Title : A curated non-violent games list
Author: Solène
Date : 18 October 2020
Tags : gaming
For long time I wanted to share a list of non-violent games I enjoyed, so here it is. Obviously, this list is FAR from being complete and exhaustive. It contains games **I played** and that I liked. They should all run on Linux and some on OpenBSD.
Aside this list, most tycoon and puzzle games should be non-violent.
## Automation / Building games
+ [Shapez.io](https://tobspr.itch.io/shapezio)
This game is like Factorio, you have to automate production lines
and increase the output of shapes/colors. Very time consuming.
The project is **Open source** but you need to buy the game if you
don't want to compile yourself. Or just use my compiled version
working in a web browser.
[Play shapez.io in web browser](https://perso.pw/shapez.io/)
+ [OpenTTD](https://www.openttd.org/)
A transport tycoon game, multiplayer possible! Very complex,
the community is active and you can find tons of mods.
The game is **Open source** and you can certainly install it
on any distribution with the package manager.
+ [Terra Nil - Reclaim the wasteland](https://vfqd.itch.io/terra-nil)
This game is about building equipment to restore the nature into
a wasteland, improve the biodiversity and then remove all your
The game is not open source but is free of charge. The music
seems to be under an open licence.
Still, you can pay what you want for it to support the developer.
+ [Everything is garbage](https://vfqd.itch.io/everything-is-garbage)
This is a short game about chaining producing buildings into another,
all from garbage up to some secret ending :)
The game is not open source but is free of charge.
## Sandbox / Adventure game
+ [Minetest](https://www.minetest.net/)
This game is a clone of Minecraft, it supports a lot of mods (which
can make the game very complex, like adding trains tracks with their
signals, the pinnacle of complexity :D). As far as I know, the game
now supports health but there are no fight involved.
The game is **Open source** and free of charge.
+ [Forest's Secret](https://bynine.itch.io/forestssecret)
This game is about exploration in a forest. It has a nice
music, gameplay is easy.
The game is not open source but it's free.
Still, you can pay what you want for it to support the developer.
## Action / reflex games
This category of games contains games that require
some reflexes or at least need to player to be
active to play.
+ [Xmoto](https://xmoto.tuxfamily.org/)
This game is about driving a 2D motocross and
pass through obstacles, it can be very hard
and will challenge you for long time.
it's **Open source** and free of charge.
+ [Frick. Inc](https://kenney.itch.io/frick-inc)
This is a fun game where you need to drive some big trucks only
**using a displayed control panel with your mouse** which make
things very hard.
The game is not open source and not free, but the cost isn't very
high (3.99€ at the moment from France).
+ [A short hike](https://adamgryu.itch.io/a-short-hike)
This game is about a teenager character who is on vacation in a
place with no cell network, and you will have to make a hike and
meet people to go to the end. Very relaxing :)
The game isn't open source and isn't free, but costs around 8€ at
the moment from France.
+ [Train valley](https://www.gog.com/game/Train_Valley)
This game is about adding trains to tracks and avoid them
to crash. I found this game to be more about reflexes than
building, simulation or tycoon. You mostly need to route
the trains in real time.
The game isn't open source and not free but costs around 10€.
+ [Celeste](https://mattmakesgames.itch.io/celeste)
This game is a 2D platform game with interesting gameplay mechanics,
it is surprisingly full of good ideas and a very nice music :) The
characters are very cute and the whole environment looking great.
The game isn't open source and not free.
## Simulation
+ [Euro Truck Simulator 2](https://store.steampowered.com/app/227300/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2/)
This game may not be liked by everyone, it consists at driving a
truck in Europe and pick up a cargo to deliver it someone else,
taking care of not hurting it and driving safely by respecting the
law. You can also buy garages and hire people to drive trucks for
you to make money. The game is relaxing and also pretty accurate
in the environment. I have been driving in many European countries
and this game really reflects country signs, cars, speed limits,
country side etc... Some cities received more work and you can see
monuments from the road. The game doesn't cost much and works on
Linux although it's not open source.
+ [Kerbal Space Program](https://www.gog.com/game/kerbal_space_program)
This game is hard and will require learning. The goal is to create
rockets to send astronauts in space, or even land on a planet or
an asteroid, and come back. Doing a whole trip like this requires
some knowledge about the game mechanics and physics. This game is
certainly not for everyone if you want to achieve something, I never
made better than just sending a rocket in space and let it crash
on the planet after lacking fuel or drifting in space forever...
The game works on Linux, requires an average computer and can be
obtained at a very fair price like 10€ when it's on sales (which
happens very often). Definitely a must to play if you like space.
## Puzzle games (Zachtronics games)
What's a Zachtronics game? It's a game edited by Zachtronics! Every
game from this studio have a common pattern. You solve puzzles with
more and more complexes systems, you can compare your result in
speed / efficiency / steps to the others player. They are a mix in
between automation and puzzles. Those games are really good. There
are more than the 3 games I list, but I didn't enjoy them all,
[check the full list](https://www.gog.com/games?devpub=zachtronics&page=1&sort=popularity)
+ [Opus Magnum](https://www.gog.com/game/opus_magnum)
You play an alchemist who is asked to create product for a rich
family. You need to setup devices to transforms and combine
materials into the expected result.
The game isn't open source and isn't free. The average cost is 20€.
+ [Infinifactory](https://www.gog.com/game/infinifactory)
This game is in 3D, you receive materials on conveyor belts and you
will have to rotate and wield them to deliver the expect material.
The game isn't open source and isn't free. The average cost is 20€.
+ [Tis-100](https://www.gog.com/game/tis100)
This game is about writing code into assembly. There are calculations
units that will add/sub values from registers and pass it to another
unit. Even more fun if you print the old fashion instructions book!
The game isn't open source and isn't free. The average cost is 10€.
## Visual Novel
[The expression Amrilato](https://www.gog.com/game/the_expression_amrilato)
This game is about a Japanese girl who ends in a parallel world where
everything seems similar but in this Japan, people talk Esperanto.
The game isn't open source and isn't free. The average cost is 20€.
## Not very violent
[Way of the Passive Fist](http://wayofthepassivefist.com/)
I would like to add this game to this list. It's a brawler (like
street of rage) in which you don't fight people, but you only dodge
attacks to exhaust enemies or counter-attack. It's still a bit
violent because it involves violence toward you, and throwing back
a knife would still be violent... But still, I think this is an
unique game that merits to be better known. :)
The game isn't open source and isn't free, expect around 15€ for