Title : How to type using only one hand: keyboard mirroring
Author: Solène
Date : 12 December 2017
Tags : unix
Today is a bit special because I'm writing with a mirror keyboard
layout. I use only half my keyboard to type all characters. To make
things harder, the layout is qwerty while I use azerty usually (I'm
used to qwerty but it doesn't help).
Here, "caps lock" is a modifier key that must be pressed to obtain
characters of the other side. As a mirror, one will find 'p' instead
of 'q' or 'h' instead of 'g' while pressing caps lock.
It's even possible to type backspace to delete characters or to
achieve a newline. All the punctuation isn't available throught this,
only '.<|¦>'",'.
While I type this I get a bit faster and it become more and more
easier. It's definitely worth if you can't use hands two.
This a been made possible by Randall Munroe. To enable it just
download the file [Here](http://xkcd.com/mirrorboard.xkb) and type
xkbcomp mirrorlayout.kbd $DISPLAY
backspace is use with tilde and return with space, using the modifier
of course.
I've spent approximately 15 minutes writing this, but the time spent
hasn't been linear, it's much more fluent now !
[Mirrorboard: A one-handed keyboard layout for the lazy by Randall Munroe]