Title : Tor part 3: Tor Browser
Author: Solène
Date : 24 October 2018
Tags : openbsd unix tor
In this third Tor article, we will discover the web browser **Tor
The **Tor Browser** is an official Tor project. It is a modified
Firefox, including some defaults settings changes and some extensions.
The default changes are all related to privacy and anonymity. It has
been made to be easy to browse the Internet through Tor without
leaving behind any information which could help identify you, because
there are much more information than your public IP address which
could be used against you.
It requires tor daemon to be installed and running, as I covered in my
first Tor article.
Using it is really straightforward.
#### How to install tor-browser
$ pkg_add tor-browser
#### How to start tor-browser
$ tor-browser
It will create a ~/TorBrowser-Data folder at launch. You can remove it
as you want, it doesn't contain anything sensitive but is required for
it to work.