2021-02-01: Open Letter to Ministers Hajdu and Alghabra      rak

Dear Ministers Hajdu and Alghabra,

I am a Canadian citizen completing a PhD in the United States.
The Globe and Mail reports that your new travel rules will
require that travellers "spend the first three days of their
quarantine at a supervised hotel and take a COVID-19 test at
their own expense", a measure "which is expected to cost
travellers about $2,000 each" [0].

As a low-income student, $2,000 is a prohibitive expense: it
represents over two months' worth of living expenses for me.
Your new regulations make it extremely financially difficult for
me to return to Canada, yet I will be forced to leave the United
within 30 days of graduation.

How will the Canadian government help low-income students return
home after their studies? How do these new regulations not
present an undue burden that infringes on my ยง6(1) Charter
rights? Is it the Government's policy that Canadian students
abroad should abandon their studies immediately to avoid the
financial hardship posed by these new rules?

Yours sincerely,
Ryan Kavanagh

[0] https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-mandatory-covid-19-testing-for-international-travellers-begins-at/