Title : How to install Gnome on OpenBSD
Author: Solène
Date : 07 May 2021
Tags : openbsd unix gnome
# Introduction
This article will explain how to install the Gnome desktop on OpenBSD. You need access to the root user to proceed.
# Instructions
As root, run "pkg_add gnome gnome-extras" which will install the meta-package gnome listing all the required dependencies to have a full working Gnome installation and the -extras package containing all gnome related programs.
You should see this output after "pkg_add" has finished installing the packages, it's important to read the "pkg-readme" files which are specific instructions to packages.
```pkg_add output
New and changed readme(s):
The most important file is the pkg-readme about Gnome that contains clear instructions about the configuration required to run Gnome. That file has a "Too long didn't read" section at the end for people in a hurry which contain instructions to copy/paste.
# Tweaks
There is an "app" named Tweaks that allow further customization than Gnome3 is allowing, like virtual desktop being horizontal, add menus on the top panel or change various behavior of Gnome.
# Conclusion
While the Gnome installation is not fully automated, it requires only a few instructions to get it installed and fully operational.
=> static/gnome3-finished.jpg Gnome3 after the first start wizard
=> static/gnome3-usable.jpg Gnome3 desktop with a few customizations