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jandal's phlog
📄I Like Generic Music
📄Hops Tea
📄Phlog Move
📄Cold Pancakes
📄jandal Tries to Understand Religions
📄twentynineteen five fourteen
📄jandal is still alive
📄My life is bullet points
📄(I'm) on The Internet
📄Personal Baggage (resp. kvothe)
📄Tidy Little Boxes of Mess (resp. tomasino)
📄Currency Conversion
📄Show me what you got (resp. psztrnk)
📄Dear Diary
📄Medium-rare Interests (resp. pet84rik, solderpunk, logout)
📄Announcement: New Gopher Server
📄I deleted my microphlog
📄This Post-Information Era (resp. logout)
📄I can actually recommend a dentist
📄Human Chow (resp. michael)
📄Favourite Programs, or Not (resp. jynx)
📄Macrophlog, Microphlog
📄Am I Conservative?
📄Communication Expectation Violations (resp. solderpunk)
📄Natural light
📄Gopher groundswell
📄I don't like microblogging
📄Incremental publishing
📄On punctuation
📄What to wear
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