2021-03-16: A Defeated Race                                  rak

I was listening to a report from Radio-Canada on francophones in
Ontario, and I was reminded of the following campaign trail gem
from George Drew:

    It is not unfair to remind the French, that they are a
    defeated race, and that their rights are rights only because
    of the tolerance by the English element who, with all
    respect to the minority, must be regarded as the dominant
    race. [0, p. 217]

Drew wasn't some nobody, but the Premier of Ontario (1943-1948),
the federal Leader of the Opposition (1948-1956), Canadian High
Commissioner to the United Kingdom (1957-1964), and Companion of
the Order of Canada (1967-).

See also the Ontario Schools Question [1].

(For those who did not know: I am of this "defeated race".)

[0] Kirk Niergarth, "No Sense of Reality", Ontario History
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[1] Marilyn Barber and Paul-François Sylvestre, "Ontario
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