Title : Gaming on OpenBSD
Author: Solène
Date : 05 June 2020
Tags : openbsd gaming
While no one would expect this, there are huge efforts from a small team to
bring more games into OpenBSD. In fact, now some commercial games works
natively now, thanks to Mono or Java. There are no wine or linux emulation
layer in OpenBSD.
Here is a small list of most well known games that run on OpenBSD:
+ Northguard (RTS)
+ Dead Cells (Side scroller action game)
+ Stardew Valley (Farming / Roguelike)
+ Slay The Spire (Card / Roguelike)
+ Axiom Verge (Side scroller, metroidvania)
+ Crosscode (top view twin stick shooter)
+ Terraria (Side scroller action game with craft)
+ Ion Fury (FPS)
+ Doom 3 (FPS)
+ Minecraft (Sandbox - not working using latest version)
+ Tales Of Maj'Eyal (Roguelike with lot of things in it - open source and free)
I would also like to feature the recently made compatible games from
Zachtronics developer, those are ingenious puzzles games requiring efficiency.
There are games involving Assembly code, pseudo code, molecules etc...
- Opus Magnum
- Exapunks
- Molek-Syntez
Finally, there are good RPG running thanks to devoted developer spending their
free time working on game engine reimplementation:
- Elder Scroll III: Morrowind (openmw engine)
- Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (gemrb engine)
- Planescape: Torment (gemrb engine)
There is a Peertube (opensource decentralized Youtube alternative) channel
where I started publishing gaming videos recorded from OpenBSD. Now there are
also videos from others people that are published. [OpenBSD Gaming
The full list of running games is available in the [Shopping guide
webpage](https://playonbsd.com/shopping_guide/) including information how they
run, on which store you can buy them and if they are compatible.
Big thanks to thfr@ who works hard to keep the shopping guide up to date and
who made most of this possible. Many thanks to all the other people in the
OpenBSD Gaming community :)
Note that it seems last Terraria release/update doesn't work on OpenBSD yet.