	Omg, planet. What’s going on. Suddenly 25°C and high humidity. Feels like being in the jungle.
2021-06-03T08:44:28Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<swgr44a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) 😍
2021-06-03T08:46:33Z	(#<xuyazvq https://mckinley.cc/twtxt.txt>) Won’t be long until everyone needs a Google account to watch videos. I mean, hey, all of you already have one, right? ;-) And Widevine is easy to install as well, so let’s use that, too …
2021-06-03T08:51:34Z	What a lovely title for a bug report: “ILoveCandy erratic eating behaviour” https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/71112
2021-06-03T18:27:51Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<xuyazvq https://twtxt.net/conv/xuyazvq>) Widevine is part of that DRM stuff used by services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s very easy to install on Firefox (FF just tells you “oh, you need it, click here to install”), so nobody complains about it.
2021-06-03T18:33:54Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<kf4fqna https://twtxt.net/conv/kf4fqna>) According to my hygrometers, I often have only 20-30% rel. humidity during winter. Today, this jumped to 50-60%. A funny side effect of this is that I can suddenly smell a lot more things. 🤣  Human noses don’t work too well with low humidity …
2021-06-04T14:07:53Z	We’re currently doing another “Workflow Compilation” at nixers.net: https://nixers.net/Thread-Workflow-Compilation-June-Events-2021
2021-06-05T06:09:43Z	Es ist so süß, wie auf den Fischverpackungen neuerdings „nachhaltig gefangen“ draufsteht. „Schau’ mal, Klaus-Dieter! *Den* haben wir aber ganz nachhaltig! *Der* schwimmt uns nicht mehr weg!“
2021-06-05T08:17:07Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<oqfghqq https://twtxt.net/conv/oqfghqq>) Haha, my one and only Perl script. 🥴
2021-06-05T08:20:49Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ds2egza https://twtxt.net/conv/ds2egza>) Ich stecke da nicht so tief drin. Aber wenn auf der Banane, die einmal um die halbe Welt geflogen/-schifft wurde, „bio“ draufsteht, dann weiß ich nicht so recht, was mir das Label sagen soll. Dass die dort lokal bei sich nicht gespritzt haben oder so? Ja gut … Naja. Ich habe wirklich keine Ahnung. Alles Bauchgefühl.
2021-06-06T12:14:18Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<g3th6hq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Wait, isn’t `-strip` supposed to only strip metadata? How can this account for such a difference in size? 😱 Also, nice to see that the little guys are doing fine. 🐸
2021-06-06T12:30:03Z	Did you know that Netlabels exist? There’s a whole culture around publishing your music online. And: Much of it is Creative Commons! For example: https://monofonicos.net/mns006-varios-colores-paralelos/
2021-06-06T12:32:55Z	(#<eowfbzq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) I found out about Netlabels via Machtdose, who, sadly, have recently stopped making new episodes. Still, their “Aqual(o)unge” is a series of exquisite mixes, if you’re into calm, dub-y, “aquatic” electronic music: https://machtdose.de/tag/aqualounge
2021-06-06T14:11:22Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<g3th6hq https://twtxt.net/conv/g3th6hq>) Wow. I would never have expected this. The size of the thumbnails of my /pics went down from 6.3 MB to 2.3 MB. How can metadata be *that* big! I’m using `-strip` in https://uninformativ.de/git/html-index now, thanks for the tip! 🤯
2021-06-06T14:27:05Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<g3th6hq https://twtxt.net/conv/g3th6hq>) Jesus, what the heck. One of the old thumbnails, ~2kB of spaces inside some XML … https://movq.de/v/f1d9d1153e/md.png
2021-06-06T17:29:21Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<g3th6hq https://twtxt.net/conv/g3th6hq>) I usually find this metadata very interesting, it tells me about the camera used, aperture size and all that. I like it when it’s there. 😊 As for the XML, well, all my photos have it. I guess the camera just dumps it there. Looks like it’s that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Metadata_Platform
2021-06-06T17:31:33Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<eowfbzq https://twtxt.net/conv/eowfbzq>) Yeah, me too. 😁 I found a few gems on Jamendo back then. And then they decided to “revamp” their website and now it’s pretty terrible. 😢 The good thing about podcasts like Machtdose was that they filtered out all the garbage for you.
2021-06-07T12:39:59Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<g3th6hq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=g3th6hq>) I’ll take a look, but so far, I haven’t noticed anything weird. 😊
2021-06-10T14:29:46Z	Today’s partial solar eclipse was not quite as spectacular as I’d hoped. No sunspots, no accidental planes. https://www.uninformativ.de/pics/photo/astro/2021-06-10--IMG_2456-sofi.jpg
2021-06-10T14:31:47Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<kjywz4a https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) I love the one with the bird. It’s super rare to catch something like this! 🥰
2021-06-11T13:35:06Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<kjywz4a https://twtxt.net/conv/kjywz4a>) Ha, nice! That’s the kind of Tweet that I like. 🐦
2021-06-11T13:36:23Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<lwyx7aq https://twtxt.net/conv/lwyx7aq>) Heh, sadly, those colors are just an indicator for the lense being not 100% optimal. 🥴
2021-06-11T13:39:38Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<lwyx7aq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=lwyx7aq>) I have a Celestron Ultima 100. It’s actually just a spotting scope for watching birds, but it also works okay-ish for astrophotography. I have an adapter for it, so I can mount my Canon EOS 600d directly. Well, and then a sun filter on top. The tripod, on the other hand, is terrible for astro stuff. https://movq.de/v/7c33c93387 > >
2021-06-11T13:40:01Z	Yay, another internet outage ot home today. 🙄
2021-06-12T05:33:34Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ke2iuca https://twtxt.net/conv/ke2iuca>) Oh, lol, I read that as “internet outage” at first. Power outage? Yeah, what was the cause? I also had one a few weeks back, but it was limited to just this (large) building, I think.
2021-06-12T05:34:07Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<lwyx7aq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=lwyx7aq>) Same what, same tripod? 😁
2021-06-12T08:14:23Z	@<sorenpeter http://darch.dk/twtxt.txt> (#<3jjnl3q http://darch.dk/twtxt.txt>) It’s supposed to be an RFC 3339 date-time string, and I can’t find anything regarding “.” in that RFC, so I suppose “:” is the only correct version. 🤔
2021-06-12T16:49:03Z	Reaaally entertaining, all kinds of media types throughout modern history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvXXkB2jic0 💾 💿  (thanks venam on irc)
2021-06-12T16:57:18Z	(#<oyt6lzq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) The most “unusual” media types I’ve used in the past were probably the LS-120 (this was great because it could read normal floppys as well), the 100 MB Iomega ZIP drive, and up until a few years ago DVD-RAM. How about you? 😁
2021-06-13T07:16:32Z	(#<lwyx7aq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=lwyx7aq>) I just learned that this exists: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP758u2qcFQ/ 🤯
2021-06-14T14:42:52Z	Was Lustiges für die Deutschsprachigen: https://www.stuttmann-karikaturen.de/karikatur/7784 Das ist die nächste Evolutionsstufe nach „alles ist eine App“.
2021-06-15T16:12:32Z	@<xjix https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/twtxt/xjix.txt> (#<y5cnh7a https://xj-ix.luxe/.well-known/twtxt/xjix.txt>) Don’t forget how gravity works, my friend. 🙃💩
2021-06-16T11:18:40Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<lqk2aja https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Holding a grudge against raccoons since they killed the owls. 😡 (Of course, the humans who initially brought them to this continent are actually to blame. Booo!)
2021-06-16T11:20:16Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ciwsjga https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ciwsjga>) This is a link that has been shared recently: https://www.devever.net/~hl/freenode_suicide It’s all a mess (if it’s true). I wouldn’t know, though, moved to Libera and never thought about FreeNode again.
2021-06-17T14:59:14Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<whcybdq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Why would it have to be the end? What was so special about FreeNode? 🤔 Or was this just the last nail in the coffin? ⚰ 😆
2021-06-17T15:06:09Z	Suddenly, heat. 🥵
2021-06-17T16:12:27Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<y6muzmq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Oh, yes. Oh, yes. That’s the spot! 🤤 😁
2021-06-18T11:52:20Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<47yjizq https://twtxt.net/conv/47yjizq>) Yeah. Sauna can be nice if there’s a way to cool down afterwards.  But this is just … 10000000000% sauna 24/7. 🥵 😭
2021-06-20T04:42:50Z	Question of the day: Should I use WebP for thumbnails because it saves more bandwidth, or should I stick to JPEG because older clients may not support WebP? 🤔
2021-06-20T04:57:12Z	(#<hzcqjra https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) For comparison, the total size of thumbnails on my web page shrinks from 4 MB (JPEG) to 2.7 MB (WebP). On top of that, WebP provides better quality. 🤔 So I can push the `-quality` paramater a bit more and can get down to 2.2 MB or 2.0 MB … And now we’re talking about cutting the size *in half*. 🤔
2021-06-20T04:59:54Z	(#<hzcqjra https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) *Ancient* clients can’t use my web site anyway, because they don’t support modern TLS ciphers. But I use the same thumbnail files for Gopher as well. 🤔
2021-06-20T05:17:50Z	(#<hzcqjra https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Wrong! It only goes down from 3.3 MB of JPEGs. I had dead thumbnail files lying around (which weren’t recreated as WebP, of course). 🤦 🙄 I think that settles it, JPEG stays.
2021-06-20T12:04:34Z	Here’s a plot of the “wear leveling count” SMART values of my SSD: https://movq.de/v/0c69959566/ssd.png The increase of the “raw” value is increasing. 🤔 I wonder if I should start thinking about buying a new drive, or if these numbers don’t mean anything anyway.
2021-06-20T19:08:55Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<yicgduq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Weeeeeee! No rain here yet, but it’s coming. And it was a bit cooler today, so weeeeeee! 🥳
2021-06-21T10:14:32Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<niomqna https://twtxt.net/search?tag=niomqna>) 😨  No, no bad blocks yet. If there were any, I’d definitely buy a new drive. I’m not really sure what those numbers mean. Another health statistic says a total of 4 TB have been written to the drive, which is not a lot (it’s a 256 GB drive). Sadly, I don’t know how that metric developed over time …
2021-06-21T14:45:38Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<niomqna https://twtxt.net/search?tag=niomqna>) Hmm … Well, I’ll have to keep an eye on it, I guess. Reviews of my model say that the device starts to show bad sectors after about 100 TB of data written. But that’s probably with very good wear leveling and I doubt that’s the case for me (lots of data remains untouched for years). I guess the drive will make it for a little while longer, but probably not *that* much. 🤔
2021-06-21T14:50:34Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<niomqna https://twtxt.net/search?tag=niomqna>) Actually, I’ve never seen an SSD drive fail (at least not one of my personal drives here at home), so it would be interesting to see how long that thing really lasts. I’m also curious *how exactly* it’ll fail (does it just refuse to work, does it show bad sectors first, do I get “silent” data corruption or what). I mean, hey, I do have good backups and I regularly run tools that try to detect bitrot, so there’s not that much that can go wrong. (Haha, famous last words.)
2021-06-21T14:53:35Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<niomqna https://twtxt.net/search?tag=niomqna>) Either way, I’m going to replace that drive in 2023, because it’ll be 10 years old then. 😄  That’s old enough.
2021-06-22T16:56:44Z	I’ll always love this album 🧘 // Om - Advaitic Songs // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts3YWVFUnvU #NowPlaying
2021-06-23T15:13:55Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<3e3dddq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Oh! Rainbow! 🌈
2021-06-23T15:17:08Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ygn4qda https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Surgery always sucks 😨  Did you babble funny stuff when the drugs wore off? 😁
2021-06-23T15:18:12Z	The hoops I had to jump through to copy some photos from an iPhone to my Linux box. Using that thing as a USB Storage Device was not an option, eh? I think smartphones might be bad for my mental health.
2021-06-23T18:52:08Z	(#<2cnzufa https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) The full story, lots of rambling, I’m so tired. gopher://uninformativ.de/0/phlog/2021-06/2021-06-23.txt 🙄
2021-06-24T19:40:54Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<2cnzufa https://twtxt.net/conv/2cnzufa>) Funny thing is, I got the password right on the *first* try. I just didn’t dare to try to guess it, because who knows how hard that thing will lock me out. 🥴
2021-06-24T19:46:27Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<2cnzufa https://twtxt.net/conv/2cnzufa>) I traditionally have a smart phone for these two use cases: a) Emergency phone calls (car breaks down or similar), b) always have a camera with me. For a while, I thought: “Why not just buy a small cheap digital camera?” And then Corona came and the CWA and soon the vaccination thingy will probably need an “app” and what not. Last time, my doctor said: “You can get your test results using our app!” It’s not going to go away anymore. 🙄 As that iPhone was a gift, I might as well try to make good use of it.
2021-06-25T12:54:03Z	This year's "A week in the TTY" is starting for me. https://nixers.net/Thread-A-Week-of-Trial-June-Events-2021
2021-06-26T06:25:38Z	Sachma, wenn die Supermärkte jetzt seit einem Jahr überlebt haben, obwohl wir alle keinen Euro/Chip mehr in die Einkaufswägen stopfen, können wir das dann vielleicht einfach dauerhaft so lassen?
2021-06-26T06:26:25Z	"Stupid ideas" for 500: Display your company's logo on an apple. How? Put it on a sticker. A very sticky sticker. Am I supposed to eat that glue now, or what?
2021-06-26T15:29:56Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<dv5fbhq https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Impressive. :O  You only do this as a hobby, right?
2021-06-28T14:18:27Z	I should move to Siberia while there's still room left. This is going to be a very crowded place in the future, with a the climate change business going on.
2021-06-28T15:26:08Z	@<hackew-news-newest https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt> (#<jm4qb2q https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt>) Well, yes, of course not. How is this even up for debate? Why would anyone in their right mind want to tie their computer to some online service? This is utter nonsense. Have fun with that.
2021-06-29T19:34:35Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<iobv7la https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) It's fun and games until those brigades arrive at YOUR place. :D  (All this extreme weather brings out the minimalist and nomad in me. I'd love to own as little as possible, no car, no house, nothing. Then, when the next storm hits and destroys all the houses, it's not such a massive loss. Hmm. I should try harder at working towards this ...)
2021-06-29T19:51:26Z	I'll start with this very simple thing: When something breaks, don't replace it. Live without it for a while to see if you really need it. #minimalism
2021-07-02T13:30:23Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<iobv7la https://twtxt.net/conv/iobv7la>) Hehe, alright, you got me. That would be too extreme. 🥴 Then again, afaik nomads don’t have to find a new place to sleep every day. They settle here or there for a while and then move on. They don’t have complex houses will plumbing or wiring and what not, all of which will eventually break down. I find that very appealing.
2021-07-02T13:32:41Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<nmfhxra https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Beware of evil demons and such! 😁 🥴 >
2021-07-02T13:33:51Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<d6ramxa https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Lol, the warning sign. 😂
2021-07-02T13:36:45Z	mutt gets a tiny little bit confused when confronted with right-to-left stuff: https://movq.de/v/d427ef8dee/s.png
2021-07-02T13:38:03Z	(#<oqfghqq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Alright, here’s the final video showing all of the user’s vids: https://movq.de/h/d6b8c3fb8/2021-nixers-workflow-compilation.webm
2021-07-02T18:18:47Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<oqfghqq https://twtxt.net/conv/oqfghqq>) The videos are actually sped up in post-production. I’m not 100% sure if that’s good or not. 🥴  Maybe we should re-think that next time. It’s valuable feedback, thanks!
2021-07-02T18:21:30Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<iobv7la https://twtxt.net/conv/iobv7la>) I think living as a nomad would be awesome – *as long* as you don’t get sick or break a leg. 🤕  Uhh, that must be horrible then. Where’s the next city, 5 day walk away? Yeah. No. Right, better find some middle ground.
2021-07-02T18:51:01Z	Looks like GNOME/GTK continues to make everything … more flat. 🙁 Will this trend ever stop? https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/os-mockups/-/commit/4d3cc15f0a93ef92ad7dc89d70e08c80aaa114ef
2021-07-04T06:07:24Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<xv2o3ua https://twtxt.net/search?tag=xv2o3ua>) Haha, I don’t think there will be a backlash. It’s going to be the same thing as every time: Some angry nerds will leave the platform, but the vast majority won’t care. End of story. It’s a very smart move by MS: The actual GitHub remains unaffected! As long as nobody *is forced* to use that new service, people won’t care. You’re right, only a lawsuite has any chance of success, but as you said, given the size of “these companies”, it’s going to be … tedious.
2021-07-04T06:09:18Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<xv2o3ua https://twtxt.net/search?tag=xv2o3ua>) I stopped hosting new stuff on GitHub in 2018, but I can’t really tell if discoverability has suffered or not. I mean, why would it? Do you discover new software *through* GitHub? I don’t. It’s blog posts, forum posts, whatever, that matters.
2021-07-04T06:23:32Z	What’s your favorite? 😁  https://movq.de/v/b4a08297ae/scrollbar-styles.png
2021-07-04T06:24:22Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<5x5xsxa https://twtxt.net/conv/5x5xsxa>) 😭
2021-07-04T07:30:55Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<sqprqda https://twtxt.net/search?tag=sqprqda>) None?! Ahh, right, Mac user. 😅
2021-07-04T10:03:25Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> @<ionores https://twtxt.net/user/ionores/twtxt.txt> (#<sqprqda https://twtxt.net/conv/sqprqda>) I’m also in favor of the 1990ies style. 😁  Starting with Windows 7 (or maybe earlier, I don’t know, I haven’t used anything after XP), some elements are no longer easily recognizable as “you can click this”. The ones from the 1980ies are the worst, you can’t even tell what’s the “handle” and what’s the “background”.
2021-07-04T10:04:29Z	(#<sqprqda https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Then again, I wonder how accurate that image is in the first place. Here’s a screenshot from my Win 3.11 VM: https://movq.de/v/f136788019/tmp.a4uPa9XFPF.png The bars here look different, too: https://guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/win30
2021-07-05T12:09:30Z	Existence is pain. 🦷🔨 #Dentist
2021-07-07T14:39:07Z	Gah! Some tiny insect crawled into my monitor and died. https://movq.de/v/4a72eec3f5/s.png Certainly not as big as last time (https://movq.de/v/ed88d8160a/s.png), but still annoying. :(
2021-07-07T15:16:03Z	(#<sir7ppq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Better shot of the new “guest”: https://movq.de/v/da392a9b59/s.png Can’t really tell what it is, but it’s certainly *inside* the screen. :(
2021-07-07T15:41:33Z	Speaking of macro photos, here are some grains of salt and a key on my keyboard: https://movq.de/v/925da391a5/ – I don’t have the proper equipment for this, so this takes an insane amount of patience. 🤣
2021-07-07T17:38:58Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<gjjwa6q https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) I only see one semi-good reason to stay at GitHub: Lots of people already have an account there, so it’s easier for them to collaborate. That said, I left GitHub and switched to “just send me an email”, and I still get about the same amount of bug reports and feature requests. There was, however, a big drop in the number of *patches* I get. People forgot how to send diffs via email (or they never learned it, if they’re too young).
2021-07-07T17:44:46Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<sir7ppq https://twtxt.net/conv/sir7ppq>) Ahh, that’s annoying. :/  Are camera shops still a thing? You used to be able to get stuff like that fixed. Not sure if a repair guy is able to open the camera without destroying it, but maybe it’s worth a shot?
2021-07-07T18:12:48Z	Pointless anniversaries: The Linux installation on my main machine is now 10 years old. 🥳
2021-07-07T18:24:23Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<m6c6tqq https://twtxt.net/conv/m6c6tqq>) 😊 FWIW, these were shot using a “reverse mount”: https://movq.de/v/d89bbda0df Allows you to mount a wide-angle lens the opposite way, which turns it into a (cheap) macro lens. It’s not optimal, and as you can see, in my setup the electrical contacts are no longer connected, so my camera can’t control the lens anymore. But the worst part is that I don’t have a good tripod for this. Doesn’t matter, it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s fun. 😁
2021-07-09T13:34:35Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<m6c6tqq https://twtxt.net/conv/m6c6tqq>) Yes, and ideally I’d need a “macro slide” (Makroschlitten). The focus range is tiny and such a slide allows you to move the camera horizontally, thus bring the object into focus. That’d be especially important in my case, because I can’t use the lens’s focus ring anymore (it’s not connected), so the only way to adjust focus is to move the camera. 🥴
2021-07-09T13:39:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ieecx7a https://twtxt.net/conv/ieecx7a>) It’s a rolling release distro, so I just follow updates. I did reinstall once and that was 10 years ago, when I finally switched from i386 to amd64. Since then, it’s rolling, rolling, rolling … 😁
2021-07-09T13:44:45Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<tsmn6sa https://twtxt.net/conv/tsmn6sa>) Oohh, nice! 👌
2021-07-09T18:40:24Z	(#<hcsojwa https://twtxt.net/conv/hcsojwa>) Guess I’m the only one left on this planet who just shuts down the computer at the end of the day. 🥴
2021-07-09T18:41:12Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ieecx7a https://twtxt.net/conv/ieecx7a>) Arch. “Hey, I use Arch btw” 🥴
2021-07-09T18:43:10Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ck3dala https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Right, I heard it in the news, lots of water damage in your area. 😨 I wonder what’s up with all those clothes and shoes in your forest. Seen quite a lot of that in your photos.
2021-07-09T18:44:24Z	@<sysdharma https://twtxt.rodolpho.onoeck.com.br/twtxt.txt> (#<4afdu6a https://twtxt.rodolpho.onoeck.com.br/twtxt.txt>) Good! 😃  Where are you migrating to?
2021-07-10T04:43:49Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<hcsojwa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=hcsojwa>) Yeah, I see how that can be annoying. It’s not the case for me, though, mine boot fast. If anything, typing the passphrase for disk encryption is the most annoying part. 🤔
2021-07-10T08:20:30Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<jqlvb7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jqlvb7a>) Oh wow, you really went all-in and deleted it all. 😲😅  I kept all my code on GitHub because I didn’t want to break links. Then again, what’s the point of keeping outdated code around. 🤔 I should clean this up …
2021-07-10T08:51:28Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<jqlvb7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jqlvb7a>) … might sound paranoid, but I don’t really believe they’ll *delete* anything from their servers. 🤔
2021-07-10T12:57:19Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<jqlvb7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jqlvb7a>) Not a lot. 😥 Anyway, I did the same thing and finally removed my code from GitHub (after letting it rot for three years). I kept the repos, but they only contain links to the new host now, like so: https://github.com/vain/gorilla.asm
2021-07-10T14:52:05Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<jqlvb7a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jqlvb7a>) Just be aware that you can “archive” projects using GitHub’s REST API – but you cannot “UNarchive” them again via that API. So, if you make a mistake, you have to do unarchive them manually. That happened to me today. 🤣 😭
2021-07-11T06:47:43Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<kiha3iq https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt>) Oh, haha, I haven’t thought about the `import` statements in Go, yet. That’s going to cause a bit of a stir. 🍿
2021-07-11T06:48:15Z	@<lazarus https://twtxt.net/user/lazarus/twtxt.txt> (#<hcsojwa https://twtxt.net/search?tag=hcsojwa>) That’s right! Win-win! 😁
2021-07-11T10:00:10Z	I need a native english speaker. What does the woman in the following audio sample say? “You make me feel so …”? https://movq.de/v/2cde23d81c/1.ogg This must be an older and somewhat popular sample, because I first heard this in the soundtrack of the 1997 game “Grand Theft Auto”: https://movq.de/v/2cde23d81c/2.ogg I never understood what she says and it’s driving me crazy. 🥴
2021-07-11T12:22:34Z	(#<a5t43cq https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Ahhhhh! I found it. It’s a sample from “Mickey Dread - Comic Strip”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QdKA5l19OA And she just says “you make me feel so good” (how boring). Whew, finally. Only took 20 years.
2021-07-11T14:01:25Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<tyyk5sq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tyyk5sq>) This never resolved itself, did it? 😅
2021-07-11T14:03:11Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<m6c6tqq https://twtxt.net/conv/m6c6tqq>) Wow! 😲 Yes, that’s exactly what I meant!
2021-07-12T12:27:59Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<tyyk5sq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=tyyk5sq>) Do a `curl -sI https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt` and take note of the `last-modified` header. Then, doing a `curl -sI -H 'if-modified-since: $previous_value' https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt` should result in HTTP 304. Currently, it’s HTTP 200 (transfers the whole file). >
2021-07-13T14:12:00Z	@<johanbove https://johanbove.info/twtxt.txt> (#<asny2rq https://johanbove.info/twtxt.txt>) Printing from a phone, are you mad? Printing from a desktop computer is hard enough. 😅
2021-07-13T14:12:15Z	@<adi https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt> (#<jb3c2ra https://twtxt.net/user/adi/twtxt.txt>) Hey, welcome back. 👋
2021-07-13T14:13:02Z	In höchstem Maße befriedigend: Briefe mit LaTeX schreiben. Der Empfänger passt perfekt ins Sichtfenster des Kuverts. 🥰
2021-07-13T14:15:32Z	I don’t *really* understand why the audio quality of our phones here in Germany is still so utterly terrible. Why isn’t it crystal clear? 🤔
2021-07-16T13:25:18Z	Please help me understand. There are people who strongly favor static linking over dynamic linking. What is their solution to “the update problem”? You know, when there’s an update to a central library, you have to rebuild/redownload every binary that uses it. I have not seen a satisfying answer to this. What am I missing? 🤔
2021-07-16T15:07:17Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ewyqh5a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ewyqh5a>) Ah, I see. Yes, it makes sense from that perspective. 😊
2021-07-16T15:16:37Z	(#<ewyqh5a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ewyqh5a>) My mind keeps jumping to “let’s replace C with Go/Rust”. Like, everything. Let’s finally write code in safer languages. Wouldn’t that be great? But then I see that these two are so heavily focused on static linking – that would be a problem. I don’t want a Linux distribution where an update of openssl makes me re-download the entire distro. Anyway, I’m still very new to this. The more I read about Rust, the more optimistic I get that it *might* be possible to use it like C (dynamic linking everywhere). 🤔
2021-07-16T15:18:47Z	(#<ewyqh5a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ewyqh5a>) Then again, it appears the ABI of Rust isn’t even stable yet. That would be an issue, wouldn’t it? 😄
2021-07-17T04:59:25Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<ewyqh5a https://twtxt.net/conv/ewyqh5a>) Wow, what’s going on with newsboat? They took newsbeuter and rewrite it in Rust now? 🤔
2021-07-17T05:00:04Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<ewyqh5a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=ewyqh5a>) Yeah, the battle between Go and Rust isn’t over yet. The one in my head. 😁
2021-07-19T12:46:17Z	@<hackew-news-newest https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt> (#<bc3ua2q https://feeds.twtxt.net/hacker-news-newest/twtxt.txt>) Haha, that was only a matter of time. 😅 See also: https://uninformativ.de/git/ratterplatter
2021-07-19T16:09:27Z	Dug up my old gaming PC from 2006 for the sake of nostalgia. It is INCREDIBLY loud. 🤣 How could I ever sit in front of that thing all day long …
2021-07-19T16:10:15Z	(#<twjeu4a https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) First annoying showstopper: The original Windows XP CD, that I bought back than for 140€, no longer works. Great.
2021-07-21T17:31:51Z	(#<twjeu4a https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) Alright, I was able to grab an image from that CD using `ddrescue` on another machine. Then I burned a new CD, which works – kind of. It’s bootable, but not in my old gaming PC, only in my Pentium 133. 🤣 Which means I have to swap CD drives. Ugh. Not today.
2021-07-21T17:33:43Z	(#<twjeu4a https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) It appears to be one of those instances where a CD drive can’t read a particular brand of CD-RW disks. Gah, CD-ROMs are annoying.
2021-07-22T13:01:08Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<twjeu4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=twjeu4a>) There’s more! I managed to install Windows XP now. The question is, for how long will I be able to use it? Even though this is a genuine license for Windows XP that I bought back in the day, I still have to “activate” it. Yeah guess what, Microsoft disabled their “activation servers”. 😅 There’s an option “activate” via a phone call … Maybe I’ll give that a shot some day. 🤣
2021-07-22T13:17:55Z	(#<twjeu4a https://twtxt.net/search?tag=twjeu4a>) Yeah, I’ll probably abandon this project. Dealing with this Microsoft stuff is too annoying. Too bad, I would have loved to play some old games again. 😢
2021-07-23T12:04:43Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> @<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<twjeu4a https://twtxt.net/conv/twjeu4a>) You’re absolutely right, sadly. I did use an emulator (well, WINE), but it’s a very different experience. Nostalgia only exists in our minds. 😢
2021-07-23T19:13:44Z	🦀 I think I’m starting to enjoy writing Rust code. Its typing system is rather explicit/verbose (I like that) and it somewhat tries to make it a bit harder to ignore errors. I think I’ll stick with it this time. 🤔
2021-07-23T19:14:47Z	Here’s another Rust that I enjoy quite a bit 🤘 🎸  // Monolord - Rust // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_xyHZk3lo0&t=874s #NowPlaying
2021-07-23T19:17:18Z	Brace yourselves: http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2021-July/030317.html #NegativeLeapSecond
2021-07-24T05:20:20Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<dzoxcda https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt>) Yeah, saw the moon, too, but the lighting isn’t nearly as spectacular in my shots. 😊  Also, I’m still baffled by all the random garbage you find in your forest. That half-rotten deer, oh my god. 😆  Or did you *put* it there? 😜
2021-07-24T05:24:46Z	@<prologic https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt> (#<jtyesmq https://twtxt.net/search?tag=jtyesmq>) What worries me a bit is that it would be the *first* negative leap second *ever*. Lots of untested code paths, if they even exist. 🤣
2021-07-24T08:35:30Z	@<lyse https://lyse.isobeef.org/twtxt.txt> (#<d2tmxja https://twtxt.net/conv/d2tmxja>) Yeah, no idea. Also: If you want to make use of this feature, you have to omit the final `;`. So a function ending with `return 3;` and one ending with just `3` is the same thing, but `3;` is wrong. That’s easy to miss, especially when reading other people’s code. (Funny enough, `return 3` works again.)
2021-07-24T08:37:13Z	(#<d2tmxja https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) My biggest gripe with Rust is still the sheer amount of language features. In itself, it’s not that big of an issue, but people like to use them all! Everyone tries to be smart and uses as many language features as possible, it seems. Gah.
2021-07-24T11:40:46Z	(#<d2tmxja https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt>) A great example of the madness caused by implicit `return` is this: https://github.com/seanmonstar/num_cpus/blob/master/src/linux.rs#L39 You have to read this function carefully and look out for missing `;` at the end of the lines to spot the locations where a `return` happens. Or look at this: https://movq.de/v/56521e7fab/s.png Arrr! 🥴
2021-07-24T16:16:48Z	Dead bee: https://movq.de/v/bb1a2f9945/
2021-07-27T05:04:03Z	(#<ietbhpa https://twtxt.net/conv/ietbhpa>) Miscounted and looked in 06.jpg for an embarrasingly long time. 🤦