Title : Share a tmux session with someone with tmate
Author: Solène
Date : 01 June 2018
Tags : unix
New port of the week, and it's about **tmate**.
If you ever wanted to share a terminal with someone without opening a
remote access to your computer, **tmate** is the right tool for this.
Once started, tmate will create a new tmux instance connected through
the tmate public server, by typing `tmate show-messages` you will get
url for read-only or read-write links to share with someone, by ssh or
web browser. Don't forget to type `clear` to hide url after typing
show-messages, otherwise viewing people will have access to the write
url (and it's not something you want).
If you don't like the need of a third party, you can setup your own
server, but we won't cover this in this article.
When you want to end the share, you just need to exit the tmux opened
by tmate.
If you want to install it on OpenBSD, just type `pkg_add tmate` and
you are done. I think it's available on most unix systems.
There is no much more to say about it, it's great, simple, work
out-of-the-box with no configuration needed.