Title : Movies reviews 2021 week 01
Author: Solène
Date : 01 January 2021
Tags : movies
Here is a short review of a few movies I watched recently, this text is restricted to gemini and gopher readers :)
* Tremors : Shreiker's Island
I didn't expect much when I watched this movie. I didn't know that it was the 7th movie of a serie which started in the 90's. The movie wasn't very good but I wanted to know more, and there was 6 movies to watch :)
Yet, I watched « Tremors 1 » to « Tremors 4 ». I would only consider the first two to be serious movies. From the third it starts to escalate and can't be considered serious anymore. The 4th movie happens in the past but feature the same main actor (as his own ancestor!) and it is a bit ridiculous :)
Yesterday, to fill the « New Year » celebration evening I watched
« Tenet ».
I have to admit I rarely care about film directors careers but I really enjoyed all Christopher Nolan movies, with « Interstellar » being my #1 movie ever (I know someone as issues with this movie but it's ok, it's about _my_ #1 :) )
And « Tenet » was everything as weirdest as possible, it did heat my brain trying to figure out how things work in this movie. I enjoyed all the 150 minutes of the movies holding my breath quite often.
Side note: I stopped watching trailers videos or announcements a few years ago, they were spoiling movies more and more so I decided to stop watching them. When I watch a movie now, I know nothing about it (maybe the synopsis though when I am explicitly looking for a movie) and it's really delightful to discover entirely the story without knowing "this scene should happen, but when??". I highly recommend.