Title : Display the size of installed packages ordered by size
Author: Solène
Date : 11 September 2018
Tags : openbsd highlight
Simple command line to display your installed packages listed by size
from smallest to biggest.
$ pkg_info -sa | paste - - - - | sort -n -k 5
Thanks to sthen@ for the command, I was previously using one involving
awk which was less readable. **paste** is often forgotten, it has very
specifics uses which can't be mimic easily with other tools, its
purpose is to joins multiples lines into one with some specific rules.
You can easily modify the output to convert the size from bytes to
megabytes with awk:
$ pkg_info -sa | paste - - - - | sort -n -k 5 | awk '{ NF=$NF/1024/1024 ; print }'
This divides the last element (using space separator) of each line
twice by 1024 and displays the line.