The gophirst approach

Plain text makes things easier.

That's why I like gopher more and more, and want to make gopher my main 
way to publish content on the internet.
However, I am not ready to completely abandon the web. I still want 
eveeything to be accessible online by people using the inferior HTTP 

That's from this idea that I started phroxy [0], an inetd(8) http to 
gopher proxy.  You can clone the project over git:

    git clone git://

It is far from ready, but can already serve text files !

The goal will be to ressemble something like what's running at [1]. As I could not find the code for it, I decided to 
write my own.

Using floodgap's gatewqy is not really an option I consider, as they 
lack UTF-8 support. That's per the RFC1436, but I believe that gopher 
content is better served as UTF-8 than US-ASCII.

[0]: gopher://