Write code on a phone

I recently injured my wrist. Not sure if it's because of my recent 
intensive climbing session, or coding session, but it sure hurts a lot 
to type on a keyboard now !

I have a bunch of cool projects going on though, so I had to find a way 
to keep coding without adding more tension to my wrist. And I found a 
« solution » :

My phone.

In portait mode, the keyboard is small enough that I don't have to move 
my thumb much, so my wrist stay cool about it. And as I run a full 
Linux (SailfishOS [0]), I benefit from all the bells and wistles you 
get on linux, like vi, git, make, ssh, rsync, ...

The default terminal, however, is a piece of shit when it comes to 
curses interfaces, because it uses a drop-down screen over the 
keyboard. So when you type, the screen move up to show the keyboard, 
and you can't see the top of the window anymore, which usually where 
your cursor is in the vi editor.

Here too, I found a « solution » : ed(1).

And to be honest, now that I got used to it, I prefer doing line-based 
editing on the phone rather than a full screen editor. The space is 
scarce on-screen, and I usually edit stuff over 3G links, so ed(1) 
performs better in both cases !

So here I am:
- Injured.
- Coding on a phone.
- Using ed(1).

I fell like a sadomasochist. Except the goal is to feel LESS pain. 

There is one /real/ benefit to code on your phone though. When you take 
a shit, and find a solution to your problem, you can try it right away 
! 😉 

[0]: https://sailfishos.org