Title : prose - Blogging with email
Author: Solène
Date : 11 June 2020
Tags : blog email blog plaintext
The software developer prx, his website is available at
[https://ybad.name/ (en/fr)](https://ybad.name/),
released a new software called **prose** to publish a blog by sending emails.
I really like this idea, while this doesn't suit my needs at all,
I wanted to write about it.
The code can be downloaded from this address https://dev.ybad.name/prose/ .
I will briefly introduce how it works but the README file is well explaining,
prose must be started from the mail server, upon email receival in
`/etc/mail/aliases` the email will be piped into prose which will produce the
html output.
On the security side, **prose** doesn't use any external command and on OpenBSD
it will use unveil and pledge features to reduce privileges of **prose**,
unveil will restrict the process file system accesses outside of the html
output directory.
I would also congrats prx who demonstrates again that writing good software
isn't exclusive to IT professionnal.