2020-01-12: Usenet in 2020                                   rak

I was reading the message backlog in `com` on SDF this morning
and noticed that cfenollosa is on a nostalgia trip [0] through
Usenet and looking for active newsgroups. I still occasionally
fire up Gnus and read Usenet articles. Unfortunately, the vast
majority of them are spam (though Gnus does a good job of
tackling that), followed by link postings. That said there are
still some small newsgroups with discussion that I occasionally
post to. Here's a list of groups that I'm subscribed to that may
be of interest:

* alt.ascii-art: Occasional ASCII art postings, quiet.

* alt.folklore.computers: mostly conversations surrounding
  computer and technology history, mixed in with link postings.

* comp.infosystems.gopher: gopher discussion, virtually no spam,

* comp.misc: a fair bit of technical discussion mixed in with
  link postings to technology-related articles. Relatively high

* rec.humor.oracle: No posts since October 2019, but I'm holding
  out hope that the Internet Oracle [1] will once again share
  its infinite wisdom.

* rec.music.classical: 50% spam these days, discussion is often
  uninteresting, but sometimes there's a good thread.

* rec.music.classical.recordings: reviews and recommendations
  for classical music recordings.

I also use Gwene's RSS-to-Usenet gateway (news.gmane.org) to
keep track of some feeds.

Let me know if there are any other gems out there that are worth
subscribing to. For those also in the tildeverse, please
consider posting to the tildeverse newsgroups [2]!

[0] https://mastodon.sdf.org/@cfenollosa/103469996345323076
[1] http://internetoracle.org/
[2] https://news.tildeverse.org/