IDEA: multipart/mixed support for scribo

I am writing this post from my phone, somewhere in the Reunion islands. 
This place is beautiful, majestic ! I crossed mountains one day, dove 
in corals the next day, eating delicious food and meeting even more 
delicious people.

I've been away from a computer for the last 2 weeks, and as such didn't 
work or played with anything technical I could share on this phlog. 
However, I still did some stuff worth sharing, because this island is 
so beautiful.

Unfortunately, my phlogging « engine », scribo(1), which converts 
emails to phlog entries only accept text/plain mimetypes. I figured 
this would be sufficient, given that gopher is a text-oriented 
protocol. However, I realize here that I would like to share more than 
just plain text. At least pictures. So I think the next improvement to 
scribo would be supporting images/* mimetypes, first as an entry of 
their own, using the subject as a legend, and then support for, maybe, 
multipart/mixed, so I could send text with images, and reference them. 
I'll have to read about the RFC a bit to know how that works, but that 
could definitely be a great improvement. At least it would fill the gap 
I'm missing today...

In the mean time, I'll upload some pics manually from my phone (thanks 
sailfishos that I can use rsync(1) natively!), so I can share them here.

Peace, love, phlog 💋