2020-08-16: Police Kidnappings Come to Pittsburgh            rak

Yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m., armed plain clothes
Pittsburgh Police officers snatched a protester off the streets
and drove off in an unmarked white van. 

The city announced that he faces three charges [0]: "failure to
disperse", "disorderly conduct", and "obstructing highways and
other public passages".

Mayor Peduto offered the following defence of the police's
actions [1]:

    Just a quick reminder of Constitutional rights. They have
    restrictions. The right to assemble is a guaranteed right,
    the right to shut down public streets, is a privilege. That
    privilege is sanctioned by laws and codes. In Pittsburgh, we
    worked w ACLU & CPRB to create our codes.

The ACLU of Pennsylvania responded [2-3] that it does not
support the kidnapping of protesters.

The Post-Gazette reports that [4]:

    Mr. Cartier declined to comment by phone, but on his Twitter
    account, he said he was asked by a passenger in the van for
    directions around the protest. "When I approached the van to
    provide directions the passenger grabbed me and multiple
    other men sprang out of the back of the van heavily armed to
    arrest me. I was driven to the busway where officers
    searched me and transported me to ACJ [Allegheny County
    Jail]," he tweeted.

In the rest of the world, we have a word for snatching people
off the streets: kidnapping. For countless reasons, it behooves
you to identify yourself as law enforcement when make an arrest.
J'aurais honte.

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