2021-04-21: Pick On Someone Your Own Size                    rak

According to a press release [0] by Ontario Provincial Police,
on April 18, 2021:

    Officers stopped to speak to a group of young people, none
    of whom were wearing masks or social distancing. Officers
    attempted to interact with the youths which led to a
    physical confrontation between one officer and one young

As usual with law enforcement press releases, it is a tour de
force of euphemistic language (cf. [1]). In this case, for:

    Cop shoves 12-year-old kid to the ground [2-4]

A grown man shoving a child is inexcusable. The kid visibly did
not attack the officer, and he allegedly was not talking back to
the officer either [2]. Regardless, even if the kid had told the
officer to go fuck himself and to pick on someone his own size,
assaulting the kid would still have been inexcusable.

Fortunately, we can all rest easy because:

    Ontario Provincial Police holds its members to highest
    levels of professionalism and accountability [0]

And the cop can rest easy knowing that he will still have a job
tomorrow [5]. 

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