Title : Port of the week: sxiv
Author: Solène
Date : 13 May 2016
Tags : portoftheweek
This week I will talk about the command line image viewer
**sxiv**. While it's a command line tool, of course it spawn a X
window to display the pictures. It's _very_ light and easy of use,
it's my favorite image viewer.
Quick start: (you should read the man page for more informations)
- **sxiv file1 file2...** : Sxiv open **only** files given as
parameter or filenames from stdin
- **p/n** : previous/next
- **f** : fullscreen
- **12 G** : go to 12th image of the list
- **Return** : switch to the thumbnails mode / select the image from the thumbnails mode
- **q** : quit
- a lot more in the well written man page !
For power users who have a LOT of pictures to sort: Sxiv has a nice
function that let you _mark_ images you see and dump the list of
marked images in a file (see parameter **-o**).
Tip for zsh users, if you want to read every jpg files in a tree, you
can use **`sxiv **/*.jpg`** globbing as seen in the Zsh cheat sheet
In OpenBSD ports tree, check **graphics/sxiv**.