Title : Port of the week: sct
Author: Solène
Date : 07 February 2019
Tags : unix openbsd
Long time I didn't write a "port of the week".
This week, I am happy to present you **sct**, a very small utility software to
set the *color* of your screen. You can install it on OpenBSD with `pkg_add
sct` and its usage is really simple, just run `sct $temp` where $temp is the
temperature you want to get on your screen.
The default *temperature* is 6500, if you lower this value, the screen will
change toward red, meaning your screen will appear less blue and this may be
more comfortable for some people. The temperature you want to use depend from
the screen and from your feeling, I have one screen which is correct at 5900
but another old screen which turn too much red below 6200!
You can add `sct 5900` to your .xsession file to start it when you start your
X11 session.
There is an alternative to sct whose name is *redshift*, it is more complicated
as you need to tell it your location with latitude and longitude and, as a
daemon, it will correct continuously your screen temperature depending on the
time. This is possible because when you know your location on earth and the
time, you can compute the sunrise time and dawn time. **sct** is not a daemon,
you run it once and does not change the temperature until you call it again.