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--- An Emacs minor mode for displaying sixel graphics ---
This project aims at producing an emacs minor mode for automatically
decoding and displaying sixel graphics.
The mode is only useful (to the extent that it is useful at all) when
used with versions of Emacs capable of displaying images.
--- Current status ---
Despite an initial flurry of activity, I've not spent much time on
this project recently.
As it stands, the elisp linked below can decode sixel-encoded graphics
in the current buffer and replace the codes with inline images. The
eventual goal is to have this decoding/replacement happen on the fly
when sixel graphics codes appear in a buffer with the sixel mode
--- Source code ---
🍪Download the latest source (zip archive)
📁Browse the git repository
You can clone the repository directly from
As with all the repositories hosted here at the lambda lab, suggested
patches are also welcome! Just commit your changes to a branch with
name begining with "patch_" and push to the repository above,
describing the nature of the changes in the body of your commit
--- Project Feedback ---
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