Title : Port of the week: x2x
Author: Solène
Date : 23 June 2016
Tags : portoftheweek
Port of the week is now presenting you **x2x** which stands for _X to
X connection_. This is a really tiny tool in one executable file that
let you move your mouse and use your keyboard on another X server than
yours. It's like the other tool synergy but easier to use and
open-source (I think synergy isn't open source anymore).
If you want to use the computer on your left, just use the following
command (x2x must be installed on it and ssh available)
$ ssh -CX the_host_address "x2x -west -to :0.0"
and then you can move your cursor to the left of your screen and you
will see that you can use your cursor or type with the keyboard on
your other computer ! I am using it to manage a wall of screen made of
raspberry Pi first generation. I used to connect to it with VNC but it
was very very slow.