Title : Gentoo port of the week: Nethogs
Author: Solène
Date : 17 October 2017
Tags : portoftheweek
Today I will present you a nice port (from Gentoo this time, not from
a FreeBSD) and this port is even linux only.
**nethogs** is a console program which shows the bandwidth usage of
each running application consuming network. This can be particulary
helpful to find which application is sending traffic and at which
It can be installed with emerge as simple as `emerge -av
It is very simple of use, just type `nethogs` in a terminal (as
root). There are some parameters and it's a bit interactive but I
recommend reading the manual if you need some details about them.
I am currently running Gentoo on my main workstation, that makes me
discover new things so maybe I will write more regularly about gentoo