Title : My mutt cheat sheet
Author: Solène
Date : 03 May 2016
Tags : cheatsheet mutt email
I am learning mutt and I am lost. If you are like me, you may like the
following cheat sheet!
I am using it through imap, it may be different with local mailbox.
**Case is important !**
- Change folder : **Y**
- Filter the display : **l** (for limit) and then a filter like this
- **~d <2w** : ~d for date and <2w for "less than 2 weeks" no space in
**<2w** !
- **~b "hello mate"** : ~b is for body and the string is something to
find in the body
- **~f somebody@zxy.abc** : ~f for from and you can make an expression
- **~s "Urgent"** : ~s stands for subject and use a pattern
- Delete messages with filter : **D** with a filter, if you used limit
before it will propose by default the filter of limit
- Delete a message : **d** (it will be marked as Deleted)
Deleted messages will be removed when you change the folder or if you
exit. Pressing **$** can do it manually.