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--- A gopher/gemini client for GNU Emacs ---
Elpher is an Emacs-based gopher client with the goal of providing an
intuitive and pleasant way for Emacs users to browse gopherspace and
While I am the original author of Elpher, much of the recent maitenance
work has been managed by others, Alex Schroeder in particular.
The preferred way to start using Elpher is to install it via MELPA.
This also installs a comprehensive Info manual, which is the primary
source of documentation.
More details on installation and usage can be found here:
--- Source code ---
🍪Download the latest source (zip archive)
📁Browse the git repository
You can clone the repository directly from
As with all the repositories hosted here at the lambda lab, suggested
patches are also welcome! Just commit your changes to a branch with
name beginning with "patch_" and push to the repository above,
describing the nature of the changes in the body of your commit
--- Project Feedback ---
I'm really keen to hear from people using Elpher, particularly if you
encounter bugs or other pain points. Speak up!
Submit feedback
📄View recent feedback
For longer-form feedback, bug reports, etc, please use the Elpher mailing
list. To subscribe, send mail to ~michel-slm/elpher+subscribe@lists.sr.ht.
Elpher mailing list archives
(You can also contact me directly at plugd@thelambdalab.xyz, although
sometimes this might result in a very long wait for a response.)
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