Title : Personal posts are coming
Author: Solène
Date : 12 December 2020
Tags : personal
I added a new feature to my blog generator to skip publication on the http website and only make the articles available on the gopher and gemini versions.
This is because the gopher and gemini space are less known and I feel I can share a bit more personal information there. Not that I want to disclose much information about my private life, but I would like to share feelings when I watch a movie or when I find something interesting.
If you read my blog through gopher or gemini, I'd be happy to hear about that. Recently I found a gemini capsule link on the scuttlebutt p2p social network and that person leaved their IRC coordinates. I contacted them and it was a nice experience to tell how I ended on their capsule and we spoke about our experiences, it was very interesting.
This is something that Amateur radio people do. If you listen to people speaking over radio (you are called a Short Wave Listener or SWL), you can then write to the people emitting to tell them you heard their transmission at some date with some technical details about the signal strength, in return they should give you their customized card as some kind of reward.
I really love this idea of a very limited transmission way and some people just being around looking at what you transmit (radio or texts over gopher/gemini) and get news about them, how they found you and maybe a bit information about them if they feel to share about.
You can write me a mail at solene@dataswamp.org or drop me a message on IRC Freenode network to the nickname solene :)