Jirka's Phlog
July 2021
📄Gemini PDA (re:RPoD)
📄Running O2
📄GP2X F100
📄"New" PSION MC400
📄Not a retro challenge
📄Too much e-mails
📄Summary of June
June 2021
📄XTerm: Shift+Insert
📄BlackBird usage during lockdown
📄Nothing special to report
May 2021
📄X11 degradation
📄Why I have to keep i386
📄US Robotics PILOT
📄NIT in 2021
📄Telneting to KA10.DE
📄UT Tablet on stand
📄On Zaurus (for a moment)
📄Ubuntu Phone use (2016)
📄Task switching
📄GNU Octave Files as Executables
📄BibTeX files from online sources
📄Floppy on Mac
📄Too much Organiser IIs
📄SGI Indigo R4k in works
📄Z88 to PC
📄Brompton bikes
April 2021
📄BASIC elsewhere
📄Some BASIC programming
📄Elektronika UKNC
📄Too much British stuff
📄Travel setup
📄Bike tuning
📄Use old computers for fun and profit
📄Psion goodies
📄TFF Today
📄Reader view
📄How to start with Z88D
March 2021
📄Many thanks for TenFourFox
📄BASIC for all
📄SGI IRIX today
📄CSTUG Saturdays
📄UKNC issues
📄Z88 as typewriter
📄First use of 5.25"
📄Indigo + floppy
📷Working floppy on SGI Indigo
📄Palm backup issues
📄Ubuntu Touch News Update
📄Ubuntu Touch News
📄Apple IIe adventures
📄First bike ride this year
📄Repairs, repairs... without success
February 2021
📄UKNC software (1)
📄8bit troubles
📄Z88 slots
📄PDP-11 once more
📄Spreadsheets - who cares?
📄Forced to de-Google
📄Pocket Office, 1980s style
January 2021
📄O2 is back
📄Fedora 33 ppc64le
📄Crazy January
📄No valid boot device
📄Palm vs modern Ubuntu
📄Blackbird upgrade (2)
📄Hardware setup - early 2021
December 2020
📷Happy new year to all!
📄O2 no more
📄Sitting and reading
📄Z88 after some time
📄Cables, cables
📄Radeon temperature
📄EDC/gear update
📄Blackbird upgrade
📄Temperature conversion
📄9front KerTeX
📄reMarkable 2 in use
📄New round of Apple IIe attempts
📄9front audio
📄9front on bare metal
📄It's December!
November 2020:
🎥Playing with Plan 9
📷Playing with GPUbench
📄CD is not DVD
📄reMarkable and WWW
📄Backups on Palm
📄MNT Reform vs MacBook
📄End of year
📄RAM erased
📄New pen (actual one)
📄IRIX, MP3 and so on
October 2020:
📄Hinv tool for Linux: inxi
📄Conferencing on a PowerBook?
📄CD paper labels
📄Four GB of RAM
📄Pebble smartwatch
📄Z88 computing
📄How to print Remind calendar
September 2020:
📄Just for reference - my xorg.conf
📄Week Log
📄SiEd testing
📄Conference week
📄Summer retrocomputing summary
🎥Editing texts from AlphaSmart on Indigo
📄Week Log
📄ROOPHLOCH 2020 failure
📄Random news from O2
August 2020:
📄Simplification. Or not?
📄AlphaSmart stuff
📄In search of cheap Intel Mac
📄SCSI2SD + Indigos
📄SCSI2SD v5.5
📄New (old) camera
📄New computer room
📄MC400 serial link
📄Sun Ultra 20 revived
📄Still no luck with Stowaway
July 2020:
📄SGI Indigo R4k/100
📄Kermit for IRIX 5.3
📄No fun with Ultra 20
📄Z88 screen/keyboard protector
📄Centro usage report
📄New PeeCee
📄R61i upgrade
📄Fun with Sun Ultra 20
📄SGI Indigo2 fail
📄Sun Ultra 20 reborn
📄Sun Ultra 20 R.I.P.
📄PM 6100
📄SGI Indigo R4k plans
📄PeeCee error
📄Centro and OBEX
📄Universal solution
📄Centro vs Tungsten W in few sentences
📄Centro progress
📄First anniversary
June 2020:
📄Made in Japan
📄POWER news and olds
📄Lynx for Mac OS X (easy way)
📄HP TouchPad keyboard troubles
📄Notebook/laptop for meetings
📄Once more
📄Battery life when off
📄Brandy on Pi
📄MIPS: R10k vs R3k
🎥Running Brandy BASIC on IRIX
🎥Porting Brandy BASIC to Indigo
📄System time
📄Too old computer
📄Cambridge Z88
📄Computing for now
May 2020:
📄Evernote on Mac OS X 10.5.8
📄HP Touchpad SW summary
📄GNU Octave AND plots
📄UT Progress
📄Kitchen computer
📄At work
📄How it is
📄Geocaching on Ubuntu Touch
📄Crazy day
📄UBports OTA-12 update
📄Palm device drivers
📄Speed of Octave (2)
📄Speed of Octave
📄SiPix A6 news
📄Compatibility (Octave)
📄TouchPad progress
📄HP Touchpad as a desktop
📄No luck (another case)
📄Printer stuff
🎥IRIS Indigo with Netscape
📄MC400 and p3nfs
📄Ever note
📄RSS feeds
📄MC600 software
📄Siag Office
April 2020:
📄Blackbird and Logout
📄Evening on IRIS Indigo
📄Psion Series 3 FAQ
📄Software Update :-(
📄PDF, annotations and ppc64le
📄Organiser II summary
📄CASIO DC-E700 and DC-E8000
📄Battery Life
📄MC600 + Org2
📄OPL Coding
📄Blogging (not only phogging) from Indigo
📄They won :-(
📄Organiser II for shopping
📄Coffee - re:Boris Shminke
📄Previously Unused Stuff
🎥PSION Organiser II emulator/IDE
📄PSION II Emulator on DOSbox
📄Drivers michmach
🎥PocketC on ReactOS on Fedora
🎥MK-90 on ReactOS on Fedora
📄PSION II Comms Link/USB
📄AlphaSmart Testing
📄iMac G5 keyboard
📄GoType keyboard
📄Battery life
📄Standing desk (7)
📄AlphaSmart Dana hack
📄Psion 3a with keyboard
📄Bicycle ride
📄Different versions
📄Standing desk (6)
📄Floppies + PSION
March 2020:
📄Animated GIFs on R3k
📄New old laptop
📄ODROID XU-4 Update
📄Second phone
📄Numworks and POWER
📄Links on OS X
📄No more WiFi on Ben
📄TRGpro tuning (2)
📄Home office after one week
📄G4 vs G5
📄Workflow: Changes and additions
📄GLUT on MacOS X
📄TRGpro tuning
📄Working from home
📄Git for non-program text files
📄lynx --nocolor
📄PocketBook Basic 613
📄R.I.P. iPhone 3G
📄Corona preps
📄Even newer keyboard
📄New backpack
📄J-Pilot today
📄Running SGI O2
📄Standing desk (5)
📄Standing desk (4)
📄Standing desk (3)
📄Gemini PDA update :-(
February 2020:
📄Standing desk (2)
📄Standing desk attempt
📄TRG Pro: first impressions
📄Changes: jirka.1-2-8.net
📄Even newer keyboard
📄Palm OS + Bluetooth Keyboard
📄Tungsten W + PalmPix
📄Aceeca + Software
📄Elektronika BK 0010-01
January 2020:
📄Another GPD Pocket failure: update
📄Another GPD Pocket failure
📄Aceeca Palm PDA32?
📄Alarm clock failure
📄January 1st
📄PF 2020
December 2019:
📄Some OpenPOWER computing
📄Citizen Stiletto
📄Tungsten W usage notes
📄CPU and RAM Usage
📄Trip to Prague
📄Palms, palms, who cares?
📄Whis week
📄Stuff, duplicity
📄Palm, Mac
November 2019:
📄Nokia N900
🍪Ortek keyboard driver for Palm
📄Palm T|W external keyboard
📄POWER9 in use (11/2019)
📄Out of memory
📄Modern absurdity
📄Just some thoughts
📄Links 2 (Re:Visiblink)
📄Desktop vs laptop vs ..
📄Tungsten W wireless
October 2019:
📄Tcl/Tk (2)
📄New Stuff
📄New Printer!
📄Tcl/Tk Starpacks
📄Drakware PS2USB Adapter
📄Palm Screen Backlight
📄Thinkpad R500
📄Tungsten W Cases
📄BASIC REM for Notes
📄GPD Pocket vs. Pocket 2: external screen
📄Tungsten W without Czech Fonts
📄Nothing to Report
September 2019:
📄Mastodon Habits
📄Palm OS 4 + Internet = ?
📄Battery Indicator
📄One Pebble Less
📄Small Victory
📄PDA/Mobile OS and PIM
📄Re:Jynx, Palm OS questions
📄Palm IIIc Question
📄Tungsten W Thoughts
📄BlackBird Update
📄Indigo: Time To Upgrade?
📄Holidays (sort of)
📄Tungsten W <--> Linux
📄Palm Tungsten W
📄Stability of URL
📄Random Thoughts
📄I Am Idiot
📄Old Palm Journal
📄ReactOS and QEMU
📄CPU Heatsink
📷My Desk (September 2019)
📄Autumn Is Close
August 2019:
📄About Grumpy Old Men
📄Old Palm III
📄RSS Feeds
📄Palm Pixi Plus Broken
📄9V Rechargeables
📄Mess, err, I mean Linux
📄Otter Browser/ppc64le
📄Modern Linux (and FireFox)
📄PSION Organiser II
📄No New Devices for Some Time
📄Palm PDA Keyboard
📄IP Messenger -> iptux
📄Port to Gtk - but to what one?
📄BlackBird Boot Times
July 2019:
📄Ghost In Box
🎥Gopher vs WWW on Bad Connection - Who Wins?
📄Blackbird In Use 2
📄Blackbird In Use 1
📄Blackbird Update 11
📄Blackbird Update 10
📄Holidays, N800 and so
📄Blackbird Update 9
📄Remote plotting via XTerm
🎥Gnuplot on Tektronix
📄N800 Is Back!
📄IBM POWER Adventures
June 2019:
📄Blackbird Update 8
📄Blackbird Update 7
📄Blackbird Update 6
📄Some Recent Thoughts
📄Blackbird Update 5
📄Desktop Environment
May 2019:
📄Blackbird Update 4
📄Blackbird Update 3
📄Casio DC-E700
📄"New" Palm and PalmPix
📄Suicide Attempt of Mozilla?
📄Ubuntu Touch and Convergence (again)
April 2019:
📄Memory Usage
📄GUI -> Mess
📄Palm AddressBook
📄Bike Ride
📄Ubuntu Touch (UBports) OTA-8
📄Fog and Rain
📄Escaping the Cult of Mac
📄Blackbird Update 2
📄FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 4
📄FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 3
📄My current .fvwm2rc file
📄How People Take Notes?
📄FVWM -> 4Dwm, part 2
📄FVWM -> 4Dwm
March 2019:
📄Random (Palm) Notes
📄Failures Update
📄Failures for Saturday
📄Palm Pixi Limits
📄SGI Octane
📄No Luck Once More
📄No Luck with Some Things
📄Web Browser
📄Alarm Clock
📄Clie Update
February 2019:
📄Random Notes
📄GPD Pocket Battery
📄Text from Zaurus to Palm by IR
📄Batteries, batteries
📄That old PC
📄Palm TX Case
📄Blackbird Update 1
📄Silence Is Golden
📄Audio CDs
📄!11-PDP eht ni deppart m'I !pleH
📄PalmPix Once More
📄Desktop vs laptop vs ...
📄Thunderbird @250 MHz
📄VGA, HDMI, USB and other mess
📄Palm T|X - Further Steps
January 2019:
📄Palm T|X
📄Annoying Noise
📄Direct Sunlight
📄RAM sizes
📄Color scheme on UX50
📄More About Clie UX50
📄New Phone
📄Writing on Pocket Devices
📄BQ M10 OTA-7 Update
📄AIX Progress
📄Pens in 2018
📄Calculators in 2018
📄8 GB
📄Pocket computing in 2018
📄Laptops in 2018
📄Vim is great
📄Desktops in 2018
📄Devices convergence and segmentation
📄Moscow Nights
🔊Moscow Nights Data File
December 2018:
📄Indigo 2 install (another attempt)
📄Metro (Palm) and i-Metro
📄Gemini Hub (Re:Xiled)
📄Problem with the REX
📄Sentio Superbook
📄No luck with Palm Pilots
📄TRG Pro on-line?
📄IR on by default?
📄Infrared beaming is great
📄REX: hands on
📄Remind -> Palm (naive way)
📄TRG Pro on eBay
November 2018:
📄Gemini PDA complete
📄From Russia with Zaurus?
📄Indigo 2 non-progress
📄More analog/offline stuff
📄SDF Image Gallery
📄Gemini PDA update expected
📄PalmPilot Personal updates
📄Pilot 5000
📄UX-50 (Re: RPoD)
📄Palm III vs. Palm Pixi
📄New Phone: one step back
October 2018:
📄Mac + Palm: update
📄Without notebook: update
📄Without notebook
🎥My current workspace (MeshTV on Indigo).
📄New phone - but which one?
📄Artificial Intelligence (sort of)
🎥Palm Pilot with OS 1.0
📄Palm OS 1.0
📄Mac + Palm: first attempt
📄Too much active Palms
📄PowerBook apps
📷Palm Pilot upgrade with new IR port
September 2018:
📄Gopher pages update
📄Palm Pilot Personal -> Palm III
🎥Reading Technomorous.eu with Netscape 3.01
📄Gemini PDA Case
August 2018:
📄Nice article about old Palms
📄Firefox issue
📄New SGI Indigo2
📄Summer set of hardware failures
🎥Screen shot: what I'm doing during the holidays
📄My "new" Zaurus 5500
July 2018:
🎥Screen shot: Agenda App on Gemini PDA (downscaled)
📄Git server @sdf
📄New PSION Series 3a
📄Gemini PDA vs actual PSION
June 2018:
📄Gemini vs Pocket
📄Gemini PDA: first impressions
📄Gemini PDA shipped
📄Order locked
📄PSION Printing
May 2018:
📄Nekochan.net no more
🎥Screen shot: my new PowerBook G4
📄New battery for PB G4
📄Trains in Central Europe
📄Via Ferrata 2018
April 2018:
📄TtH: (La)TeX to HTML
📄New LCD
📄MS-DOS Programming (in C)
📄New watches
March 2018:
📄Unsorted Notes
📄New Stuff (non-computer)
🎥IRIS Indigo: Gopher + MP3 (33MHz CPU)
February 2018:
January 2018:
📄My workstations in 2017
📄My portable stuff in 2017
📄VR3 battery life
📄Pebble + Ubuntu Touch
🎥Netwalker Screenshot
📄Netwalking (Sharp Netwalker)
December 2017:
📄VR3: more info
📄Sharp Netwalker
📄SDF in color
📄Obscure X11 tools
November 2017:
📄From desktop to VR3
📷Agenda VR3 vs Palm III
📄New Agenda VR3 PDA
📄FireFox 57
📄Random notes
📄MP3 on 33MHz MIPS CPU?
📄Random stuff
October 2017:
📄How ordinary user solves problem with Android
📄Gutenberg (Guttenberg)
🎥Simple 3D tool "i3dm" on SGI Indigo
📄Again and again
📄CF Ethernet
📄Failures, updates and so
📄GeminiPDA on video
📄SGI Indigo keyboard converter
📄For those few readers
📄GPD Pocket: upgrade
September 2017:
📄Fan noise
📄Failures, failures...
📄Printer failure
📄New Backpack
🎥Browsing on SGI Indigo/IRIX
📄Zaurus and USB pen drive
📄Gemini PDA in metal
📄Use of small laptop
🎥Remote FireFox on IRIX
📄Zaurus and Qtopia Desktop
📄Remote Firefox
August 2017:
📄GPD Pocket Progress
📄HP TouchPad
📄GUI response
📄GPD Pocket!
📄Psion Sheet -> Unix SC
🎥DopeWars in terminal
📄Cleaning (apps)
📄Login shell
📄GTA04 once more
📄GTA04 and NanoNote
📄PalmImage and TinyViewer
🎥PalmImage on IRIX
🎥GTA-04 Phone still alive (sort of)
📄Can't set tod clock
📄Running SGI Indy
July 2017:
📄HW vs SW Calculator
📄Mini Indigo
June 2017:
📄My Focus No More
📄Palm Pilot Hotsync Cable
📄IRIX Indigo + MC
📄Software Unification
📄First Bike Ride
📄Non-x86 workstation? :-(
📄30 years of SDF
📄Pal Smartstrap for Pebble
📄Palm III Color Pack
🎥Palm III Color Pack
📄Fossil Wrist PDA troubles
📄Vim Outliner (TVO)
📄Fossil with screen off
May 2017:
📄SILO library
📄IRIX Indigo + XFig
📄CalculiX on IRIX problems
📄From man(1) to paper
📄CalculiX on IRIX
📄iPod Nano as a watch
📄XFig Lives! (sort of)
📄IRIS Indigo upgrade (3)
📷Fossil Wrist PDA
📄IRIS Indigo upgrade (2)
🎥IRIS Indigo with FSN
📄Iris Indigo upgrade (1)
📄Using MC600 as laptop
📄Exodus (Ubuntu Touch)
📄Itanic is sinking
📄New Technomorous.eu
🎥Browsing Technomorous.eu with IRIS Indigo
📷Browsing Technomorous.eu with Ubuntu Touch phone
📷Browsing Technomorous.eu with Palm and Plucker
📄Some more IRIS Indigo software
📄Few computer-free days
April 2017:
📄Fossil progress
📄Z Shell
📄Fossil Wrist PDA
📄todo.txt and todo.sh
📄Unexpected Finds
📄Damned Lies Once More
📄IRIX Nirvana
📄Modern Vim and Latin2
📄X61s and SSD
📄Ubuntu Touch No More
📄New Toys (for work)
March 2017:
📄Stability vs Innovation
📄Evening Computing
📄More BASIC (for Palm PDA)
📄Some BASIC (internal forces on a beam)
📄Ubuntu Tablet and Big Screen
📄My Actively Used Devices
📄My Pebble No Longer
February 2017:
📄Tcl/Tk Compatibility
📄Best Convergence Device ;-)
📄O2 troubles
📄Desktop Keyboard
📄ORG2 Emulator (for Linux!)
📄New toy (O2)
📄Purse for women PSION 5
📄Prince of Persia (sort of) on calculator
📄USB interface for old Casio calculators
📄They just started...
January 2017:
📄MuPDF (on IRIX)
📄iOS vs Android (just a fun)
📄Internal Speakers
📄Got a Palm Pilot Professional
📄Bywater BASIC and IRIX 5.3
📄Cameras Usage
📄Relaxational computing
📄StayOnTop + XMMS
December 2016:
📄Another hardware failure: Agenda VR3
📄FVWM (2.4) on Ubuntu
📄One keyboard less
📄Strange behavior
📄State Archives of Assyria
📄Pocket Clamshells
📄Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 and more
📄Doing something in wrong way
📄Data transfer problem
📄So Pebble is gone
📄MatView and ParaView on Ubuntu Touch
📄Lies, damned lies and...
November 2016:
📄Typical Linux Illness
📄No computer in living room
📄Dual SIM Phone Life
📄Battery Life
📄Augmented Reality (and a non-related joke)
📄Sony Clie PEG-UX50
📄Notebook List
📄Twibright Registrator
📄TetGen on IRIX
📄Old vs New (reliability)
📄Pebble Time 2
📄Power Mac 6100 once more
📄Bluetooth Keyboard preferences
📄Net Slug (NSLU-2)
October 2016:
📄Drop Box Down
📄That (not so) old MIPS
📄Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard
📄WD My Passport Wireless
📄No Sheep Shaving on IRIX
📄PROM battery for IRIS Indigo
📄Power Macintosh 6100 Failure
📄Right stuff for tasks? (PDAs)
📄IRIS Indigo adventures
September 2016:
📄Psion MC600 troubles; Relativity of speed
📄PSION Series 3a battery life
📄Ubuntu Touch OTA-13
📄Stowaway ThinkOutside Sierra
📄Shared display on IRIS
📄Side effects (related to the Indigo)
📄IRIS Indigo
📄Maemo4 nostalgy
August 2016:
📄Introduction and PalmPix