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πŸ“„(2021-07-12) Canada: Parents are non-essential!
πŸ“„(2021-07-02) La rΓ©cursivitΓ©
πŸ“„(2021-07-01) Aligning \qedhere after TikZ diagram
πŸ“„(2021-06-28) Canada's Military Offensive Against Canadians
πŸ“„(2021-06-27) The image of a DCPO need not be a DCPO
πŸ“„(2021-06-15) Is Freenode Dead Yet?
πŸ“„(2021-05-04) Defending censorship with ad hominems
πŸ“„(2021-04-21) Pick On Someone Your Own Size
πŸ“„(2021-04-10) Project Euler #6 in FOCAL
πŸ“„(2021-04-07) Writing BASIC-8 on the TSS-8
πŸ“„(2021-03-16) A Defeated Race
πŸ“„(2021-03-15) Taxpayer-funded pseudoscience
πŸ“„(2021-02-01) Open Letter to Ministers Hajdu and Alghabra
πŸ“„(2021-01-23) In Memory of Rosemary, 2019--2021
πŸ“„(2020-11-11) They Shall Not Grow Old
πŸ“„(2020-10-28) May Their Memory Be a Blessing
πŸ“„(2020-10-26) Linguistic Puzzle
πŸ“„(2020-09-18) Implementing popen and pclose in SML
πŸ“„(2020-09-13) MacGregor Contributions to Piping
πŸ“„(2020-09-12) Configuring OpenIKED VPNs for Road Warriors
πŸ“„(2020-08-16) Police Kidnappings Come to Pittsburgh
πŸ“„(2020-08-05) On Englishmen, Doors, and News From 1884
πŸ“„(2020-08-05) Caveat emptor: OVH hosting
πŸ“„(2020-07-14) Twitter has a hate problem
πŸ“„(2020-07-06) ICE: Foreign Students at Online Schools Must Go
πŸ“„(2020-06-28) Arbitrary and Capricious Alcohol Regulations
πŸ“„(2020-06-16) Recette: pΓ’te Γ  crΓͺpes
πŸ“„(2020-06-02) Policing by Consent
πŸ“„(2020-05-28) VF-1 uploaded to Debian unstable
πŸ“„(2020-05-20) Fixed-point operators from recursive types I
πŸ“„(2020-05-04) Words of Wisdom From alt.folklore.computers
πŸ“„(2020-05-01) Numerical Literacy and the News
πŸ“„(2020-04-14) God Save the King
πŸ“„(2020-01-23) Creating LVM-backed schroots
πŸ“„(2020-01-12) Usenet in 2020
πŸ“„(2020-01-11) On using multiple Kerberos realms and AFS
πŸ“„(2019-12-31) Left high and dry
πŸ“„(2019-12-20) ABC's Made in America Campaign
πŸ“„(2019-12-12) EUSPBA Graduate Exam and AGM
πŸ“„(2019-11-16) On e-mail tracking
πŸ“„(2019-11-11) Au champ d'honneur
πŸ“„(2019-11-09) Pumpkin pie recipe
πŸ“„(2019-08-01) On mathematical folklore
πŸ“„(2019-07-18) Why I study (natural) languages
πŸ“„(2019-06-11) First phlog entry
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