Title : Show OpenSMTPD queue and force sending queued mails
Author: Solène
Date : 24 October 2018
Tags : opensmtpd highlight openbsd68 openbsd
If you are using [opensmtpd](http://man.openbsd.org/smtpd) on a device not
always connected on the internet, you may want to see what mail did not go, and
force it to be delivered **NOW** when you are finally connected to the
We can use [smtpctl](http://man.openbsd.org/smtpctl) to show the current queue.
$ doas smtpctl show queue
1de69809e7a84423|local|mta|auth|so@tld|dest@tld|dest@tld|1540362112|1540362112|0|2|pending|406|No MX found for domain
The previous command will report nothing if the queue is empty.
In the previous output, we see that there is one mail from me to
dest@tld which is pending due to "NO MX found for domain" (which is
normal as I had no internet when I sent the mail).
We need to extract the first field, which is 1de69809e7a84423 in the
current example.
In order to tell opensmtpd to deliver it now, we will use the
following command:
$ doas smtpctl schedule 1de69809e7a84423
1 envelope scheduled
$ doas smtpctl show queue
My mail was delivered, it's not in the queue anymore.
If you wish to deliver **all** enveloppes in the queue, this is as simple as:
$ doas smtpctl schedule all