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📄[2021-06-26] Replies on Gopher Annoyances
📄[2021-04-17] Gopher Annoyances
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📄[2020-07-01] Mail Server Blacklist Woes
📄[2020-06-22] Fedora Proposal to Remove Unmaintained Packages
📄[2020-06-19] Historical Blog Posts on Linux/FLOSS
📄[2020-06-18] Linux Consulting Nostalgia
📄[2020-06-12] Radio Shack & Old Tech Recycling
📄[2020-06-05] Musings on Gopher Purity
📄[2020-05-31] Comments on Unencrypted Gopher
📄[2020-05-26] Observation on Teaching
📄[2020-05-04] Amateur Radio License
📄[2020-04-16] Gnome 3
📄[2020-04-07] Private Email Servers are a Dying Breed
📄[2020-04-03] Work in the Pandemic
📄[2020-03-18] Cutting the Cord
📄[2020-03-02] Motsognir vs. Gophernicus Gopher Servers
📄[2020-02-24] Does Gopher Really Need TLS Encryption?
📄[2020-02-20] Training Irony
📄[2020-02-12] Dynamic MOTD on Ubuntu. Wtf?
📄[2020-01-12] Bill Watterson Quote on TV
📄[2020-01-07] Welcome to my Gopher Log
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