Title : Port of the week: tig
Author: Solène
Date : 10 April 2018
Tags : unix git
Today we will discover the software named **tig** whose name stands
for **Text-mode Interface for Git**.
To install it on OpenBSD: `pkg_add tig`
Tig is a light and easy to use terminal application to browse a git
repository in an interactive manner. To use it, just 'cd' into a git
repository on your filesystem and type `tig`. You will get the list of
all the commits, with the author and the date. By pressing "Enter" key
on a commit, you will get the diff. Tig also displays branching and
merging in a graphical way.
Tig has some parameters, one I like a lot if `blame` which is used
like this: `tig blame afile`. Tig will show the file content and will
display for each line to date of last commit, it's author and the
small identifier of the commit. With this function, it gets really
easy to find who modified a line or when it was modified.
Tig has a lot of others possibilities, you can discover them in its
man pages.