Title : Tor part 5: onioncat for IPv6 VPN over tor
Author: Solène
Date : 13 November 2018
Tags : tor unix network openbsd
This article is about a software named **onioncat**, it is available as a
package on most Unix and Linux systems. This software allows to create an IPv6
VPN over Tor, with no restrictions on network usage.
First, we need to install onioncat, on OpenBSD:
$ doas pkg_add onioncat
Run a tor hidden service, as explained in one of my previous article, and get
the hostname value. If you run multiples hidden services, pick one hostname.
# cat /var/tor/ssh_hidden_service/hostname
Now that we have the hostname, we just need to run `ocat`.
# ocat g6adq2w15j1eakzr.onion
If everything works as expected, a [tun](https://man.openbsd.org/tun) interface
will be created. With a fe80:: IPv6 address assigned to it, and a fd87::
Your system is now reachable, via Tor, through its IPv6 address starting with
fd87:: . It supports _every_ IP protocol. Instead of using **torsocks** wrapper
and .onion hostname, you can use the IPv6 address with any software.