First try at using wayland… HUGE FAIL. Debian is too far behind
wlroots expectations!
@ I'm not blaming anyone,
just expressing my frustration 😂 I wrote about it here:
@ My point isn't wether
http or gopher is best to share your toughts. It's about the ability
o choose.
I don't even know why I bother using it at all... HTTP ruins every
nice thing on the internet.
I feel like twtxt could be fun, but the fact every single tool
supports only HTTP is a stupid non-sense...
So microsoft finally decided to use DBus for Teams' notification!
Better late than never ☺️
sysupgrade(8) is a god send. It makes upgrading a remote server a
breeze !
The TWTXT registry explicitely enforce the technically inferior
HTTP protocol. Meh…
Muscle memory is hard. Maybe I should listen to myself and hardlink
systemctl to rcctl
Man I wish my RSS reader would speak gopher://
I can now phlog over ssh, it is pretty cool!
Finally took the time to look into twtxt. Pretty easy to deal with,
I could make my own tooling in a few minutes !
This has to be the first tweet over gopher.
📁← z3bra's gopher hole