Email blogging with scribo(1)
We had a discussion with prx [0] a while ago about blogging through

The idea is simple: send an email to a specific address, and the blog
entry is automatically added to your log.

A mail client is all you need to share your content!

So we had this idea, and I honestly totally forgot about it, until
recently. prx effectively released such a tool, under the cool name of
"prose" [1].

I found it so cool that I had to give it a shot!


It is still in its early stage, and I barely got something working.


I added the following to my /etc/mail/aliases:    |/usr/local/bin/scribo -o index.gph

Whenever I receive a mail at this address, it creates a log entry and
generate the index file in a specific directory, owned by user _smtpd.

Every 5 minute, a cron job rsync(1) the whole directory to my gopher
server, for sweet publishing of content (my mail and gopher servers are
different machines, making that setup a little bit more complex).

To ensure that only I can publish notes, there is a verification on all
incoming emails of the From: field, ensuring the a sender is indeed me.

I'll only be trying it for a while, and if it works, I'll make it
available in /phlog on this server.

Stay tuned !