Title : Port of the week: pwgen
Author: Solène
Date : 12 August 2016
Tags : security portoftheweek
I will talk about **security/pwgen** for the current port of the
week. It's a very light executable to generate passwords. But it's not
just a dumb password generator, it has options to choose what kind of
password you want.
Here is a list of options with their flag, you will find a lot more in
the nice man page of pwgen:
+ -A : don't use capital letters
+ -B : don't use characters which could be missread (O/0, I/l/1 ...)
+ -v : don't use vowels
+ etc...
You can also use a seed to generate your "random" password (which
aren't very random in this case), you may need it for some reason to
be able to reproduce password you lost for a ftp/http access for
Example of pwgen output generating 5 password of 10 characters. Using
-1 parameter so it will only display one password per line, otherwise
it display a grid (on column and multiple lines) of passwords.
$ pwgen -1 10 5