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--- a Right-Awful Gemini Server ---
This is a very simple gemini server in the spirit of my gopher server
Scratchy. Like that other server, it is made up of a small compiled
core and extended at runtime using scheme scripts.
It compiles to a single executable that is run with command line
options specifying the hostname, port, and root directory of the
gemini content to serve, together with the key and certificate files
used to serve content over TLS. It also takes a UID and GID as input
and, when run as root, will allow RAGS to drop privilages following
loading the cert and key files and opening the port.
RAGS was written solely for the purpose of hosting
gemini://thelambdalab.xyz/ and is not documented at all. However,
you're more than welcome to take a peek and use/modify/distribute as
you see fit, provided you obey the rules of the GNU General Pubilic
License version 3 (found in the source code repository).
Download the archive containing the latest version of the source here:
See the current README here for further info:
--- Source code ---
📁Browse the git repository
You can clone the repository directly from
As with all the repositories hosted here at the lambda lab, suggested
patches are also welcome! Just commit your changes to a branch with
name begining with "patch_" and push to the repository above,
describing the nature of the changes in the body of your commit
--- Project Feedback ---
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You can also just email me: plugd@thelambdalab.xyz
This gopher hole was dug using Scratchy v1.4.1.
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