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📄 phlog-2021-07-22.txt
It's another smokey hot Summer on the front range. Apparently most of
the smoke is from the west coast; so far Colorado seems to be escaping a
repeat of last year's epic wildfires. We've even gotten a decent amount
of rain, enough to keep the wildflowers going and the grasses green.
Have finally gotten starting reading William Catton's seminal 1980s book
📄 phlog-2021-06-20.txt
Book review: Bright Green Lies: How the Environmental Movement Lost
Its Way and What We Can Do About It - (c) 2021 [0]
by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, & Max Wilbert
also the companion film by Julia Barnes.
📄 phlog-2021-04-11.txt
Happy Spring! It really felt like a long Winter and the bright
green of the emerging foliage is a welcome sight.
I'm currently reading 'Bright Green Lies', just out last month.
Derrick Jensen is the primary author but with contributions from
📄 phlog-2021-03-10.txt
film reviews: 'Hot Money' and 'Kiss the Ground'
That's right -- it's a two-fer! Both are recent documentary films and
although they occasionally cross topical paths they are somewhat partisan
affairs and framed for their target audiences. Both are worth watching.
📄 phlog-2021-02-21.txt
Great Propaganda / Poor Decisions
Looking to add some human interaction, however socially distanced, to my
mostly cloistered life during the COVID-19 pandemic, I registered for
a series of foreign policy focused group discussions (conducted via Zoom)
through the local library. The series is titled 'Great Decisions' and
📄 phlog-2021-01-19.txt
Happy New Year? 2021 hasn't really gotten off to a great start but
perhaps it will improve, at least for a while. A still-raging pandemic,
record levels of debt and the winding down of that 'shale revolution'
may dampen an economic recovery for much of the world.
📄 phlog-2020-12-12.txt
Review of: Living in the Time of Dying - a 2020 documentary film
by Michael Shaw - run-time 53:51 - free on YouTube [0]
Synopsis (from film's homepage):
If we accepted the climate science was true, how would we choose to
📄 phlog-2020-12-06.txt
Review of: Transition Engineering: Building a Sustainable Future [0]
by Susan Krumdieck - (c) 2020
Routledge / CRC Press ; 254 pages
ISBN 9780367341268
I first learned of Susan Krumdieck a few months ago when I came across
📄 phlog-2020-09-15.txt
Review of: LIVING in the LONG EMERGENCY: Global Crisis, the Failure
of the Futurists, and the Early Adapters Who Are Showing
Us the Way Forward [0]
James H. Kunstler - (c) 2020 BenBella Books - Dallas, TX
📄 phlog-2020-09-07.txt
Happy Labor Day 2020. The Labor movement is largely dead in the
US but everyone still likes to cap off the Summer with the Labor
Day weekend. Any Wobblies are most likely due to over-imbibing.
Just finished James Kunstler's 'Living in the Long Emergency', a
followup of sorts to a previous book of his with a similar title.
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