> Dig my hole here ?

Send an email to z3bra <> to ask for it.
Make sure to include your forum username and a public SSH
key to access your account on this server.

Your account will be created in a variable amount of time.
I'll do my best to keep it under a day !

> Access my account ?

    ssh -i path/to/key

Where "account" is your username.

> Add content to my hole ?

A symlink to your hole is availabe in your home directory:

    cd ~/public_gopher

By default, all files present in this directory is listed
by the gopher server. If an index file is present, its content
is displayed rather than the directory listing.

> Visit my hole ?

Your hole is visible under a directory named after your account
name. For example:


> Post content to my phlog ?

By sending emails !

Edit ~/.forward and set your real email address. The content of the file
should ressemble something like this:

	"|/usr/local/bin/scribo -b ~/public_gopher/rlog -a you@domain.tld"

Every email sent to <> will create a file in the
the "rlog" directory with you email content inside it. The post title
will inherit from the mail subject, as for the file name.

Check forward(5) and scribo(1) for further information.

> Do something not listed here ?

Ask out on irc or the forum !

> Thank you ?

Just come by and say thank you. Really.