Title : Easy encrypted backups on OpenBSD with base tools
Author: Solène
Date : 26 June 2018
Tags : unix openbsd66 openbsd
# Old article
Hello, it turned out that this article is obsolete. The security used in is not
safe at all so the goal of this backup system isn't achievable, thus it should
not be used and I need another backup system.
One of the most important feature of dump for me was to keep track of the inodes
numbers. A solution is to save the list of the inodes numbers and their path in
a file before doing a backup. This can be achieved with the following command.
$ doas ncheck -f "\I \P\n" /var
If you need a backup tool, I would recommend the following:
# Duplicity
It supports remote backend like ftp/sftp which is quite convenient as you don't
need any configuration on this other side. It supports compression and
incremental backup. I think it has some GUI tools available.
# Restic
It supports remote backend like cloud storage provider or sftp, it doesn't
require any special tool on the remote side. It supports deduplication of the
files and **is able to manage multiples hosts in the same repository**, this
mean that if you backup multiple computers, the deduplication will work across
them. This is the only backup software I know allowing this (I do not count
backuppc which I find really unusable).
# Borg
It supports remote backend like ssh only if borg is installed on the other side.
It supports compression and deduplication but it is not possible to save
multiples hosts inside the same repository without doing a lot of hacks (which I
won't recommend).