Micro-phlogging with twtxt is here !

Lady & Gentlemen, you (didn't really) asked for it, but here it is:

Micro-phlogging with twtxt [0] is live !

TWTXT is a decentralized micro-blogging service. It uses a simple
plaintext, UTF-8 encoded file to distribute your thoughts around the 

The file is a line-based log of all your status updates, timestamped in
RFC3339 format:

	printf '%s\t%s\n' \
		"$(date +%FT%T)" \
		"Why not name it tw.txt, seriously ?" \
	>> ~/public_gopher/twtxt.txt

And then spread your love to the world by giving this link away !


Some helper scripts are available on the server to save you some time.
Everything is saved in ~/.twtxt.d:

- ~/.twtxt.d/.follow : list of persons you follow
- ~/.twtxt.d/.latest : new entries since last twtxt-sync (unsorted)
- ~/.twtxt.d/NICKNAME : full feed for NICKNAME (unsorted)

The typical workflow is as follows:

    $ twtxt-write "This has to be the first tweet over gopher."
    2020-10-08T13:17:23+00:00	This has to be the first tweet over 

    $ twtxt-follow z3bra gopher://g.nixers.net/0/~z3bra/twtxt.txt

    $ twtxt-sync | sort -rk2 | twtxt-fmt
    Thu Oct  8 13:17:23 UTC 2020
    @<z3bra gopher://g.nixers.net/0/~z3bra/twtxt.txt>
    This has to be the first tweet over gopher.

You can still read your full timeline with twtxt-read:

    $ twtxt-read | twtxt-fmt

Or even peak at someone's entries without following them:

    $ twtxt-read https://www.uninformativ.de/twtxt.txt

Happy ยต-phlogging !

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