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.d88P" The Janky Redcode Simulator
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This project concerns Core War, a program-vs-program battle which
takes place in the shared memory of a purpose-built virtual machine.
Programs are written in "redcode".
The virtual machine is known as the Memory Array Redcode Simulator,
or MARS for short.
JaRS consists of a simple redcode "load file" parser, MARS
implementation, and "King of the Hill" tournament utility, as well as
code to produce rough visualisations of matches using Tk.
Everything is written in Chicken Scheme.
Download the archive containing the latest version of the source here:
See the current README here for further info:
--- Source code ---
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You can clone the repository directly from
As with all the repositories hosted here at the lambda lab, suggested
patches are also welcome! Just commit your changes to a branch with
name begining with "patch_" and push to the repository above,
describing the nature of the changes in the body of your commit
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