2021-01-23: In Memory of Rosemary, 2019--2021                rak

Salvia "Rosemary" Rosmarinus tragically passed away from
dehydration at home last week at the age of two.

Born in Gates-Hillman in 2019, she is descended from ancestors
found in a clamshell at Giant Eagle and a bit of rooting
hormone. She was cared for by many, including her primary
caretaker (the present author), his housemates, and friends.
She enjoyed basking in the sun and the occasional long draught
of Pittsburgh's famous leaded tap water.

Her leaves enhanced our dishes, and some of her branches had
long been destined to make a rosemary-flavoured simple syrup.
Alas, withered, her leaves will instead serve to grace roast
potatoes and pork.

A private ceremony will be held today to gather her leaves.
Afterwards, her remains will unceremoniously be laid to rest in
the kitchen trash.