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Changed the post "Using 'xfce4' without a Mouse" according to an entry in
wikipedia (
I have reverted my story "An Abusive Interviewr" to the text format
so you can read it if you find it using Veronica-2.
My post "Why I Will Not Contribute To StackOverflow Again" has
a shorter URL to the reply I want you to upvote.
Someone has discovered me, and thanked me for my gophermap. His or her
name is jasan. I'm adding a link to his or her site.
📄Buying a Printed Book Online in 2021
📄Switching to GNOME Evolution
📄Simplify cbrt(2+sqrt(5))
Another LaTeX document to simplify an expression with a square root inside
a cube root.
📄XFCE4 Unexpected Behavior
📄The Boston Diaries, Marginalia, Phroxy
📄Slowly Solve Diophantine Equation x²(y-1)+y²(x-1)=1
📄What Made Me Happy Today
📄Diophantine Equation Solution in Plain Text
📄The Cosine of 3 Degrees
How to express it using radicals? another ".tex" document.
📄COVID Nostalgia, Birthdays
📄Practice Exam
📄Civilized To Death
📄Downvotes And Farts
📄Why You Should Quit Your Call Center Job
📄I'm Not Addicted to YouTube
📄Solving the Radical Equation x^2+x+6sqrt(x+2)=18
Another ".tex" document.
📄The Flag Day March Sucks!
📄Calculating 1+4r+9r^2+...
A ".tex" document instead of the YouTube video.
📄Mailing List Archive
📄Pro Poker Player
📄Solving an Irrational Equation
Another equation from YouTube. Solve for x inside the square root
in a Cardano expression.
📄A Quartic Equation: (x+3)^4+(x+5)^4=2
Another equation from YouTube. Not only that on YouTube it is with ads,
it is also in Russian, which I don't understand.
📄The Old Lenovo
📄Making Myself Great Again
📄Floor Equation: x-\lfloor{x}\rfloor=1/x
An ad-free solution for an equation found on YouTube
📄Factor x^10+x^5+1
Another LaTeX document to replace a YouTube video including a complete
factorization over the real field that does not appear on the video!
📄The Wallet Forgetter
📄Solving 16^{\frac{x-1}x}\cdot5^x=100
A bonus for Gopher users who don't want to watch a math video on YouTube
with ads. Convert the following LaTeX document to whatever you like.
📄Attractive Walmart Store
📄Is 4\sqrt{4-2\sqrt3}+\sqrt{97-56\sqrt3} an integer?
A LaTeX document that answers a question found on YouTube.
📄When Advanced Technology Sucks
📄What I Actually Do
📄Who are We to Judge?
📄The Darwin Award Challenge
📄My Answer is not Good Enough
📄Back to Emacs
📄Meeting Buddha on the Road
📄Applying for a Job via Whatsapp
📄The Debate over 6 / 2(1+2)
Another math WTF
📄Google Does Not Need More PR
📄If You Are Tired of Cancel Culture
📄Damn That's Uninteresting
📄If It's Stupid but It Works
📄On Half-Baked Translations
📄Pessimists Archive Podcast
📄The C Preprocessor Will Teach You Math
📄Mobile Browsing Is Shit
📄Bourne Again Shell
The advanced GNU shell used in UNIX/Linux systems.
📄Formatted Text in the Command Line
📄Transformer Adapter
📄A Green Browser
📄Dense Text in LibreOffice
📄Living in Desperation
📄Fees! Fines! Foes!
A reply to fallingknife's *On the burden of fees*
📄Ice Cream
📄An Elegant Use of the LambertW Function
A '.tex' file that describes a solution for an equation using
the Lambert function.
📄LyX - My New Word Processor
📄Watching a Solar Eclipse
📄All Lives Matter
📄Zen Gloves
📄Talking About The Weather
📄They'll Never Get Hungry
📄The Shield Application
📄They Block My Comment
📄No Passover Seder
📄Look Who Got Infected
📄Valderi Valdera
📄Trick or Treat
📄Slowing Down in Corona Days
📄Using Linux Binary Compatibility in FreeBSD
📁Gopher Maze
I found it in account ~abirkill on when I was looking for
some content out of SDF. A little game that uses directory switching
in order to move the hash symbol from S(start) to E(end). To see all
the maze, enlarge the terminal.
📁Jasan's Gopher Site
For things that are not indexed by the V2 engine.
📄I Feel Lucky - Corona Story
📄Ban Whatsapp (Re: inpefess)
📄A little Research on Scarborough Fair
📄The Reclining Passenger
📄Quitting Twitter
📄From Personal Site to Github
📄Why Don't You Pay Me?
📄Trolling the Homework
📄Resend to Newsgroup with Thunderbird
📄Reclaim The Net
📄Reading Bukowski's "Post Office"
📄Printed Shirts
📄Thank You, Mr. John Lindsay
📄Edit Scripts In Binary and Library Folders
📄Solution Out Of The Box
📄Problems with a Wordpress Theme
📄Programming Languages That Suck
📄Grammar Pedantry Syndrome
📄Factotum and Me
📄Python is not Pascal
📄Yadda Yadda Yadda in C
another job story
📄Quitting Facebook
📄Privacy Is Overrated
📄You shouldn't Have Made That Site
📄Translating Mozilla
📄On Everything's Eventual
📄SEO, I Hate You
📄Adding a New Font to LibreOffice
📄A Response from FTP
📄The Ultrasound Show
📄Sharing The End
📄The Good News
📄Quora Moderators, Please Change Your Mind
📄Color of Files Listed by "ls"
📄The Etiquette Lesson
📄Sucker Punch
📄Win.Exploit.CVE - To Remove or not to Remove?
📄int(n/2) + int(n/3) + int(n/5) = n
A problem I found the other day in Quora.i I've decided to solve it
my way using a Perl script, so writing it as plain-text would be just
OK. The script contains more comments than code to explain how one can
find the solutions.
Here's the post:
📄Pro Good Life
📄WhatsApp and the Wave
📄Bar Mitzvah Out of the Box
📄Thoughts about Stephen King's "Insomnia"
📄Sleep Paralysis
📄Automatically Attach a Digital Camera in FreeBSD
📄Using 'xfce4' without a Mouse
📄D3.JS - Library for SVG and Data Visualization
📄Free News Server: GMane
📄Now They send Me an Offer
📄Difficult Customer "Champions"
📄My Back Hurts and I Love It
📄Going to Peqi'in
Where the streets have no names?
📄Cold Showers in the Winter
📄Better Stay Home and Play Fortnite
🍪Drawing a Pentagon
Drawing a regular pentagon using a ruler and a compass.
📄ICS Calendar Files: CRLF? WTF?
📄Writing a Perl Script to Access Thunderbird Data
In this case, importing an attached calendar file.
📄On Babies And Action Movies
📄Happy Ordinary Day
📄Wrapping a String in Double Quotes by a C Macro
For example, to print a variable name and its value.
📄Bad Things That Happen to Others
📄Taking a Dump Thousands of Miles Away
📄Exact Sciences
📄Net Oppressors
📄Politicians, Get a Life
📄Qigong in the Park
📄A Gah Problem in Firefox 62.0.3
📄How To Receive Less Birthday Greetings?
📄Trolling My Newsfeed
📄Quitting the Job because of the Customer
📄Getting Even with a Customer
📄Hacking and Blogging
📄Thoughts about Needful Things
📄This is a Joke, OK?
📄FreeBSD Restore Time
📄My Rosie Project
📄FreeBSD Backup Time
📄An Open Letter to an Anonymous Commenter
📄Yes, I Deserve an Award of Recognition
📄Change The Lynx Start Page (or Start File)
📄Why I Think "vi" is a Great Editor
📄Hygge Now!
📄Life Sucks without a Book
📄Firefox Troubleshooting: My StackEdit Works Are Gone!
📄Kafka on the Shore / Haruki Murakami
📄FreeBSD Reboots Time and Time Again after a Power Failure
📄I Want to Go on a Dangerous Trip
📄I Hate Javascript (and a slight Murakami spoiler)
📄Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World / Haruki Murakami
📄Hi-Tech Redtape
What the heck? I just wanted to submit a simple fix to a bug.
🍪The Math WTF: Inspired By Derivatives
A little story about learning discrete math and students who ask too many
📄When The Hi-Tech Manager Asks You About The Code...
🍪The Catalan Numbers
How many balanced parenthesis strings of length 2n exist?
In how many ways can you divide a polygon into triangles by diagonals
without 2 diagonals crossing each other?
🍪The Sum of All Natural Numbers
What is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... ?
📄This Hi-Tech Company Is Not For Talents
📄I Despise The Script Of Your Job Interviews
📄Positive Thinking According To Les Miserables
📄How To Prevent Your Display From Going Blank
📄Draw The Koch Snowflake With GIMP
📄Make Your Birthday A No-Facebook Day
📄Tower Of Hanoi In Old Fashioned Basic
📷Did You Know Freedom Exists?
📄Present For The Big Boss?
📄Self Unimprovement at Work
📄How To Stop Fundraising Calls
📄The Oklahoma Incident
A job story about getting even with an annoying manager. :-)
📄Tower Of Hanoi Without Recursion
📄On The Fountainhead
📄Why I Will Not Contribute To StackOverflow Again
📄An Abusive Interviewer
🍪Using Generating Function To Simplify An Expression.pdf
🍪Sum of Cubes from 1 to n.pdf
Use generating functions to find 1^3 + 2^3 + ... + n^3
📄A Sum And Product Puzzle(In Python)
📄The First Line In Your Script
📄Write Your Scripts In Python
📁A newbie's directory
📁SDF Home
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