Title : Port of the week: Sent
Author: Solène
Date : 15 May 2018
Tags : unix
As the new port of the week, We will discover **Sent**. While we could
think it is mail related, it is not. **Sent** is a nice software to
make presentations from a simple text file. It has been developped by
*Suckless*, a hacker community enjoying writing good software while
keeping a small and sane source code, they also made software like st,
dwm, slock, surf...
**Sent** is about simplicity. I will reuse a part of the example
file which is also the documentation of the tool.
$ sent FILE1 [FILE2 …]
▸ one slide per paragraph
▸ lines starting with # are ignored
▸ image slide: paragraph containing @FILENAME
▸ empty slide: just use a \ as a paragraph
this text will not be displayed, since the @ at the start of the first line
makes this paragraph an image slide.
The previous text, saved into a file and used with **sent** will open
a fullscreen window containg three "slides". Each slide will resize
the text to maximize the display usage, this mean the font size will
change on each slide.
It is really easy to use. To display next slide, you have the choice
between pressing space, right arrow, return or clicking any
button. Pressing left arrow will go back.
If you want to install it on OpenBSD: `pkg_add sent`, the package
comes from the port misc/sent.
Be careful, Sent does not produce any file, you will need it for the
[Suckless sent website](https://tools.suckless.org/sent/)