Official gopher space

I recently came back into the gopherspace, and wanted to bring more 
with me this time, so I have other people to discuss that with. To 
that, I built a new server ( to host a gopherspace for 
the community.

I hope we'll also see cool contributions to the gopherspace from the
members, as a bunch of people were curious about gopher, without knowing
how to get started with it.

The gopher hole is accessible here:


If you want an account, feel free to contact me, and perhaps join the forums [0], you'll be welcome !


This is the second time I build a multi-user machine, so I'm still
learning how to configure a host that might be accessed by "strangers".

This community is small, so I doubt I'll encounter any hostile behavior
from the users. However, I'd still like to learn how to properly 
those remote access, and limit their resources. Guess I'll have to read
that scary login.conf(5) after all…

I hope I'll manage to keep the system clean, and under control. It's
currently managed with drist(1) (thanks again, solene !). But I'd like 
make it more like a gateway were people can connect to access more 
like the yggdrasil or dn42 network. I'll see what people are interested

Wish me luck !