Title : About pipelining OpenBSD ports contributions
Author: Solène
Date : 27 September 2020
Tags : openbsd automation
After modest contributions to the NixOS operating system which made
me learn about the contribution process, I found enjoyable to have
an automatic report and feedback about the quality of the submitted
work. While on NixOS this requires GitHub, I think this could be
applied as well on OpenBSD and the mailing list contributing system.
I made a prototype before starting the real work and actually I'm
happy with the result.
This is what I get after feeding the script with a mail containing
a patch:
Determining package path ✓
Verifying patch isn't committed ✓
Applying the patch ✓
Fetching distfiles ✓
Distfile checksum ✓
Applying ports patches ✓
Extracting sources ✓
Building result ✓
It requires a lot of checks to find a patch in the file, because
we have have patches generated from cvs or git which have a slightly
different output. And then, we need to find from where to apply
this patch.
The idea would be to retrieve mails sent to ports@openbsd.org by
subscribing, then store metadata about that submission into a
Diff (raw text)
Status (already committed, doesn't apply, apply, compile)
Then, another program will pick a diff from the database, prepare a VM using a
derivated qcow2 disk from a base image so it always start fresh and
clean and ready, and do the checks within the VM.
Once it is finished, a mail could be sent as a reply to the original
mail to give the status of each step until error or last check. The
database could be reused to make a web page to track what compiles
but is not yet committed. As it's possible to verify if a patch is
committed in the tree, this can automatically prune committed patches
over time.
I really think this can improve tracking patches sent to ports@ and
ease the contribution process.
- This would not be an official part of the project, I do it on my own
- This may be cancelled
- This may be a bad idea
- This could be used "as a service" instead of pulling automatically
from ports, meaning people could send mails to it to receive an
automatic review. Ideally this should be done in portcheck(1) but
I'm not sure how to verify a diff apply on the ports tree without
enforcing requirements
- **Human work will still be required to check the content and verify
the port works correctly!**