Title : Moving away from Emacs, 130 days after
Author: Solène
Date : 13 November 2018
Tags : emacs
It has been more than four months since I wrote my article about leaving Emacs.
This article will quickly speak about my journey.
First, I successfully left Emacs. Long story short, I like Emacs and think
it's a great piece of software, but I'm not comfortable being dependent of it
for everything I do. I chose to replace all my Emacs usage by other software
(agenda, notes taking , todo-list, IRC client, jabber client, editor etc..).
- agenda is not replaced by when (port productivity/when), but I plan to
replace it by calendar(1) as it's in base and that when doesn't do much.
- todo-list: I now use taskwarrior + a kanban board (using kanboard) for team
- notes: I wrote a small software named “notes” which is a wrapper for editing
files and following edition using git. It's available at
- IRC: weechat (not better or worse than emacs circe)
- jabber: profanity
- editor: vim, ed or emacs, that depend what I do. Emacs is excellent for
writing Lisp or Scheme code, while I prefer to use vim for most of edition
task. I now use ed for small editions.
- mail: I wrote some kind of a wrapper on top of mblaze. I plan to share it
I'm happy to have moved out from Emacs.